Hello everybody! These are some very short crack stories that my friends and I wrote! Listen or else! Naruto is unfortunately not mine.


I don't have two grapes mooing at Akatsuki. Deidara had hemophilia, so Hidan ate Sasuke which sparatically danced in his pants and scarred children for life like Orochimaru did to him. Deidara was scarred for life as well, so Deidara married Tobi, but they hit some rough spots so they saw a marrige counselor. Unfortunately, Deidara found Tobi cheating on him with Sasori, and so they divorced and filed a restraining order against eachother.

The End of Crack #1

Once upon a time there was a fairy called Naruto. He was a very pretty fairy who gave birth to sparkly pink ramen. One day a man named Zetsu came and fell in love with the sparkly pink ramen. Naruto saw this, got mad and killed Zetsu. Unfortuately, a woman named Sakura came and said the magic word otomatopia and brought Zetsu back to life. Zetsu left and when he saw Naruto he ripped his sparkly pink wings out and then spntaneously combusted. And then Kabuto started teaching Naruto his A B C's. The moral of this story is: cha cha cha Charmin!

The End of Crack #2

sorry... i have writer's block... I'll get more later!