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May felt like the room was spinning around her. A wave of fear washed over as she heard Commander Saturn's cold command, but her legs were frozen, and her arms tingled as they tried to move but were immobile. The shadows began to grow larger in number, grey planes moving against the smooth white ballroom floor, and she heard something coming towards her as a dark shadow grew bigger from above...

"MAY! Look out!!"

Suddenly her stillness wavered, and she let out a high pitched scream at the top of her lungs. She tried to get up from the hard ground as a roar filled the room, she shut her eyes, waiting for the pain...but it never came. The breath whooshed out of her as she was then snatched aside, and when she opened her tightly closed eyelids she was in Misty's pale arms, who had knocked her out of the way. Her eyes grew enormous as they viewed the huge cat in front of them, spotted grey, with curled whiskers and a vicious, greedy look in its eyes. May took a small moment to assess what was happening around her.

Ropes were hanging through the big hole in the roof which showed the pitch black sky dotted with the faint stars, but the lights were blocked out by the blindingly bright Hyper Beams that were being shot everywhere. She felt dizzy as she whipped her head from side to side frantically, trying to find her friends, but her head spun as she could see no one except for her best friend. She tried to distinguish their voices, commanding their Pokémon or anything like that; it was impossible; even if they were shouting for her, their voices were drowned out by shrieks and yells by other panicking guests, and the loud explosions as the fight continued.

She wished she could just wake up from her nightmare, for everything around her was moving too fast, too sudden. All she wanted was to spend a little happy time with her friends that she loved so much. Now they were all going to die. How could it have turned upside down in an hour or less?

All this, and she was barely aware that she was still next to Misty, and in front of her was the powerful Purugly and her master. The grunt raised a hand and moved one finger, beckoning for a fight.

The red head, seeing the danger, tucked her hand behind her dress and pulled out a greenish Pokeball. May watched it timidly, and Misty noticed.

"I brought this just in case," She whispered, and her friendly smile morphed into a competitive scowl as her green eyes met the grunt's again. Hissing, she tossed it into the air, shouting out,

"Corsola, I choose you!"

The white beams shot out, forming into a jagged pink figure splashed with blue. It wasn't the naive and rash Pokémon it has been in its youth; years or experienced battling scarred its glittering horns and it was just as hardened as its trainer. The brunette could sense its power, and Misty had not become an official Gym Leader for nothing...but the massive size of the Purugly haunted her. Would they make it out alive...?

"Only if you help."

Her voice startled her, Misty had answered her question as if reading her mind. Still, she didn't look at her, she asked without looking, "Will you help me?"

Stunned for a moment by all the sudden attacks, she was unable to speak until something flashed across her vision, through her mind. A pair of deep green eyes. Sweating, fearful, hopeless, just like hers. But they still gleamed with determination and hope.

Don't give up, something whispered inside her. Never give up hope.

Suddenly her instincts pulled her above the surface of the fear and pain, the confusion was gone, and all she could sense was the fierce will to keep fighting. All she could see, all to inspire her, were only those eyes. She felt the warmth of renewed strength spread through her muscles as she tensed, ready to for war.

"Ready?" Misty mouthed, grinning to see her friend at her senses.

May slipped into a crouch, ready to throw her Pokeball as she reached behind and pulled out Glaceon's.


A dark fog blocked his sight, he tried to see beyond the endless murk but his eyes were dull, and weary, it was hard keeping them open. He heard distant screaming, flesh tearing, blood spilling, cries of Pokémon...he tried to lift an arm to call out to them, but a sharp pain crept up his veins like blazing fire, and he winced.

In his deep sleep, all his arm did was twitch the slightest.

Trembling under the intense pain, he couldn't see the light shining above him, glittering in pink, blue and yellow beams, temporarily lighting up the deep fog. It was only until they were directly in front his face that he realised they were there, but he was temporarily blinded by the light. However, he could make out three familiar silhouettes...Then, a musical, melodious voice poured out of the pink light...

"The darkness will rise again and fall,

All shining gems will become one,

Diamond and Pearl will unite together,

Light will shine through the bloody darkness...

As the Aura Guardian shows the way.

The prince of Sinnoh shall be sacrificed

As the Spring Land sings.... 'there is peace'..."

Paul held up his hand in front his face, shielding himself from the bright light, until he saw something move beyond the light, out in the fog. It looked like it was smiling, smirking with joy or something like it.

