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Chapter 10.

Kikyo and Izayoi sat in the kitchenette area with cups of tea, both brunettes silently contemplating their lots in life. Izayoi was one would who readily admit that her fairytale was not at all as pleasant as she thought it would have been falling in love so long ago with the then InuTaishou. It was a far more difficult existence then she was willing to admit to anyone. There were just so many challenges that she was not prepared for. Often she found that her husband was not at all sympathetic to her cause either, many more times then she would care to admit, he was in fact sometimes a stranger. There were times, when she would interrupt him from his thoughts, his golden amber eyes so far away, she often wondered what he contemplated.

Her new situation, as mother in law, was a new twist as well. She knew little about this female, but already she knew she wasn't very fond of her. Her first impression was not a pleasurable one. Who in their right mind wants to walk in on their grown son while he humps on some woman screaming his brother's name. Certainly none she was aware of.

Even if she could get over the natural reaction to seeing her only child in the throws of passion, which was both a shock and disgusting, there was the fact that his chosen female had not only uttered someone else's name, she had bellowed it. The name it self a curse, in Izayoi's opinion, 'Sesshomaru.' Who was this female, she did not know, but the elder woman could see the stark similarities to her son's former fiancé. Her heart clinched a bit for Kagome. She had honestly loved the younger woman, but what had happened to have her son home, with a new woman, and where was Kagome? She wondered.

Sipping on her tea, Izayoi casually perused her dark and common eyes slowly upon the younger woman who was apparently trying not to look at her. She wasn't nearly as pretty as Kagome, Izayoi noticed, her hair not as soft and silky looking as the woman Izayoi had hopped to add to their little family. Nor did this woman look happy as Kagome usually exuded in waves. All and all this new woman was lacking in her opinion, but then she was judging the book by its cover, having not really tried to get to know her as of yet, 'perhaps', she thought absently, 'this female has redeemable qualities,' she'd find out.

"May I ask, What is your name?" asked the elder female, watching as the younger took notice of her, and gulped a bit. She watched as Kikyo fidgeted a bit before finding her resolve to answer. Izayoi never figured she'd be so intimidating, perhaps it was just that she'd been seen in such a compromising position.

"Higurashi, Kikyo. Your Inuyasha's mother?" asked the younger. Izayoi nodded before placing her cup down and reaching for the younger woman's hand, shaking it.

"Taishou, Izayoi, pleased to meet you. I'm sorry it had to be under such duress." stated the elder with practiced ease. Kikyo nodded a bit, not making any attempt to continue from there, and the silence was more then deafening. Izayoi never had such quiet moments with Kagome. Already the mother was finding she wasn't liking this one bit. If push came to shove, she'd ask her mate to see if there was a way to override this coupling. She had led a life unfulfilled, and did not wish this for her son. The elder human was one to lie to herself, she blamed so much on so many others and rarely saw that the whole of her misery was generally one of her own making.

"Higurashi?" asked the elder picking up on the name resemblance as well as the general look of the female that sat across from her. "Would you happen to be in relation to a Higurashi, Kagome?" questioned the elder woman. Kikyo was a bit panicked, she didn't know the relation level that this elder woman had for her sister, not that it mattered now considering she had mated the man she'd only slept with for the last twenty-four hours or more. She sighed knowing that she should just get it out there, she had no reason to keep secrets from strangers.

"She's my younger twin sister." stated Kikyo feeling annoyed to even hear it stated aloud, for it only compounded the shame she felt, as well as the rage at everything that had happened to her. The younger could only think that if Kagome had actually giving Inuyasha herself…her virginity, 'the little prude,' he wouldn't have come looking for it in her. She'd still be with her 'guard-dog', even if she was loathed to admit it, his 'chew-toy.' She sighed heavily was she noticed the posture of the elder woman stiffening.

"Your sister?" she asked wanting to once more confirm what she thought she heard, hoping she was wrong.

"Yes, my younger twin in fact." stated Kikyo. She wanted to rub salt into the elder woman's seeming wounds. If she was miserable right now, then she'd make this woman feel it too because she would not be alone in this.

"Then what were you doing with my son? He and Kagome are affianced." Izayoi said wanting to get the information out of this woman. Kikyo narrowed her eyes at the elder woman, feeling her own wounds being salted once more by her questions.

