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Kagura just glared at Gaara. Her hands clenched in fists at her sides. She forgot about his control over his sands and tried to slug him in the face. The sand caught her fist and pulled her closer to him, sands wrapping around her waist and pulling her closer. She bit her lip as her other fist beat his sands to his face. Though, he couldn't say it didn't hurt. But his sands still managed to catch her other fist. Gaara eyes started to read her face. A soft blush adorned her pale cheeks, her teeth clenched and her brow furrowed. But he could still see the part of her that wanted to kiss him.

"Let. Me. Go. Gaara." She said making sure to pronounce each word carefully. Before she could say anything else, he presses his lips against hers. A surprised look graced her face. Slowly, yet reluctantly, her eyes closed. She started to kiss him back, the blush still adorned her cheeks. The sand began to retreat from her figure and was replaced by his arms wrapping around her. His tongue traced out her bottom lip and she pulled away from him. Her face flushed.

"You got what you wanted, Now, let me go." She hissed at him. He, reluctantly, let her go and she slipped around him. He watched her slip around and saw Hinata and Temari dancing. His blood began to boil as his overprotective-brother mode was set. He still wasn't used to the idea of Temari married. Shikamaru and Sasuke were struggling to get free of the drunken girl's grasp. Then, they stopped dancing.

"I think you got your punishment."

"Not all of them." Kagura says pointing her thumb at Gaara. Temari looks at Gaara.

"You're right."

"I'm not dancing. Go cover yourselves up now." She says pointing behind the stage.

"Fine." Hinata says rushing behind the curtains. Temari followed. Kagura sighs and tosses a lock of short, red hair over her shoulder.

"Boys. Leave." She orders. She was getting more pissed off every second that passed. She opens her eyes with yin-yang symbols swirling in her eyes.

"Leave!" She barked at them. They scurried out of the club, avoiding Kagura's wrath.


The midnight haired beauty leaned against the wall. Her dress clinging to her upper curves and going down in a train. Her face extremely pale, with the nervous anxiety. Temari looks at her with a small smile.

"You'll be fine. This is the man you love." She says with a soothing tone. Hinata calms down and smiles slightly.

"I'm just nervous." Temari nods at this.

"Pre- wedding jitters." Then Kagura walks in wearing a pretty, light blue dress that wrapped around her curves and showed a slight amount of cleavage. Temari wore the same thing.

"It's time, Hinata-chan." She says walking back out of the room. Hinata breathes in deeply. She feels a slight pulling on her wrist. She looks at Temari and smiles lightly.

"It's time." Temari says with an encouraging smile. Both girls walk out. One of the Elders was going to be the priest. Kagura stood beside Gaara, resentfully, and Temari stood beside Shikamaru. TenTen beside Neji and Naruto beside, ack, Sakura. Sun stood beside Moon and Needle Stood beside Rain. Bird stood beside Ice. Hinata stood with her father at the very end.

His pale eyes shown with pride. Hanabi was already walking down the isle throwing petals every where, beside Konohamaru. The wedding song was put on by the pianist. The couples began walking down the isle and separating into the sides. Hinata and her father began to walk down the isle. Tears were streaming down Sakura's face as she watched her "True Love" get married to someone who's not her.

Sasuke took a quick intake of breath when he saw his beautiful bride walking down the isle. Her lavender eyes were shining with love, for him and him alone. Once they had gotten up there, She stood beside him as the vows were said and repeated by both of them.

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They put the rings on each other.

"Do you, Uchiha Sasuke, Take Hyuuga Hinata as your lawfully wedded bride?"

"I do."

"Do you, Hyuuga Hinata, Take Uchiha Sasuke as your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I do."

"You may kiss the bride."

Then Sasuke lifted the veil off of Hinata's face and brings his face closer to hers. She closes her eyes as he presses his lips against hers. They kissed briefly, then broke apart.

"Uchiha Sasuke and Uchiha Hinata." The elder said as they ran out of the church, both desperate to get out of the stuffy place. She ran into a dressing room to change into an easier to move around dress. Then Kagura walked into the room.

"Hey Uchiha-chan." She said teasingly. Hinata looks at Kagura proudly.

"I'm proud of that name! Kagura-chan, can I ask you something?"


"Well, Do you feel something for Kazekage-sama?"


"I'm sorr-"

"Don't apologize." Kagura said suddenly. She looks at Hinata with saddened eyes.

"I do feel something for him."

"He feels something for you too."

"I just don't want him to die."

"I don't think he cares about dying. I think he loves you." Hinata says seriously. She wore a fancy dress that flared out at the bottom. The red haired girl bit her lip.

"I-I think I-I Love him."


Our favorite red headed Kazekage was walking past the dressing room over heard our girls conversation.

"-I think he loves you." He heard Hinata's soft, yet serious voice say.

"I-I think I-I love him." He heard Kagura's rough, yet somehow silky voice say. His mind started to race as he quickened his pace.


Hinata and Sasuke walked over to the cake and they both held the knife. Both of them cut into the cake. There was a hoot of 'Yahoos' and 'wees' from Bird who was turning into several different types of birds and flying around the large room. She was very hyper.

Hinata giggles and Sasuke takes the opportunity to put icing on her nose. She giggles and her presses her lips against her nose and licks it off, a light blush coating her cheeks. She grabs his hand and leads him onto the dance floor, a fast song was playing.

A lot of people were dancing and Hinata grinded against him. This was one odd wedding reception. Sasuke's breath tickled her neck as he held her close to himself.

Kagura was sitting down at one of the tables, sipping at a glass of wine. Then she pushes it away from herself. This wasn't a good day to get drunk. It was also a bad day to have her make up running. Then a slow song came on.

"Would you like to dance?" a velvet voice asks her. Her turquoise eyes look up and she sees his aqua marine eyes looking at her. There was an odd look in his eye. He held his hand out for her to take.

She arches one of her eyebrows as she takes his hand and he pulls her up. It was a slow waltz. He put one hand at her waist and his other in her hand. Her other hand on his shoulder. They stared at each other's eyes.

"Why did you ask me to dance?" She asks him cautiously. He smiles- not smirk, smile- a real smile.

"Is something wrong with me asking you to dance?" He whispers and she notices how close they were. A light blush danced on her cheeks.

"N-no, Just curious. You're usually silent and………. Isolated." She said the last word with an odd amount of sadness. She was used to being isolated until the leaf villiage took her in. It took her a couple months to even talk.

"Did you ever think I felt something for you?" He whispered to her, his sweet breath tickling her cheeks. Her blush darkened.

"Why would someone as good as you, feel anything for a girl like me?" She whispered to him.

"Look at me." He whispered to her. She looked back up at his eyes.

"Have you ever thought that I loved you? That I've felt something for you since I met you?"

"Have you ever thought that I loved you, but didn't want to since everyone I care about has died?!" She whispered back to him, looking down at her shoes.

"Look at me." He whispers again. She looks up at him and he looks at her with those eyes again.

"I don't care if I die, as long as your still there. I don't want you to be anyone else's." He says and he leans down on her face. She kept the stare with him.

"If you die, I'm coming with you." She whispered. He brushed his lips against hers and she kissed back.

Hinata had her head on Sasuke's shoulder and was secretly smiling to herself as she watched Kagura and Gaara. It had worked. Everyone has a happy ending and everyone deserved one.

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