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" –Shut up, House. And happy birthday."

(--) (--) (--)

They both lied quietelly on the floor , her head resting in his chest,her body still pressed against his, in all her glory, nude and without shame.Both still gasping for air, his hands making small patterns over her back, his heart still trying to go back to a normal pace after all the activity. Cameron remained with her eyes closed,not really wanting to do anything else,because the sound of his heart over her ear was so damn good.Soothing. Sweet. And she didn´t wanted that to stop.

For Gregory House, it was just fine too. He didn´t want to talk , he didn´t want to racionalize anything. Actually, to his own surprise, he had no a idea about what he really wanted, except that Everything could remain still. To that moment, right like that, remained still. No talking, no remembering all the bad things in his life. No real world. Just the beautiful woman nestled against his body, letting him fantazise that, for once, life could be like this, simple.

But thruth to be told, that was no simplicity right now. He tought , when they first started, that it was going to be just a hell of a night, great sex with a gorgeous woman, no complications, no strains attached. But by the moment that their bodies actually started to work together,part of his word just seemed to collapse,and House had no a idea how he could or even would deal with that. He dind´t deal. He didn´t care. But then again, why he couldn´t stop thinking about what had happened? Why he kept wrapping his arms around that body instead of just letting her go?

He mesmerized once again about the touch of his hands under her nude skin,when he finally unlaced her bra. His fingers wandered against her breasts,and he felt so aroused just with that small touch that he actually considered taking her right on that moment,his pants already on the floor, her hands already making it ways to his hips, as asking him to just take off that damn underware,while Cameron herself got free of her own, revealing everything about her,without any shame, her eyes fierce and focused on his, while he took his time to admire the young woman stand there just for him. He gaped when he noticed the small tattoo under her belly bottom,on the right side,making himself a mental note no ask about it later.But that was no time to think, because Allison Cameron was there,and apparently wanted him as badly as House wanted her. The moments started to pass like a blur while their mouths collapsed against each other,and their fingers started to work in places that made they both moan with pleasure and urgency. He didn´t even realized how they ended up lying down on the floor,his tongue wandering around her neck, her hands taunting him, passing around his thighs,his abdomen,until they reached his manhood making him near scream. It was something he never experienced before, not even with Stacy. It was primal, as if they had no more control against their bodies,as if they were acting on they on will. He remembered looking right into Cameron eyes on the moment that he finally made his way inside her, and it was looking on the mirror. He knew, on that moment, that she felt the same way, that her body was stronger than her mind,just like his. They moved fast,their mouths together again, in a dance that he never did before. She wrapped her legs around his hips, as if trying to make him go deeper,faster,harder. And then,the blur came back, one big explosion among then, and House tought, for one second, that he might actually died, because no one could feel so much pleasure to live after. He heard Cameron let go a small scream before she stood motionless like him,and just after feeling her chest move incredible fast under his, he was sure that they were very much alive.

And now there he was, wandering about what the hell had just happened and how how could get out of that, because it was scaring him to death.

Cameron opened her eyes and smiled at him,and all he could do was to let a little grin appear on his usually serious face. He moved a bit,trying to make a better position for then, and Cameron immediately tensed up, her hands going to his bad leg as if on their own accord.

Does it hurt? – She asked with concern in her voice,and he looked at her as she was crazy.

-- It always hurt. I´m a cripple, remember? - She sighed with his sarcasm,her hand still there.

-- Yes, thank you for the information, House. That´s not what I meant.Did I…I mean- She blushed a little,but carried on-- Am I hurting you? Did I hurt your leg while We were, you know…

House rolled his eyes in disbelief. That woman was a definitive puzzle.

-- You are a lost cause. Honestly,woman… you are concerned about my bad leg just after you had possibly the best sex of your life? Have a teached you nothing?

Cameron was about to respond something, but changed her mind and raised her eyebrowns;

-- Cocky,aren´t you? Best sex of my life?- House putted a smug face,and all she could do was laugh.

-- I´m realistic.I was there,remember?

-- Well,then. Right back at you. You had a lot of fun,that´s for sure.-House was ready to retort when he felt her shudder between his arms.

-- Are you cold? –But now that he was asking, he realized that his office was in fact freezing.

-- Yes,a little.Maybe I should…-she stammered,pointing to the door—You know.

Gregory House would never know what made him act like that. But just the fact that she was suggesting to leave made him jump.

-- No way. It´s still my birthday.- He pointed to the clock on the wall,showing that it was "only" eleven fifty. Cameron muffled a laught while he promped on his feet,like a little boy wich just had the best idea in the world.

-- wait in here. Don´t move. Tonight- he looked at her oddly,but proceeded.-- You, Allison Cameron,are mine.

She wanted to smile. She wanted to cry. He had no a idea. But he was right. His, she was.