"What did it look like we were doing?" she heatedly shot back, not at all caring that this woman was for lack of a better word her mother in law. Izayoi gasped a bit, feeling scandalized. The little hussy actually thought herself enough to back talk Taishou, Izayoi? She obviously didn't know who she was dealing with. The elder narrowed her own brown eyes at the younger woman.

"I know Kagome, and there is no way that she would just leave My Inuyasha, so that could only lead me to think that you are a home wrecker! I don't know what you've got planned girl, but I will not allow my son to be mated to a scandalous succubus!" The elder woman stood from her table, towering at her short stature over the still seated miko, ready to leave before she turned and hissed at the younger woman.

"Kagome was much better for my boy, at least she knew who she was with and when." with that she turned and left the younger woman fuming, having once again been told that Kagome was better then her by someone she didn't even know, and unconsciously sending her ire to her mate through their still weak bond.


That night at the Penthouse….


A clawed hand with twin near jagged maroon crests rubbed sensually up the naked curvature of her hip bone from her inner thigh, leaving the female's breath to hitch as masculine plump lips kissed hotly across her sensitive stomach. Her lover and mate's heated breath brushing up against thin nearly invisible hairs upon her body sending her nerves into over drive at the pleasurable sensation. A crown of raven locks washed beneath her head as she threw it back in a silent cry of pleasure, arching her back as he played her body like a well tuned violin. It was the first time he'd actually made love to her, or what she would consider so, since they had joined in such a way.

Before there had been a raw need and a passion behind his hands, his kisses, his touches. Now it seemed that something had changed, what she didn't know, but she did like it. It was nice to know that not every time would be nothing but hot and heavy, though she did generally enjoy that too. The female thought that this could be his way of apologizing for the physical hardship their shared passion had caused her, for the fact that she had been so sore upon waking. She was not delusional, she did not think she would ever often hear apologetic words from her male. This form of apology was fine with her too, he did seem to be a male with a character that said, 'actions speak louder than words.'

His body was something that a god could be envious of, from his own silken crown of flaxen angels hair, to his cut jaw bone, pert defined nose, pointed chin, strong neck, stronger broad shoulders, to his toned and defined chest and abs. The ripples of muscle he carried spoke to the instinctual female buried deep with in her, the one that sought out the perfect specimen to breed with. His scent to was thick and masculine, speaking of his power and strength, conviction, and determination, his ability to bring forth powerful young and protect as only a father could, she loved it. He was a warrior, her lover, her mate, and she hoped soon her friend.

Kagome was in heaven, and that heaven's name was Sesshomaru. Her fingers were buried deeply into the sheets below her trying hard to find purchase so she did not shred his back with her now small claws. Her mouth hung open fitfully, as she tried hard not to moan loud, why she did not know, there was no reason to still her tongue but she found she was not much into screaming this moment. Her noises were low and throaty, soul rumbling, and deep, they turned him on more then any other had before.

Sesshomaru hovered above his mate, taking in her slightly changing scent as he kissed her belly, noticing that while his hot breath fanned over her skin, she shuddered in the slightest, her scented arousal conforming precious oxygen with her sinful sweet scent. He could smell within her that his seed had been planted but was still not burrowed and rooted within her womb, he could understand why, it had only been a day and human bodies needed at least four for seed to take full root within, he was still pleased that the coupling had happened already. Sesshomaru had scented her forced heat beginning just before their bath. She was ovulating, she was primed to carry his pup, it was only a matter of time.

Feeling more playful and frisky then he had in a very long time when it came to rutting in general, the Daiyoukai, Lord of the West and InuTaishou, decided he would show his mate a softer side of himself. He had sex with her the first night, he'd fucked her that afternoon, tonight he'd make love to her, he already was, whether he'd realized it or not. Sesshomaru couldn't help it, his scent was growing stronger within her, and already she was slightly changing, not fully into a demon, but she was no longer fully human either.

The scent of her mortality had left her being before he'd even been released from his first knot within her, and both small claws and fangs were visible to him now, more happily, her skin upon her hips and the sides of her breasts alone were starting to show pairs of crests. It was delightful, sexy and made him have the strangest and most wonderful urge to lick them. Her ears were the tiniest bit more pointed then the round human shells that most humans had but they were not at all the pointed tips of the fae like ears he and most other demons in humanoid form had. All in all he adored her changes just as much as he had adored her body before hand.

