Title: Ten Slayers Never Called

Author: Raindrops on Roses

Rating: T (for language)
Category: General, Crossover

Word Count: 154

Disclaimer: I own none of the shows used herein. I'm just having a bit of fun with them.

Summary: Change is inevitable. Some changes are more drastic than others.

Author's Notes: These ficlets are based on challenge #2165 at TtH: Ten Slayers That Were Never Called.

#10: Veronica Mars

"I've got a secret. A good one."

When Lilly had told her that earlier, Veronica had expected something a bit more... mundane. Another boy to dance to her tune, perhaps, or maybe some juicy gossip about Madison Sinclair.

She should've known that would be too easy. This was Lilly, after all. Since when did she do anything expected of her?

But this... this was beyond unexpected. Lilly, a superhero? Lilly, who only went to gym class to watch the guys work out? Lilly, who threw a fit when she ruined her manicure?

But Veronica held her tongue while Lilly explained, because Lilly was her best friend, and best friends wouldn't lie to each other about something this huge.

She started to believe when Lilly crushed a solid rock with one hand, reducing it to pebbles.

But what really convinced her was when Lilly asked her parents for martial arts lessons--and actually stuck with them.