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Hiashi stood if front of Fugaku with a small girl hiding behind his leg. "So you'll take her," Hiashi said holding out the contract. Fugaku bit his thumb and put his blood print on the contract. The small girl cried out. A mark was created on the base of her neck. It was a six pointed star with a swirl around it. Hiashi pushes the girl towards Fugaku and she stumbles onto her knees at his feet. Fugaku looks at the small girl with a mixture of pity and disgust. "Good bye, Weak link." Hiashi spat at the girl as he walked away. Fugaku looked at the small girl's tearing up eyes. He smiled gently at her, "Come in Hinata-Chan." (She's 6)


(2 years later)

Hinata slept in on a worn mattress. Her short, tom boy hair cut midnight blue hair was in her face as she slept peacefully. (She's 8) Then a small buzzing goes off. She grabs a kunai from under her pillow and stabs her alarm clock. Then she sits up in an over sized t-shirt that Itachi had given to her. Hinata lets out a yawn as she looks out the window and sees that the sun hasn't risen yet. As usual. She woke up earlier than everyone so that she could make breakfast for everyone. She takes off the over sized t-shirt and puts on a black, long sleeved shirt and black ,worn, caprees. The long sleeved shirt covered up the scars from when she was 6 and 5. Then she grabs the apron off the floor and puts it on, then she walks out of the room quietly into the kitchen. There's a list on the counter and she picks it up daintily.

"Mikoto-Sama :Cheese Omelet, Jasmine Tea

Fugaku-Sama: Cheese Omelet, Oolong Tea, Scrambled Eggs

Sasuke-Sama: Scrambled Eggs, Orange juice

Itachi-Sama: Toast and Jasmine Tea." Hinata mumbles to herself. She does a number of hand signs and 3 of her appear. All of them start to work on the breakfast. Being a slave wasn't hard, they where really nice to her. Which made her want to stay even more. It took her ten minutes to finish and she made the shadow clones disappear. Hinata sets the breakfast down on the table then looks at the doorway. Standing there was Sasuke. He was gapping at her. Hinata bows, "Good morning, Sasuke-Sama." She said with a soft smile.

"So that's how you do it." Sasuke says.

"Do what, Sasuke-Sama?" Hinata asks clearly confused. Before Sasuke could answer, Itachi came up behind him and smiled gently at Hinata.

"Good morning , Itachi-Sama." Hinata says bowing with a soft smile.

"Good morning Hinata-Chan. Would you like to train with me after breakfast?" Itachi asks her kindly. Sasuke pouts.

"Nii-San, You said you would train with me!" Sasuke whined. Itachi shoots a glare at Sasuke then looks at Hinata kindly.

"Thank you for the offer, but I have many chores that Mikoto-Sama told me to do." Hinata says taking a bite of her own toast. Itachi snatches up his own toast and bites into it.

"You make the best toast, Hinata-Chan." Itachi says. Hinata smiles.

"Thank you , Itachi-Sama." Hinata says smiling softly. Itachi's eyes catch a small scratch on Hinata's arms. Sasuke and Itachi weren't told that Hinata was abused before. He moves towards her.

"What's that on your arm?" Itachi asks reaching out his arm. Hinata backs up.

"It's nothing." Hinata lies.

"Come here." Itachi says. The seal on Hinata's neck burns and she walks forward. He grabs her arm gently and pushes up her sleeve to reveal long scars running up and down her arm. His eyes turn to slits.

"When did this happen to you, Hinata-Chan?" Itachi asks dangerously. Hinata shakes her head. Fugaku had ordered her not to tell.

"I order you to tell me!" Itachi barks at her. Hinata screams out as the seal burns with un-controled pain. Mikoto and Fugaku run out in their pajamas and see Hinata on the ground with fingers to where her seal was. They had noticed that the sleeve of one of her arms was rolled up. Tears where streaming down her cheeks and she tried to brush them away, but her seal was still burning really hard. Mikoto runs up to her and holds her in her arms. Fugaku looks at Sasuke and Itachi.

"Come into the living room." Fugaku says sternly. Hinata's seal burns because he directed that towards everyone.

"Hinata, Not you." Fugaku says then her seal is just left throbbing. Mikoto holds Hinata with a small smile.

"Hinata-Chan, Are you ok?" Mikoto asks as the worried mother she is. Hinata nods and bows her head.

"I'm sorry, Mikoto-Sama." Hinata says whipping her tears away. Mikoto hugs Hinata tightly.

"Its ok, Hinata-Chan. Don't call me Mikoto-Sama. Call me Okaa-San!" Mikoto says cheerfully. Hinata nods with a small smile.

"Okay, Okaa-San." Hinata says. Mikoto starts to get up and helps Hinata up and pulls her towards the living room. Hinata stops at the door way.

"Is there something wrong?" Mikoto asks.

"Fugaku-Sama, said that I wasn't supposed to come in." Hinata says.

"Well, Hinata-Chan, I order you to come into the living room." Mikoto says with a smile. 'I've always wanted a daughter!' Mikoto thought. This wasn't the first time the thought of this came into her mind. She always wanted to take Hinata shopping, but Hinata insisted that she didn't spend her money on her. Then Hinata happily walks in and sits down next to Sasuke. For an odd reason, the palest of blushes appears on his cheeks. Fugaku looks at Hinata then at his wife.

"Hinata-Chan, I told them about it. They understand." Fugaku says to Hinata. Itachi smiles at Hinata. Sasuke averts his gaze. Hinata nods. Mikoto claps her hands together.

"Now that that's over, Let's go eat the beautiful breakfast that Hinata-Chan has made us!" Mikoto says walking out of the room. Mikoto motions for Hinata to walk out of the living room and she does. Sasuke and Itachi practically race to the door. Itachi wins, of course. Then Fugaku slouches out of the room, yawning. Then all of them eat. After that, Hinata and Sasuke head off to the Ninja Academy. Itachi walks off, mumbling something about a mission. Mikoto cheerfully waves, while Fugaku slouches back to the bedroom mumbling something about no sleep.


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