He couldn't help himself as he held his larger body above her. He liked very much to rub his hands all over her, listening and watching all that she was while he teased her, "Close your eyes, Mate," he said. The gentle and deep rumble of his voice sending waves of heat to her neither region. He watched as she did as told, and slowly lowered his mouth to her body. He was certain that a life time of living in Tokyo in this time had filled her head with the ideas of pleasure, as well as things they had already shared together, but he wanted to just have her, possess her and be her everything… her world. There were things he was certain he and only he could and would do for her.

Settling above her, yet between her legs, he simply lowered his face towards the large and perfect globes upon her chest. He could feel the heat from her now, and watched and moved with her so that he still hovered above her when she slowly arched up so that he would take a nipple in his mouth. He teased her with the feeling of his breath, warm and moist heated air ghosting over her skin, forcing the bud to ripen and harden before him. He smirked as he listen to her part her mouth to take in a low breath, using the tips of his own hair to tease her, pulling a lock to her chest, and down her being slowly, languidly, watching as more of her skin reacted to his touch.

The demon Lord couldn't help the slight up turn of his lips as he heard her tiny clawed fingers digging into the silken sheets of the bed beneath them as he did this. Nor could he stop it from spreading as he felt her athletically slim and yet thick thighs press around him, squeezing his being in a poor attempt to stave off the gentle caresses he gave his mate. He nearly chuckled as he pulled himself away from her and heard her mewed distress, watching as she squinted her already closed eyes more, and bit into her lower lip.

He finally did chuckle as he heard his tiny mate moan out. "You will be patient mate." he stated as he watched her brows crest together, finding delight in torturing her, though he could not continue to do so as it too tortured him, his desires her own and her own desires his. Keeping this in mind and yet still wishing to have his way with his pretty mate, Sesshomaru concentrated his youki into his lips, and began to kiss her lower belly.

Kagome moaned out as his gentle lips met her heated skin, sending more then just waves of desire her through her. The small charges of energy shot into her body heating organs that lay below her skin, and making her feel as though she were already in the mists of passion. She could feel her body pivoting to pull in and milk his member, and yet he was not within her. She nearly cried out again as his lips met her body once more, lower near her womanhood.

Slowly her lover and mate kissed down her body each kiss filling her with energy and ecstasy, making her want nothing more then to flip him over, throw him down and fuck him senseless for teasing her so. He easily parted her thighs and continued kissing her, the shock and electric waves of pleasure sending her into a haze of euphoria. It did not take long for Kagome to climax, her warm liquids coating his chin and mouth. His longer than human tongue swept across his face cleaning the remnants off, before he worked his way sensually up her body to her neck.

She was begging to kiss him on the lips, such a passionate creature was his mate, and yet he denied her for the moment, as her lithe clawed fingers yanked and ran through his tress. Her neck was still very sensitive, more so then most because of his mating marks, yet the marks themselves, when touched in passion like this were enough to send these heated pleasures through her body at rates that kept her nearly always ready to cum. Mated life, thus far was fantastic he decided.

He angled his mate just so that with every sweep in of himself he'd brush harshly against her clit, and slowly but with deep thrusts, Sesshomaru took his mate. Kagome's legs began to wrap around him but he'd already went to grab them and stretch her out, her legs were on his shoulder when again he buried himself deeply with in her, brushing against her glistening clit, all the while watching the contortion of pleasure on his mate's face as he did so.

He went slow with his seduction, his clawed hand never leaving her body unless is was to find purchase to ease into her better. His lips caressed her neck, his tongue licked his marks upon her and she clamped down on him hard. He groaned at the sensation, for she was not cumming just yet, but she was getting tighter. How he had no idea but it was not new to him, as she had done this many times since they had coupled.

It didn't take long for her to climax, but he did not stop as he began to press into her hard and deep, not to mention fast and strong. She was clenching and it felt so good, the flutter of her walls around him was fantastic. Easily he came, the spurts long and filling as again he knotted within his bitch. He sighed contently as Kagome fought to catch her breath, and he pulled her flush to his being. Thrumming, he easily put her to sleep in his embrace where he soon followed. Stretching out his senses once more, before he too found home in the land of the sleeping, the dai was asleep.


