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Beyond The Other Side - V 4.0

Ryo struggled to regain his footing as he stumbled towards the somewhat unstable portal but an arm shot out to grab him. He looked back and gave a small sigh of relief as he saw Cyberdramon. Ken had an upset look. "Why did you do that for?!? If he doesn't oppose Lunarmillenniumon then everything will be gone!!"

The ultimate Digimon released his partner as soon as he brought him back. "If I'm going to stand a chance, then I'm going to need my partner with me-" Ryo gave a start as Cyberdramon made a dash for the portal with the promise of battle on the other side. He whipped out his Digivice. A few seconds later, Cyberdramon was restrained by Ryo's whip.

Ken recognized the design of the Digivice. "Wait a minute!! That Digivice...that's the same one that Rika, Henry and Takato have!" Ryo looked at his friend. "So your friends are Digimon Tamers too? Then maybe I can still help you. In my right pocket, there's a small set of five cards. Once you get them, you can cross over and give them to your friends. They should provide a major power boost!"

The other boy hesitated before reaching into his friend's pocket. Sure enough, there were five cards, each looking like a different Chess piece. "But what about you? How are we going to get you out of here?" Ryo gave a sad smile. "Don't worry about me now, buddy. You've got to get back to your friends. Besides, I've been able to survive in the digital world so I'll be fine. By the way...tell that wildcat Rika I said hi!!" Ken forced himself to look away from his friend before jumping through the vortex.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

By the time Megagargomon had shouted his warning, the attacks were closing in on their targets. The vaccine Digimon raised his arms to shield himself but heard several swishing noises. When he looked again, Imperialdramon was in front, using his sword to deflect the attacks. (AN: Kind of like when Jade deflected the bullets in the second last episode of the third season of Spawn) 'Talk about speed!! It must be due to a combination of Omnimon and Imperialdramon's aerial combat abilities!'

"Everyone...listen up. I'm going to try and stabilize that dimensional rift surrounding Lunarmillenniumon. Once it's down, you've got to pound him with everything you've got, understood? If you guys can make a crack in that shell, then I think I can finish him off!!" Before Sakuyamon could ask if the holy knight was out of his mind, Imperialdramon burst forward to meet his nemesis.

Lunarmillenniumon felt a new power emerging from the ashes of Omnimon. "What?!? Another holy knight?! You holy knights are like gnats...small and annoying as hell!!" The dark God noticed a shape coming towards him at a tremendous speed. "And so...another one shall bite the dust. Death Crystal!!!" Imperialdramon made a slash with his Omega Sword and deflected the attack as he kept moving.

"So that's why nothing happened when my attack reached them. No matter...soon, this realm will cease to exist and I can move on to other, more interesting places." Imperialdramon ignored Lunarmillenniumon's statement as he got closer. The dark God still couldn't activate his telekinetic field since the Yuggoth Blaster's effect hadn't worn off yet.

As soon as the holy knight Digimon got into place, his sword began to glow brightly. 'Please let this work...' With a mighty thrust, he shoved it past the dimensional warp perimeter, just inches away from the crystal surface. The middle section of the weapon appeared to be in a dimensional flux...until it started to straighten out. "How is this possible?!" Lunarmillenniumon wasn't able to aim his Death Crystal attack properly since Imperialdramon was too close.

The vaccine Digimon gave a cold look at the entity inside the crystal. "The powers of Courage and Friendship transcend even your dimensional powers, Lunarmillenniumon! The Omega Sword's strength is a reflection of the strength of those two elements from across countless dimensions!!" The dark God gave a gigantic laugh. "A noble effort but I am indestructible!! You can't possibly win!!"

"Maybe not but we gotta try anyway!! Gargo Missile!!" The others had moved in closer to use every precious second that Imperialdramon had bought for them. The air soon filled with Digimon yelling out attack names. "Justice Beam!!" "Static Force!!" "Fox Drive!!" "Final Elysian!!"

All of their combined attacks hit the crystal but when the smoke cleared, the crystal remained unscathed. Yolei couldn't believe her eyes. "Not even a crack!" Lunarmillenniumon gave an annoyed growl. "Time to exterminate you pests...Death Crystal!!" Several attacks flew towards the group.

Before any of them could react, a small crackle of lightning sparked in front of them. The next thing they knew, a portal had opened and Ken was thrown several feet to the right of the vortex, right at Cody's feet. Its vacuum effect forced the attacks to turn toward it. After the crystal attacks went through, the vortex closed. TK helped the other boy stand up. "Ken!! How did you get back?" "No time!! Where are the tamers?"