He carefully moved his hand away and took a cautious step forward, he seemed to recognise something about her. Pink eyes, long pink hair, fluffy clothes and the same sly smirk. The only thing he didn't know about her was her name, and she was glowing in a faint luminosity, like a moon. What the heck was she doing there? Hesitantly, he opened his mouth to call out a challenge, when suddenly-

Something dark, cackling loudly, swooped down and snatched her away, and she let out a long, drawn out screech. Suddenly the whole area became dark and gloomy, and then he couldn't see, hear, smell, feel anything...besides his own pain.

It was so intense, his body was completely paralyzed as his knees buckled underneath his and his light body fell to the ground. The hurt increased, spreading inside him like a fire, burning him to dust....

"Paul? You okay?"

The foggy scene waned, and the fire began to ebb away as he blinked his eyes open and found himself again staring into Dawn's beautiful, sapphire eyes.

His own shocked and agonized expression at what he just witnessed hardened at once; he couldn't let her see any sign of weakness. He glared up at the girl and grunted, not wanting to say anything. She could take it for whatever she liked, as long as she stopped hovering over him like a hen.

Dawn looked slightly annoyed for the smallest second, but it was quickly overcome by her anxiety and love for him, shining in her eyes. "You were out for a long time," she told him quietly.

Out? Then he remembered.


"Holy crap!" He sat straight up and looked around him frantically, trying to remember when exactly he blacked. Was Cyrus still battling? Did his attacks hit? But Dawn was with him...or was he dead, with Dawn?

He frowned. It wasn't what he expected. He was expecting to see himself in locked bars or about to be tortured to death. Instead he was floating towards the Ribbon Syndicate on a smiling Dragonite, while he was seeing poofs of smoke and flame erupting from the large ballroom's roof.

This time, he really was confused. He blinked. "Hm...where am I?"

The blue-haired girl next to him looked slightly shaky and nervous next to him, looking at him like if he was a time bomb, about to explode. What was she scared for?

He tried to find out the reason for why he was here, instead of a corpse rotting in the forest. The last he could look back on was Dawn's bony fingers trembling against his arm, while two Hyper Beams came towards them head-on...

She began in a shaky voice. "You-you, er...." she seemed to not want to say something, but she went on anyway. "You...kinda, fought them off, and...then...Sara's Dragonite came and saved us."

"Fought them off? I was out cold, stupid."

Her whole body seemed to tremble as if she was going to cry, and she had a peculiar expression...what was wrong? He looked over his body. The borrowed tuxedo was slightly dirty, a lot of dust was on it and his hair was untidy and ruffled, but other than that all seemed fine. Still, she looked like she was going to jump off Dragonite and make a run for it. Speaking of Dragonite...

He stroked the leathery surface. "So Sara has a Dragonite, huh? Remind me to ask her for a battle later." He felt the tough muscles under the skin, and knew it would be a challenge. Maybe after a good battle he could just forget.

Dawn jumped again, but now her face was drooping with sorrow. "That...that might not be possible, Paul," she whispered.


She drew in a deep breath, and jerked her head over her shoulder, squeezing her eyes tightly. He looked over, and his mouth dropped open at the sight of the girl now covered in spots of bronze, and one half of her face was sleeping, the other was wide awake and shocked.

His lips pressed tightly in a grim look. "What happened to her?" he asked. He felt a little disgruntled that Dawn knew everything that happened, while he had to drag everything out of her because he had been asleep the whole time.

"I...I don't know," she admitted, looking faint. "Dragonite came for us...but when I climbed on, I found her like this." She looked down for a moment, but then suddenly her head jerked towards the east.

"Look there!" She gasped.

He looked out in the direction she was pointing, and he saw what was happening. On the roof of the Ribbon Syndicate, there were several familiar helicopters flying about, and many people clad in white were firing Pokémon attacks at the walls. He felt a flood of rage when he saw the tiny yellow "G" logo on the helicopters' sides.

"Galactic!" He hissed. "They wanted us, they don't have us, but kill anyway!" And the fury in his voice was clear.

He didn't notice until then that Dawn was shrinking away from him, her expression guarded and scared. She looked him straight in the eyes, but her hands were raised defensively in front of her.

"What is the matter with you?" he whispered, looking almost angry.

"I....I...." Dawn trembled and her chest heaved with sobs, and Paul just stared. "Paul...you don't remember what happened?"

"What happened?" He growled anxiously, leaning forward until he loomed over her.

"I...I should explain..." Dawn stammered, her eyes never leaving his face. "Um, Dragonite....May I borrow your claws?"

The yellow dragons let out an impish grunt and raised one of its small hands towards Dawn. The blue haired girl took it and pushed it in front of Paul.

"Now do you see?" She asked.

