Disclaimer: I do not own and wish not to own Wedding Peach for certain reasons that i can not share cause of certain reasons. I used to watch the show but, yeah im talking about it anymore.

Storyline: Momoko thoughts on Yousuke and why she wasn't suppose to fall for him. Takes place during season 1

Why me? Why was i the one who fell for a guy who is always mean to me? Yes, i want to be love but by Yousuke? No...well maybe. i don't know. Urh!! Why do guys always have to put us girls in the toughest positions every now and then.

I love him with all my heart and yet all i do is show haterd towards him. I need to stop with it but i can't. He might not have the same feelings back to me or does he? Whenever i want to hide my feelings towards him my only two best friends can tell and im sick of them acting like two years old. Why can't they act like mature adults for once instead two years old.

Why did i fall for him when i didn't want too.