Rain fell hard on the ground as four young people ran for shelter, three of them males while the last one was a female complaining her heart out as she lagged behind the others, as usual. The first person turned around and in a irritated voice said to the female,

"May! Stop complaining and keep up, what do you expect me to do for your troubles?!" he said.

The girl gritted her teeth and shot back, "at least you can act as a man and listen to it!"

The two began to argue, not noticing that they were getting wet by every passing second.

The other two looked on, fazed.

"Oh boy," said the younger one "Brock, this could take ages!" he said.

"I know Max. What can I do? These two act like kids and expect others to subdue them!" he said shaking his head in disapproval.

"I have an idea. Lets find shelter and come back for them after the rain ends!" said Max and Brock agreed with the idea. They both ran off. Ash and May were so into their argument that they did not even notice that the others had ran off, leaving them alone in a rainforest full of dangerous Pokemon.

Finally when Ash seemed to be winning May put an end to their conversation with an indignant "hmph!" and turned facing the other way. Ash dittoed it. May turned to Max for support, only to find that spot empty and damp.

May began tugging on Ash's sleeve, only to receive no reply from him. May turned to face him and realized that he was still mad at her so much that he did not even realize what May had, that the others have left them stranded.

"Ash, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it seems like we are lost and Max and Brock has deserted us!" she said, a sense of fear tugging on of each word in that sentence.

"So what? I don't care! Let a large Usaring come out of no where and gobble you up! In fact that will be nice and I can enjoy a nice unplanned dinner entertainment." Said Ash.

May merely looked stunned at the ferocity that Ash used. Ash after a second realizing what he had said, started to look a little troubled. He swiftly turned and apologized to May.

"Let go of it, Ash. I-I didn't mind. Now lets focus on finding Max and Brock. I have an idea! Let's use our bicycles! It travels fast and it can easily take us to the nearest Pokemon centre and maybe we will find our friends there?" proposed May.

Ash hesitantly nodded and started to dig into his bag to find the neatly folded bicycle that Prof. Oak had given him so many years before. He still held on to it even though he had saved enough money for a new one. He got that cycle when he first started his pokemon journey in the Kanto Region. This cycle had gotten him through a lot and he did not wish to let go of it. May got out her LeafAce (a bicycle brand). Ash's one was Rubyblood, a equally famous brand of bikes, though Ash felt that his one was better as he felt that the name sounded cool. The Rubyblood was a mountain bike and thus it put May and her bike miles behind as they began going to the Pokemon Centre.

"Ash! Wait up!" called May from….way behind.

Ash, grudgingly, stopped to wait for her when he noticed a green ball that had some thing that looked like a swirling mass of green clouds inside it. He took it intpo his hands and stared at it when he heard a roar over head and the ball started to glow emerald green. It suddenly began advancing into his hands. He cried out in pain and he began to lose consciousness. The last thing that he saw was a boy, who seemed to have white hair, come out of the bushes, staring at him.


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