Elsewhere at the Sunset Shrine, home of the Higurashi…


Hiroshi sat awake in his room, pondering all the things that were happening as of late. He was old, he noted as his body creaked making itself known, and far shorter then he had once been, time having ravaged his great height. He sighed, the world around him was a vastly different one from that of which he grew up in, as well as fell in love with, and in love in. Withered eyes looked into an aged picture of his beloved Anna.

The woman was a blond bombshell; legs that stretched the sky high, hips that were wide, a set of blue eyes that made him melt. Her lips had been sakura pink, her skin pale yet tanned for her kind. She was gorgeous, smart, and they had truly loved one another. She was the reason he never judged either of his grand daughters when they had found love in the demonic world, even when it was not at all the love that he might hope that they find. How could he truly be against them when he had gone against his own family to be with his beloved Anna?

He stopped his thought at the knock on his door as the wrinkled male made his way to over to see Sayuri quietly leave him his nightly tea. "Thank you." he easily replied, as she bowed.

"It is not a problem father. Is there anything else I might get for you?" she asked as always, the dutiful daughter she would always be. He shook his head 'no' wanting to get back to his musings. "Alright then, good night Jiji." she said pleasantly, sliding his door closed one more. His room on the bottom floor having shoji doors rather then the closing western doors and knobs that were upstairs. Really it was the house's study converted into a bedroom, but he didn't mind, it suited him well and gave him much coveted shelf space.

Sitting back down he let his mind wondered from his Anna to his girls, and the things that he could feel were going on. Few knew it save Kagome but he still held the majority of his spiritual powers, he was still in fact the high priest of this shrine even if many thought him to be decrepit and senile, he was far from it. Kagome knew this. She'd always been such a perceptive girl reminding him very much of his Anna. But no other seemed to have had caught on, for this he was thankful.

Their little secret allowed them to have something, and though he often 'pressed' Souta into being a priest as well, it was always with a half heart, he knew the boy did not wish for it, nor did he wish to force it. Hiroshi simply wished for him to learn his powers which the boy was via the nice mister Miroku. He had not been disappointed when his own son did not have spiritual powers, it was not so uncommon for it to skip full generations, as it seemed to have with his boy, but it had rooted deeply within all three of his grandchildren.

There were no words to describe the feelings that Kagome and all of her power and process brought out within him, proud would be an understatement. If it wouldn't give him away he'd swear all the day long that she was the greatest miko alive. Which was probably true, but it was to be expected after all their family came from a long line of mikos, monks, and priests. Mikoto and himes of the kami's they were, beings not trained to be miko, but born gifted with it, children of the gods in the most direct linage.

It was a secret only Kagome knew, and eventually like all those before him, and that of her, their families great power would be passed down from himself to her. Gifted via death of the elder to the next head of the family's power. His relationship with this granddaughter was somewhat business, yet there was affection as they could and often did share things that others simply could not and would not understand. Souta might, but still it was something he shared most with dear little Kagome.

Now Kikyo was another story.

'His eldest granddaughter was,' he sighed, 'she was chaos at its best'. Kikyo was wild and troublesome like a thunderstorm ripping into the world brilliantly and leaving destruction in her wake, fighting hard to live outside of Kagome's shadow. Trying to get out from behind her younger sister's heavy weighted accomplishments, it was a true shame that they fought so much, when Kagome had only always wanted her sister's love and happiness, Kikyo had scorned her.

It wasn't the younger's fault that she was gifted as such, it was his own. A family secret that none but Kagome knew as well. It was the elder head of the power in their family, his job to pick the next power to be, and when born the pair had been identical save their eyes. The younger's water like blues had been what had made him chose her instead of her elder sister.

Their families power like it always had and always would giving her the most advantages in life making her almost youkai if there was a such thing as a human youkai. In fact that was where he'd spent most of his time, insuring that the little one's power was never noticeable. Surely demons, or man would come to take her away to understand just how soon the little miko had been gifted with her families' power and responsibility.

He sighed once more, only the lonely room and its scrolls to hear the tiredness he felt.