Gallantmon and Sakuyamon landed in front of him. "Talk about a miracle! Now if only we could pull off the big one," mumbled the holy knight. Ken handed over the package to the two mega Digimon. "These cards may help pull that miracle off, courtesy of one Ryo Akiyama." Sakuyamon's face slightly twitched at the mention of his name. Gallantmon took the cards and gave a start. "Hey! I haven't seen these cards before in the game!!"

The shaman Digimon leaned in closer to get a better look. "I think I've seen them before! They're called the Goliath cards and they're based on the five non-pawn Chess pieces. Each card can boost the attack power of a Digimon but they give very specific conditions and can only be used with Digimon with specific attributes. These cards are very rare and are only given to players who are ranked number one in their respective region at the end of the year. The rankings are monitored by the Digimon Players Organization and they can be raised or lowered depending on how you do if you participate in an event sanctioned by the Players Organization."

"Well, that's fine and dandy but how can you guys use them? When you merged with your Digimon, your Digivices vanished. And if you do find a way to use those cards, would there be any side effects? We've got to consider those too," stated Cody. Sakuyamon quickly scanned the cards. "We've run out of time...this is as good as we're going to get it. I'll give Einstein the info." She gave the holy knight the cards before flying up to quickly talk to Henry.

"Well...let's do this." Gallantmon raised a card high into the air. "Digi Modify!! Goliath Knight Activate!!" For a short while, nothing happened. "Um...pretty please?" The card glowed briefly before a small piece of marble shaped like a horse's head materialized around his left wrist. Moments later, the holy knight felt a new strength surge through him. He slowly began to rise to confront the enemy.

Imperialdramon saw a dark aura flare up as Lunarmillenniumon prepared to attack. "I was going to be nice and give your pals painless deaths when I blow this scrap heap up but now they've all gotta go out the slow and painful way!! Death Crystal!!" He fired his crystal at the other holy knight. Before they connected, Gallantmon and Grani vanished without a trace and then reappeared in a different position. "That was wicked!!" Gallantmon gave a hearty laugh before teleporting closer and closer to Lunarmillenniumon. Every time he fired his attack, the holy knight would teleport out of the way. While he provided this distraction, Silphymon and Shakkoumon kept moving around the dark God, attacking constantly. Gallantmon tried to fire his own attacks but he had to keep moving with the crystal assaults constantly coming at him.

Sakuyamon quickly landed in front of the other kids. "Would someone care to explain how the heck is he doing that vanishing act?" Megagargomon leaned down in order to listen in. "I have no idea. All he did was use one of those Knight or something like that. We were able to see some sort of piece appear on his left wrist. Looked like a little horsey. That knight device must be giving him those powers," stated Davis.

Megagargomon placed the pieces of the puzzle together. "I think I get it. Those cards are practically item cards. If we use them, they form into real items into which we can directly use their powers. As for his teleportation the game of Chess, the knight piece moves in an L shape in any direction. That is what makes it a dangerous piece. With the fact that it can jump from square to square, it doesn't matter how many pieces swarm it. It can simply jump away with a single move. The teleportation sequence must be based on that L shape move!!"

Sakuyamon looked up. "So what you're saying is that not only do we gain additional power but our movements are changed to the point where we move like those Chess pieces?" The other Digimon gave a small shrug. "It's the only theory that seems to fit amidst all this chaos."

A small dark smile appeared on the shaman Digimon's lips. "I see. It's time to show Lunarmillenniumon that nobody messes with the Digimon Queen and gets away with it. Digi Modify!! Goliath Queen Activate!" A small piece materialized around her neck. Before Megagargomon could react, she zoomed off. "Why am I not surprised?"

"What do you mean, Henry?" asked Terriermon. The boy gave a small grin. "Rika's always the type of person to go for the major power players and cards. In Chess, the Queen is the most powerful piece with the combined abilities of the Bishop and Rook. And it's the main reason why I keep winning against my dad."

"I didn't know you liked Chess. Tell ya what...on your next birthday or Christmas, I'll get you a Chess program for your computer. And the fun part is that it'll keep insulting you until you win!!" Henry didn't respond. He was focused on getting a card to help the others but with his'll take a bit more time.

"Aw, man!! Can't you give me a break?" Gallantmon teleported out of the way of the latest barrage of attacks. Before Lunarmillenniumon could reply, he heard someone else shout an attack name. "Dragon Helix!!" Sakuyamon flew past him at an incredible speed before firing her attack. With the attack taking most of her energy, she had to land. The holy knight wasted no time and began spinning towards the dark God at the same spot where Sakuyamon fired. "Dragon Driver!!" A silhouette of a red dragon briefly appeared and gave a roar before blasting the surface.

