"So, how did everything end?" Scott asked curiously, one arm wrapped around Jean while he watched Emma intently. The blonde chuckled but said nothing, merely gesturing for them to follow her.

The couple walked downstairs after the older mutant, looking into the kitchen where she was pointing. Rogue and Remy were laughing about something, the former occasionally punching Remy's shoulder playfully. He laughed as well and dangled a twizzler in front of her face, to which Rogue jokingly bit at the red treat but glared when it was pulled away.

"Bastard!" she cried, punching him again. The wince Remy gave showed she'd used a bit too much strength that time.

"Ow! Chere, y' really gotta learn t' watch dat strength."

"Sorry, sugah!" Rogue apologized, kissing his cheek. Remy sighed and wrapped an arm around Rogue's waist, smiling contentedly.

"S'alright, chere, y'll make it up t' Remy later."

"Hah! Says who, Swampy?" Rogue asked mock-disbelieving. Remy pouted then, a hurt look crossing his face.

"Quoi? Y' jus' gon' hurt Remy an' not try t' make up f'r it?"

"Looks that way, don't it?" Rogue replied with a straight face. It lasted all of five seconds before she smiled and rested her head on his shoulder. "Ah, ya'll know Ah cain't resist ya when ya poutin'."

"Remy know, chere," he said, leaning down to kiss her. "Why y' t'ink I do it?"

Emma turned to the two and smirked. "How do you think it turned out?"

"What about Joseph?" Jean asked softly as they moved away to give the southerners some time alone. "I remember some of what you said, but was that why he left?"

"Well," Emma smirked slyly, "let's just say, Monique wasn't too happy when I appeared on her doorstep with the news of what happened to Joseph and his why it happened. Come to think of it," Emma chuckled, remembering something from a past time, "Janice and Isabelle weren't too happy either."

"Huh? How did you find out about them?" Scott and Jean asked in unison.

"Ah-ah-ah," Emma tsked, removing Jean from Scott's arm so she could latch on. Jean glared, feeling her jealousy return full force. "That's a different story entirely."


I really expected...more to this story. I did intend for it to be longer than this, but I just felt like...here was the place to end it. If it will make everyone happier, I've decided to do the Amyro story, and that will be the one that gives Rogue her first taste in matchmaking. However, I can't tell you when that story will come out, and it will probably be more for humor than an actual plot, just something to bring smiles - I hope anyway - before the series ends completely.