The fallen leaves rustled on the moonlit floor as a young man walked through the woods. He was about twenty years old, and his red hair was unusually long. He adjusted his yellow hard hat, sat on a flat rock and let out a deep sigh.

"It's been a long time," Roark muttered.

Three years since Elite Four Aaron was shot dead.

Three years since Maylene was permanently paralyzed.

Three years since Team Galactic took over, only too fall to the hands of a rookie co-ordinator: Dawn.

He could hardly believe it himself, that a beginning trainer could defeat Pokemon gods rumored to have created the universe. Then again, she had the help of the god of emotion, Mesprit.

Roark stared up at the moon, full and bright, with the stars blinking around it. He remembered so many people…Ash…Dawn…Paul…Brock…Gardenia…and of course, Cynthia.

Arg…Up to now, his father still treated him like a child. Riley was younger, but got treated better, even. And he was twenty years old and engaged, too!

When Team Galactic conquered Sinnoh, everyone pitched in to help, even people from other regions: Misty, May, Max, Brock's 9 siblings, Casey, Gary, Marina, Jimmy, even Team Rocket.

He wondered what everyone was doing now. Ash had gone into the Pokemon League recently with Paul, Jimmy and Kohei, and Dawn was going to enter the Grand Festival. Along with Zoey, May and Marina (Quote May: "I hope that evil nasty gay guy in green doesn't show up…").

He looked at his surroundings one last time. He loved coming here when he was a child. It was so beautiful at night. The trees glowed silver and the grass glittered with dew. He knew nothing about poetry, but he was sure this was it.

Somewhere in the distance, he heard a clock's chime; it was eleven already? That was his curfew time, but his father must be worried by now (Again…why did his father treat him like a baby?)

But as he got up to leave, two strong hands grabbed his neck and slipped a piece of rope around it!

"What the-" The rope pulled, and his flailing body was lifted off the ground. He kicked his legs frantically and grasped the rope around his neck, but it was too late.

"You!!" he screamed, "who are you?" He shouted at the figure standing below him. Suddenly he felt a burning sensation in his chest, as his lungs begged for air and intense pain engulfed his body.

"Huh, funny you should ask, Roark," the shadowy figure sneered," I think we've met before." The person pulled off the hood, and Roark's eyes widened in surprise. Could it be? He thought this person was finished for good!

The unknown grunt cut the rope, and the Oreburgh Gym Leader fell to the floor, dead.

Hunter J walked away from the scene, smirking, her job done.