"Goliath Rook? I guess that would fit since it's a fortress and...yeah. So how are we going to use this new power?" The boy kept focused. Slowly every missile launcher opened except for the two yellow faces. "Simple. A combination attack would maximize the amount of damage we deal! Gargo Barrage!!" While the two giant yellow face missiles were being fired, several other, smaller green missiles were fired as well and hit the same spot that his other two friends attacked.

Kari saw the wave of smoke heading their way. "Heads up!!" As the smoke cloud made its way over to the group, they could feel the pressure and tension rising. They only have about a minute and five seconds at most before Lunarmillenniumon's Dimension Destroyer was powered up.

When the smoke finally cleared, startled gasps escaped the lips of almost everyone when they saw a tiny jagged crack on the otherwise smooth surface of the crystal. Imperialdramon gave a tiny grin and moved closer to the crack. His left arm changed into a giant cannon. "Giga Crusher!!" He aimed it at the same spot where the tamers had attacked. 'I have to make this count. The others don't have anything left in them.'

The energy wave slammed onto the surface and widened the crack a bit more. Lunarmillenniumon couldn't believe what he was seeing. "This is insane!! I am the most powerful force in the universe!!! How can the pets of mere children be doing this?!?!?" Imperialdramon stepped back and brought his cannon and his Omega Sword together. His arms changed to form a giant cannon with the Greek Omega symbol on both sides. "A God is only as strong as those who believe in him. And since there is nobody who believes in you, you're just another virus that's about to be eradicated!! Hyper Prominence!!!"

"Death Crystal!!" The two attacks collided against each other but the crystals couldn't penetrate the beam which was shaped like the Greek Omega symbol. After a few moments, the beam split through and hit the crystal hard. Imperialdramon kept pouring energy into the attack. Finally, the beam smashed through the crystal shield.

Lunarmillenniumon gave a scream before his whole crystal was flooded by light on the inside. It wasn't long until the crystal shattered. "What the-" A giant bluish ring of energy seemed to spread out as soon as the crystal shattered. (AN: Like the temporal incursions in Voyager's "Year of Hell") The entire group tried to shield their eyes as the light display was extremely bright. "My internal chronometer is going haywire!! It must be some sort of temporal shockwave created from the energy he was storing to destroy our dimension!!" exclaimed Megagargomon.

"Ack!!!" The strength of the shockwave knocked Gallantmon off of Grani. He tried to regain control in the air but he didn't have a lot of energy left in him. Grani couldn't move with the shockwave forcing it into another direction. The holy knight expected to slam into the ground. Instead, he landed into the arms of his girlfriend. "Are you alright?" asked the shaman Digimon softly.

Gallantmon gave a sigh. "Oh, boy. This is the part where I scream 'My Heroine!!' at the top of my lungs, right?" Sakuyamon shook her head, wondering how she ever fell in love with him in the first place. "Don't be an idiot." She dropped him after she stated her remark and looked back to see what was happening.

They saw Megagargomon and Imperialdramon landing near what was left of a building. Shakkoumon and Silphymon had transformed back to their in-training forms and the Digidestined were coming over to greet their friends. "If it wasn't for you guys getting that crack in the shell, we wouldn't be standing here right now. Thanks." Sakuyamon placed a firm grip on Gallantmon's shoulder with a look that stated 'Go into fan mode right now and I will kill you'. The viral holy knight gave a tiny cough. "You opened up that chance. We just did what we could with the time you bought for us."

"Man!! That was a majorly awesome battle!! And all of us came out...oh, right. Omnimon." Davis stopped talking. Megagargomon looked at Imperialdramon. "Omnimon's data is contained within the Omega Sword, right? If you can get back to your world, you should speak to Azulongmon or Gennai...maybe they can help."

"The problem is how do we get back home?" asked Yolei. "'s not like a portal to our dimension is going to appear conveniently for us or something-" TK was cut off as they saw several flashes of light from one direction. It looked like a tear in reality. More flashes of light started to show up in other directions.

Megagargomon started scanning the tears in reality. "I can't make heads or tails out of these!! But I think that these rifts lead to other parallel realities and dimensions. Now that the rifts are there, all we need to do is stabilize a portal and find your dimension...which is easier said than done." Imperialdramon walked over to a rift right behind Kari. "There...that is where our dimension is. I can sense Matt and Tai in there. I guess I inherited a few additional senses when I picked up the Omega Sword with Omnimon's data."

