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Sasuke woke up to the scent of strawberry cheese cake right under his nose and the ghost of the run on his face. He looked at the window to see the curtains drawn… his curtains… that covered his balcony… on his home. He heard a soft moan and looked down to see Sakura. He thought back to what, he assumed, was the reality of last night. He flinched as pain shot through him. He groaned and guessed it was a dream.

Sakura hummed in sleep and opened her emerald eyes to look into his onyx ones, "Morning, koi. Do you want some aspirin? I think Itachi left it on the table with a glass of water." Sasuke turned and saw the pain reliever he took it quickly and looked at her.

"What happened? You and Itachi… Temari… I had a breakdown!" Sakura looked worried.

"What are you talking about? You came home after drinking with Naruto. Don't you remember?" Sakura put his hand on her stomach, "I'm pregnant. We're having a baby, Sasuke. Don't you remember that?" he looked at her in surprise and jumped when a knock came to the door.

"Sasuke?" Itachi opened the door, "Your work just called, you have the week off. Yah, know, baby and all." Sasuke looked down at his girl friend. He swallowed as he saw the necklace. The only proof he had that they were lying.

"How did you get that necklace? I never gave it to you." Sakura touched it and frowned.

"I found it in your pocket. I'm guessing it's for me. Or is it for another girl?" Sasuke flinched and shook his head. Smiling happily.

"No, it's yours." Itachi closed the door and went to the kitchen while Sasuke pulled Sakura on top of him, "It'll always be yours." her moved her right hand onto his chest, "As will my heart. And my soul. I am yours Sakura. For now and always."

Sakura felt tears and she pulled away, covering her eyes and tears slipping past her hands, "I'm sorry, Sasuke. I'm so sorry!" Sasuke touched her arm in concern, "No! You right! It did happen! It wasn't a dream, but the pregnancy… it's yours Sasuke." she took his hand and placed it against her stomach, " This life is ours, we created it and I can't think of any other man that I'd prefer to have as my child's sire and father. I love you, I love this family and I love our child. I love this reality… the truth that I can forever be yours and, no matter how many girls you see, I'm the one that you come to, the one whose shoulder you cry on. I relish that, and I love you for every flaw… I'm sorry you had to see me and Itachi. It was an accident, it meant nothing."

Sasuke smiled, he could feel the baby, his child, their child, "Sakura… will you marry me?" she nodded happily and kissed him sweetly on the lips. Both of them felt a warm sensation as their child reacted to their happiness. The perfect ending to a more sinister plot.

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