The simple choice, one or the other had initially started this rift between the two young females of his family, their father, his son had not helped it with his military ways. Hiroshi scowled a bit thinking about it. His son had often pitted the two against one another but in the end his son had helped to build the wall they so easily kept up on their own with. Those two would one day need to get along, he was sure of it, Kagome would always need her sister and vice versa.

The relationship Kikyo and himself had was a far more relaxed relationship. She was very emotional, sometimes flighty, and oddly enough he never judged. Not once, ever. He knew most of the things that were going on in her life unlike most of the rest of the family that did not. He knew when she had ruined Kagome's prom, when Kagome had hurt her, everything even with the demon Sesshomaru.

No, he didn't blame Sesshomaru, he was above such pity things, and he did realize that Kikyo allowed herself to be put into that situation. The demon was just that, a demon. It respected power, prowess, honor, and tradition above many things. Simply put Kikyo was too weak spiritually to deal with a demon like that. No, he was not happy about it, but he could not fault infinitely built-in instinct on the demon's part. If his granddaughter gave herself so willingly to one such as Sesshomaru, who was he to say that the demon was wrong. It was in the demon's nature to react to weakness as such.

He sighed. At least he had a less than emotional or businesslike relationship with his grandson, Souta. Though he knew the boy had spiritual power, as he had felt with Kagome, he felt Souta's as well. If something were to happen to Kagome before Hiroshi passed, Souta would be his second choice, though the elderly male knew it would not be the boys want for such a thing to happen. Hiroshi couldn't help it, he needed a back up just in case.

The boy and himself often talked of life, love and philosophy. It was a conundrum that two of his three grandchildren should have such old souls as both Kagome and Souta did. They had an understanding of the world around them as it should be, and not what had happened with their generations. He sighed once again, something he noticed he was doing in greatly increasing numbers these days. Things were happening, things were changing, and two of his grandchildren were at the epicenter of it all.

Late into the night, or early into the morning not long ago, he'd felt the great shift in power, like a crackling electric current in the air. Things had changed greatly. He wondered what was going on, and yet he knew right now was not the time to question. If things involved his family he would soon find out. Like every night before he went to bed, the elder Higurashi felt out to the ancient wards surrounding the holy grounds of their shrine.

Checking with his hidden aura that all were in place and infused properly as he'd done every night since he'd gotten his own powers from his grandmother, the great elder of the small Higurashi clan settled into bed with a slightly heavy heart wondering what the future held in store for them all.


Elsewhere in the city…


Withered hands looked at the report containing a family history of powerful but hidden priestesses, and priests, the Higurashi's seemingly had much to hide. It was well known through the community in which the owner of these withered hands circled in that Kagome was in fact the Shikon miko and Miko of Japan, but there were pictures and documentation of her gallivanting with the demon lord Sesshomaru. The half-breed was one thing, but a full demon was another.

This person could not and would not allow the jewel to fall into the demon's hands, even if it was from Kagome's person he got it. For far too long demons and humans had mingled too close to see where natural boundary lines roamed. It was practically blasphemous that a miko should mate a demon. There was no standing for this. She would not let Kagome do this, she had made vows, she had said words that were sacred. Had the girl no shame, no honor? She didn't know. She did know that she needed to find the jewel's location, it was secret even from herself. Sighing in frustration, the elder huffed and thought about what to do with the Higurashi girl. She was no longer worthy of being called miko in her eye.

Before her in her dark office, were two junior miko, Sakura and Kohana, the blue and red priestess, they kneeled before her, waiting for her orders. She said no words as she signaled for them to go about the recon to find out exactly what was going on. She had not lived as long as she had doing things sloppily. She would find out what was happening and then she would get the jewel.

There were others that would take Kagome's place. Sadly the girl would have to be killed. She could not live knowing what she knew. Sipping on her tea, she slowly turned in her chair, her back facing her door as she looked out at the city landscape and wondering to herself if she knew what she was getting into. This whole thing left a feeling of foreboding with her, and unease was something she did not like, nor had she ever.


