Ash grinned back, but it did not appear the same way as before

Ash grinned back, but it did not appear the same way as before. The new aura emanating from Ash just overpowered his normal aura. Suddenly, his eyes pulsed even redder as his eyeball dilated and changed color into red, thus making the entire eye red. Now, Ash looked truly evil. To complete the picture all that Ash lacked was two horns, and thank god that he did not grow horns.

"Pikachu! Well done. Lets crush this cockroach and then move on!" said Ash, venom dripping with every word. May was taken aback at the ferocity of Ash's voice,

'This is not the Ash I knew and fallen for'.

"Very well, go Night lord!"

A rather silver Metagross appeared and roared, trying to intimidate the tiny Pikachu. Its attempt failed miserably.

"Pikachu, Dark Consumption!"

The tiny rodent charged up a ferocious ball of thunder in its body and released it, which went and attacked every single Pokemon near it. Ruby's Metagross, May's Beautifly and Team Rockets Meowth (they were behind the bushes scheming to steal Ruby's Pokemon.). But no damage was apparent.

"Pikachu, kick!" said Ash, simply.

The rodent ran up to Metagross and gave it a tiny kick. The mighty Metagross immediately fell, knocked out.

Ruby was taken aback. "What happened?"

"Don't you realize it? Silver Dynasty makes all the Pokemon's hp, that is within ten foot radius, to 1. And thus one little kick killed your Night Lord. But I can only use this once every 5 battles that I win." Said Ash, his eyes unnerving May.

Ruby grinned and sighted, "So, you are who you claim to be, GO SILVERGUARDIAN!"

The green net ball opened up to release a Dragonite. It was pitch black with red glistening red eyes that looked like rubies. Ruby smiled grimly, "Well, Ash, no forbidden moves will bring me down."

Ash stayed his ghostly self as he replied, "you know as much as me that there is no win without forbidden moves."

Ruby's grin subsided as he clenched his jaw, "True, true. Silver, use Berserk!"

Visible rage began building inside the Dragonite as it's claws began to glow blood red as it began baring its razor sharp teeth as it flew at Pikachu and began slashing madly. The rodent began to retaliate but to no avail.

"Pikachu! NO!" said Ash as he painfully watched his Pokemon being tortured.

"Now to finish the scene, Silver, use DEATHWISH!" said Ruby, right radiating from within his gloves.

The Dragonite began to make a symbol on the ground with its feet around Pikachu. Suddenly, the symbol began to glow and a blue beam that formed a skull shot up and engulfed Pikachu. The rodent screamed in pain and fell, defeated.

Ruby grinned, "how's that for forbidden moves?"

Immediately Ash's rage evaporated, and was replaced with sympathy for Pikachu. Immediately the rodent was returned to its yellow self. Ash ran to it and picked it up, and looked at Ruby who was walking away.

"How could you?! That was the most evil of the forbidden moves!" screamed Ash towards Ruby. This made Ruby halt and turn around, his red eyes filled with malice.

"No, that is just the beginning. You do realize that since you have inhabited the green orb, you have to prepare for the final fight. In which, to be the best you have to use the forbidden moves" with that he threw some thing on to Pikachu, which dissolved and was absorbed into Pikachu's fur. And almost immediately, the little rodent sat up, its ears perking up, fully healed.

When Ash looked up to thank him, he was not there. What remained of him were the words that were lingering in the foreground of every ones mind. Ash clenched his fist as Pikachu jumped back onto his shoulder.

Max stared at Ash and mouthed one word, only one word. Wow.

May was the first to react. She ran up to Ash and exclaimed,

"Wow Ash! That was awesome! But…err…are you feeling alright?"

"Yeah, why?" replied Ash.

"Well, err…." said May as she looked over for Max for support.

"You kinda, well…., how do I say this……you were encircled with some thing like green gas." said Max.

"He's right. You were. And not only that, but your eyes…..they dilated into silts," said Brock.

"No…..I know what has occurred, but there is no reason for you to know what happened. I hope you guys know that you are very close to me…but…..I don't think I can confide this information with you. Maybe after a few months." said Ash, turning away from them, ashamed at what he did.

What did I do?! They are my friends. Great going, Ash! Now they are going to get offended!

But, what May said next contradicted every thing that went through his mind.

"We understand, Ash. I just hope you will tell that to us in due time. Until that time, just remember that I am here for you; remember that we are here for you."

Max chided in and agreed, and so did Brock.

Ash grinned back and nodded, glad that every thing turned out alright.


A dark figure stepped over another figure lying on the ground, and laughed manically.

"Finally, Ranger, you fall" laughed the figure as it waved its hand. A ray of blue shot out of its hand and engulfed the person on the floor. Suddenly a White orb rose out of the body and flew into the outstretched hands of the figure. A streak of lightening floored across the sky as the figure's face was lightened. His face was pale white, with death red eyes and a huge battle scar ranged across his face, from the chin to the right eye.

"The first of the Guardians has fallen. This is just the beginning! Soon all of the Guardians of the world will fall and I will collect the orbs and control the Legendaries and RULE SUPREME!" the man's speech rose into an all out battle cry. Lightening struck once again as the man started laughing, a evil maniacal laugh. The lightening revealed something else. A two foot long sword in his hand, and the words,

'Doom Singer' engraved on its metallic edge.


So, how was this? Well, until the next chapter!