The purple haired teen just stared wide-eyed at the reflection on the polished claw.

His hair was the same, and his face looked fine too...except for the blue lines jutting out from his cheek in an arrow form, and his eyes- his black eyes which could glare so menacingly, looked even more frightening in bright red. Even worse, the white around it has hollowed out into black.

He raised one hand and traced the glowing arrows running from the back of his neck to the middle of his cheek. Then he touched the eyelid of his new...weird eyes.

"....Damn..." Was all he could say.

"You...started to glow pink, then you were so warm...I could barely touch you, I was gonna get burnt. SO I ran a little distance away...then you just...I dunno, kinda exploded out this big shield thingy! It was really scary...I couldn't help screaming..."

Paul wasn't really listening to her, he was still stunned by his new appearance; but he did remember her scream...it was familiar...

"...And then when Weavile and Crobat launched their attacks, you just sent out your shield and....BOOM! They just fell back! You were like, roaring and...Cyrus just...he...he flew away, and...." She was sobbing now, "And then Dragonite came and took us up, you fell into a coma, and then...I found...." She put her head in her hands and sobbed harder than he had ever heard, and he let out a long sigh.

He had caused her so much worry.

If he never went outside and be the jerk he was, she would have been safe inside. Then he wouldn't have been mutated and wouldn't have Dawn crying her heart out over him. She didn't even need to meet him; otherwise she could have stayed out of his rash behaviour and would have gone on with her life.

He closed his eyes, listening to her whimpers. The scene by the pond, before the Galactic boss had interrupted them, was still fresh in his mind. He'd broken her with words and criticism, over and over again, and yet she still wanted to be with him. And now they couldn't leave and break each other, or they would either die from murder or die from agony. The years gave them such an unbreakable bond...


The girl stopped blubbering and looked up at Shinji, her eyes glazed and wet.

Shinji stared back, thinking about what he was about to do. Her name sounded so strange in his voice; he realised he'd barely ever said it before. If he could make her happy...

Very gently, he cupped her wet face in his palm, with deliberate slowness, and lowered his lips to hers.

Dawn was jolted out of her tears as a warm feeling spread through her. Could this really be happening...? He slid his hand to her back, holding her tight as his lips moved against hers...she found his hand and held it in hers, and wrapped the other around his neck.

After a few minutes, he broke off and stroked her cheek, wiping away her tears. Dawn, entranced by the moment, buried her face in his chest. For a while either of them said nothing, until Paul muttered, "We'll find a way out of this." She felt a weak thrill go though her when he said We, but she knew he was talking both to her and to himself.

All of a sudden, Dragonite growled. Both of them raised their heads and saw that it was time to land off. As the dragon Pokémon lowered itself to the ground, the girl glanced at her friend fearfully. Would they see each other after this? She would never, ever forgive herself if Paul had to die to protect her.

The purple haired boy jumped off agilely from the dragon's back, and held out his arms for Dawn to jump off. He turned away grimacing when her skirt flew up in his face, but regained his composure immediately.

"Come on," she whispered, with a frantic edge to her voice, "They're in trouble! Ohh, this is all my fault..."

The boy gave her a light peck on the lips and caressed her cheek. "They'll be fine," he soothed her hysteria, "they can take care of themselves."

Without another word, he rushed off toward the explosions, which were blooming all about the arena, dragging Dawn with him. The said girl panted as gruesome thoughts erupted in her mind...May, slashed open by Purugly...Ash, cut all over and bleeding to death under the wings of Golbat...

As they burst into the scene, the first sight she saw was blood. A lot of it. Pokémon fought like wildcats, clawing and biting in whirlwinds of fur, while their trainers struggled to stay alive in all the mayhem. She gasped as she stepped in a pool of blood by her feet.

Paul stood there like a statue as his blood ran cold. The fighting...the blood...he had seen it all before.

This was what he saw in his dream.

His nightmare...was now reality.

Suddenly someone crashed into the two of them, screaming at the top of their lungs. Then the man stopped and looked at them in confusion."Dawn? Paul?"

Dawn stood there stunned for a while, until she recognised the face in front of her. "Gary!" she breathed with relief.

Gary looked glad to see her safe for a second, then his expression sharpened into fear. "I don't know how you got back, but...You have to help me. Richie's stuck in there...near the bathroom! I heard him yell, and Casey just disappeared after him...I'm trying to get through, but there's fighting everywhere... I can't..."

Then a high keen rose above the crowd, ringing over and over again in the blue-hair's ears, and her sapphire eyes popped wide with shock. She recognised that voice, and knew what it meant.


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