Elsewhere, and at the Home of Shippo and Rin


Sango was not much of one for girl talk, not exactly like Rin and Kagome were, but there were times when one could get her talking about something other the then latest method of killing a man using only your thumb. Tonight she had called Rin to inform her of the news she and her fiancé, she loved saying the name, were getting married. They had been together for years, she had put up with a lot of his shit, but now they were steady, together, and she couldn't wait to tell Kagome.

They both laughed at the thought over the phone really, knowing that the next time they saw her she'd be a mated woman too. Rin pondered to Sango how the family would take it. All of them, from Sango and Miroku to Rin and Shippo had basically been adopted by the Higurashi, yes her father was scary from time to time, and she got her temper from the both of them, her powers from her jiji, but they were the best family anyone could ask for.

In one way or another, they were all orphans, and Kagome her mother, father and brother as well as grandfather had all welcomed them wholeheartedly. Her father though was a toughie, he was Japanese steel. The military man that was mere human that had demons bow to his whim in both fear and respect. "What to you think dad's going to say about Kagome getting mated?" Rin asked Sango, sitting in bed watching her mate do light work outs in front of her, and slowly turning her on while talking to the slayer.

"Honestly I don't know. I did some looking up today. Sesshomaru's not exactly one to fall over easily like all of the others, but Dad's well, he's the worst of then anyone I've ever met. You may not know it but Kagome gets the worst part of her temper from both Mom and dad." said Sango listening to Rin giggle. "Are you listening to me?" the slayer asked.

Popping Rin out of her mate induced drool fest to keep speaking. "Yes I'm listening," she sighed wondering if they'd talk a lot longer or if she'd get to go over to her mate and ravage him, but suddenly another thought popped in her mind. "What about his family? I know any guy Kaggie chooses would be able to stand up to Dad, but what about his? You know his mother is still alive, and everyone knows about that Izayoi woman, Home wrecker," she added under her breath. It was just something you did not do, one could not 'UN-mate' to come between a mated pair was just scandalous. "I mean his mother's bound to not like humans. At least human females." she said nibbling on her lower lip and catching Shippo's eye as he tried to work out.

"Hn. Well, its Kags… so I figure either they'll love her, or she'll make them love her, or, we'll be seeing about their deaths on the news and Sesshomaru will have become the head of their families company." stated the thoughtful slayer.

"You're right. That's scary. But I guess we'll see won't we?"

"MmHmm. Hey I gotta run, Miroku and I are going to go down for a very late dinner and maybe some dancing at the club. You and Ship are welcome to come. We'll txt you if something changes before then." said Sango as Rin could hear her sister figure getting dressed over the phone.

"Actually I think we're going to stay in." Rin replied with a purr, as she got to her knees in the bed, and Shippo stopped his work out to notice her. "But thanks for the offer, love. I'll see you tomorrow, and we'll go shopping for Kags now that she's mated." said Rin as she started to unbutton her night gown, which was really one of Shippo's over sized white dress shirts. The collar now slid over her bare shoulder presenting her mate her mating mark. He eyed her hungrily, waiting just for the phone to be hung up before he pounced her. He smirked, and loved that she had only panties to save her this night. Gods he loved claws.

"Okay, Love ya and see ya then. Tell Shippo we said hello." The phone hung up and as soon as the amorous kitsune heard this his mate was pounced. Already wet, she didn't even want foreplay at this moment. The phone dropped from her hand to the floor as she begged him.

"Please mate, just take me." his mate begged. He couldn't lie, he was no dog demon, but fox demons were right there under dogs and wolves as sexual appetite. While he was certain that a dog would go for days on end, well he could too, but he'd need a few more breaks then a dog would. Kagome whether she knew it or not had mated probably the most virile of all demon kind, a dog demon, and the strongest one of them on this side of the world at that. She would be pupped in no time. With that in mind and having heard the full conversation between his mate and their friend, he figured now would be a good time to have his mate kitted as well.

She was naked before him in no time, and his own nudity was quickly ascertained, as he buried his length into her, she mewed beautifully, and he set to work on kitting her. Grateful that she was near her heat by a day or so anyway. She might have to reschedule with Sango though, at this rate, his eyes were becoming more primal, and the need to reproduce and kit his vixen was becoming strong. He probably wasn't going to want to share her for a few days. With a smile that to anyone else would seem cruel Shippo took his mate to heights greater then he had in a week or so. By the gods he loved this woman.




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