Chapter 7: Fight for the Guitar

It was just between Manny Rivera and Vlad Plasmius who was still holding Sartana's guitar along with Vlad making a few clones of himself also ready for a good fight.

"Whoa, Manny is facing all of them?" asked Frida to Skulker and Technus whom were still hiding in an alleyway nearby.

"Yea, he does this all the time against my original prey that I fight here" replied Skulker.

"Quiet" said Technus, "I want to see the entire fight."

Meanwhile, back on the roof, the Vlad clones were prepared to give Manny a good fight for his life. The Vlads came at him like a Mongol horde to which Manny attempted to dodge each of their attacks but one of the Vlad clones managed to give Manny a good punch sending him right off the edge if it weren't for his claws.

"This is the hero of Miracle City that Sartana was talking about?" laughed Vlad as he noticed that Manny was just barely trying to maintain his balance.

"You won't get away with this, this I swear!" cried Manny.

"I have already one" said Vlad as he grabbed Manny by the neck and held him over the edge, "now since you're wearing a cat suit."

"Uh, it's really a tiger suit" said Manny.

"Whatever" said Vlad, "let's see if you can land on all fours along with also seeing if you have nine lives."

"I don't think that would happen Vlad" said a familiar voice to him.

Before Vlad could make his move against Manny into dropping him from his doom, a few ecto-energy blasts came out of nowhere and destroyed some of the Vlad clones and one ecto-energy blast came right toward Vlad releasing Manny from his grip and sending him crashing against the wall.

"Who are you?" asked Manny.

"Danny Phantom" replied Danny as he appeared right in front of Manny, "you?"

"I'm Manny Rivera, but in this suit I'm known as El Tigre!" replied Manny.

"You're after that mystical guitar he's holding right?" asked Danny.

"Yep" replied Manny.

"Then what do you say we get it already?" said Danny.

Danny and Manny then raced right toward Vlad who was just recovering from Danny's surprise attack. Before Vlad knew it, Manny had slashed Vlad with his claws tearing part of his Plasmius suit, while Danny gave him another good punch. He then managed to recover from the full frontal attack by both Manny and Danny.

"So Daniel, I see you have made a new playmate" said Vlad as he managed to recover from the attack, "but can you handle something like this?"

Vlad then began to fire rapidly at both Manny and Danny releasing a more power ecto-energy blasts. Danny then created a shield around himself and Manny which sent the ecto-energy blasts.

"You think that's the best you can do against us?" asked Danny as the shield was lifted.

"I believe this belongs to me" said Manny as he stretched his claws and grabbed the guitar from Vlad himself.

"That was suppose to be mine!" cried Vlad.

"And now it's not anymore" said Danny as he then raced right up toward Vlad.

Danny then gave Vlad a good punch, sending him right down toward the street hitting hard right on the pavement.

"Fine, Daniel" said Vlad as he managed to recover, "you may have won this battle, but the war between us isn't over."

Vlad then quickly flies off from the scene to which Frida, Skulker and Technus emerge from the scene.

"Don't make me have to go hard on you two" said Danny to Skulker and Technus.

"Relax ghost boy" said Skulker, "I'm not here to hunt you, at least for now."

"He has what you want" said Technus to Sartana on his communicator.

"Excellent" said Sartana, "Django shall make a portal for you to head into."

As Danny, Manny, Frida, Skulker and Technus entered the portal, Danny noticed that he had just stepped into a newly formed place in the Ghost Zone known as the Dead Zone with Sartana of the Dead ruling it.

"Ah, you must be the ghost boy I keep on hearing about here" said Sartana as she was handed back her guitar.

"And you would be?" asked Danny.

"Sartana of the Dead" replied Sartana, "and I see you have already fought my grandson Django."

"Pleasure of doing battle with you" said Django as he bowed to Danny, "until we meet on the other side again."

"So now that it's settled, are you going to allow us to go back to Miracle City like you promised?" asked Manny.

"Why not" replied Sartana as she was still holding her guitar close to herself as she signaled to Django to open up the portal.

"Uh, before you head back could you help me with one thing?" asked Danny to Manny and Frida.

The scene then switches back to Mr. Launcer's classroom of where Mr. Launcer was overlooking the reports. He then handed back Danny's which was at least a "C".

"A C?!" cried Danny.

"At least you got the basics right on Mexico" said Mr. Launcer, "but please next time don't be lazy."

"So how the heck did you manage to do your report?" asked Sam as she leaned over to Danny.

"Let's just say I had a little help" replied Danny.

The scene then changes over to Miracle City where Rodolfo was glad to see Manny and Frida back.

"Manny, I'm glad you have returned but why did you see when you were abducted by those two ghosts?" asked Rodolfo.

"Well, I got some local help from this ghost boy Danny Phantom" replied Manny, "even Sartana knew about him when she arrived in the Ghost Zone."

"We were going to call this Fenton family in the states but when I got a response from his e-mail, all I just heard was blathering of ghosts" said the Puma Loco.

"Do you think she may have a plan to return to Miracle City?" asked Rodolfo.

"I wouldn't worry about that" replied Manny.

"Yeah, let's just enjoy the fun" added Frida as she and Manny raced off from the scene.

Meanwhile back inside the Dead Zone, the new zone within the Ghost Zone, Sartana was amassing a large army and training them to prepare to strike.

"Yes, that's it" said Sartana, "return to your old glory days! Soon, we'll have our revenge against El Tigre, along with anyone else who stands in our way!"

The scene then ends with Sartana making her evil laughter, and waiting to prepare to unleash her vengeance in the near future.