Megagargomon began to speak again. "Wait!! There's no telling how much has changed! The temporal shockwave didn't appear to affect us because we were some sort of focal point. Since it originated from Lunarmillenniumon's energy, it can travel through time and space which means it could have sped up events or slowed them down in other dimensions!!" A look of understanding was reflected in Imperialdramon's eyes.

"It is risky to try and get back but it is our home. We belong there...after all, if we stayed here, mobs of teenage girls would be trying to get a date with TK, Ken or Cody...and Davis of course. As for the unknown events that may have happened while we were away, we simply must face them. That's life, you know. Every living being must face the unknown and deal with it as best they can. In fact, it kind of sounds a lot like the future." Imperialdramon formed the Omega Sword and prepared to stabilize a portal.

"One quick thing, Imperialdramon. If you see Arukenimon and Mummymon, give them a chance to find a better life for themselves." A puzzled look appeared on Imperialdramon's face as Gallantmon made his plea. "Yeah, they were born like bad guys but they can change given the right incentive and all. It's just that they were killed in the end without any meaning and..."

"Say no more. You know, I never would have hesistated to kill them after all the trouble they have caused but with the way you try to give every living being're indeed a far superior holy knight than Omnimon and myself combined." Gallantmon beamed at that comment. The two holy knight Digimon shook hands. "Good luck with whatever it is you're doing."

"I guess this is goodbye...I just gotta say, it's been one wild ride!!" Davis gave his trademark grin. "You can say that again what with me having a psychopath as my partner and all," grumbled Megagargomon.

"Maybe one day our paths will meet again. My grandfather usually says that the lives between good friends are intertwined with each other. Like my father and his best friend," stated Cody as he gently picked up Upamon. "I don't doubt that for a second, Cody," added TK with a sleeping Tokomon in his arms.

Yolei looked at Sakuyamon. "Just don't let that Digimon Queen attitude get out of hand...your majesty." A smirk was on the girl's face as she scooped up Poromon. "You don't have to be a tomboy all the time. Maybe once in a while, try being a normal girl. It'll probably make your love life a bit more interesting," said Kari in a teasing tone. Salamon was nestled in her arms.

As the vortex opened, the tamers gave one final goodbye to their friends. Ken looked back with a wide smile on his face. "Thanks for everything!! One more thing. Rika...Ryo says hi...if you can find a way to help him get back home from the Dark Ocean, it would mean a lot!!" He quickly vanished into the vortex.

Moments after the Digidestined had left, the tamers had split apart and there were six life forms residing in the battle field. "Nothing's ever going to be the same, huh?" Nobody could argue with Terriermon's statement. "Even though Imperialdramon has used one rift and stabilized it to become a portal...with all these other rifts around, you never know who may drop in uninvited," stated Henry in a grim tone.

"We can deal with it when it happens!! Let's just celebrate our victory!! I mean...we beat Lunarmillenniumon as well as a lot of other enemies, got our Digimon stronger, made some amazing new friends and gained some new weaponry with Grani and the Goliath cards...this just can't get any better!!" exclaimed Takato.

"And that would be my cue." Rika placed her arms around the boy's neck before kissing him on the lips. "Ah, I can see it now. In about six months to a year, they'll lose their nine years, they'll be tying the knot and then going to a honeymoon to make more hot monkey love and then-" Henry clamped his hand over Terriermon's mouth.

She pulled back before leaning in to whisper something in his ear. "My hero," she purred softly. Takato chose this moment to faint with a dreamy look on his face. Guilmon looked at his tamer. "Hello? Are you okay, Takatomon?" Renamon gave a small chuckle. "By the way he looks, I would say he's better than okay. He's in heaven."

* * * * * * * * * * * *

"You Digidestined fools cannot stop me!! I shall have both worlds bow down at my feet!!" Malomyotismon stood defiantly in front of the army of Digimon belonging to Digidestined children around the world. The children were with their partners. "You do realize that the digital world is my domain...I am invincible here!! HAHAHAHAHAHA-"

A brilliant flash of light cut him off as a vortex opened. "What do you suppose that is?" asked Sora. Six children walked out from the light. Malomyotismon gave a growl. "It does not matter whether there are six or six million children against me!! I will crush you all!!!"

Then another Digimon stepped out from behind the group with a powerful looking sword in front of him. The virus mega prepared to attack. "And who might you be? Just another Digimon for me to destroy?" Imperialdramon stepped out to face his enemy. "I'm the alarm clock for both worlds to wake up from your eternal nightmare!!" After yelling a battle cry, he charged into the fight with his Omega Sword raised high to deliver both worlds from evil.


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