This was an idea that I got when I did a Google search for random poetry generator. Ten 100 word drabbles, including the randomly generated poem. The site I got it from is play/ poetrygen / index.php?numlines3 so take out the spaces, obviously. (If someone wanted to repeat this idea this would be awesome). I hope this is good- my brain turned to mush after watching three consecutive hours of Sesame Street (the old VHS tapes) while babysitting. It could be worse... but hearing Rubber Ducky eight times is seven and a half too many. Also, Elmo scares me.

shades of night were falling fast
long ago, in the young moonlight
now that i have cooled to you

It is curious how well that they fit against each other. All of her meshes comfortably with him curve into dip, line next to line, a and b, x and y. His nose sometimes buried in her hair, his arms wrapped loosely around her as they sleep.

Kiss, touch, heart beating in tune with heart.

It works.

Once, it didn't work. She was all angles and corners and he was hard and smooth, unbreakable glass. Now, it works. They move together.

give me
i saw with open eyes
why are the things that have no death

"Sasuke's dead," he whispers harshly. "So why do you still love him?"

I love you too, she wants to say. My heart is full enough for both of you. There is still space there. She wants to say this, but she cannot. She doesn't believe that it's true. She's not sure who she loves, Sasuke or Kakashi.

He kisses her greedily, jealously, possessing her all at once.

She knows the answer. It's suddenly clear to her.

"You," she whispers. "You, you, you. I love you."

are you alive?
i am weary of being bitter and weary of being wise
the air is full of dawn and spring

She smiles at him as he waves to her on the street. Her arms are filled with medical scrolls, or he knows that she would have waved back.

Stop pretending, that little niggling voice in his head says. Come on. Say what you what to say. Get off your pedestal and admit you want her. You're not a saint, don't act like one.

"Kakashi!" She calls out cheerfully. "Meet me for lunch at that noodle house?"

Maybe then.

i saw god. do you doubt it?
the shadows of the ships
those on the top say they know you, earth—they are liars

They ask her, why him?

She replies: why not?

They tell her, but he's old!

She replies: that means he has… experience.

They ask her, couldn't you do better?

She replies: but there isn't anything better for me.

They tell her: watch out, he's probably attempting to take advantage of her!

She replies with a laugh.

Sakura wonders why people can't just understand that she loves Kakashi and he loves her, and that that is that.

all my love for my sweet
i loved a woman
the old songs

"I love you," she whispers to him in the dead of night as they lie curled closely on his bed.

"I know," he responds.

She wonders why he doesn't say that he loves her back.

"I love you," he tells her brokenly as he holds her in his arms after she's returned from a mission with two cracked ribs, a broken leg, a bloody scalp wound and a fairly deep gash in her side.

"I know," she responds and this time, no questions need to be answered.

for these white arms about my neck
do the boys and girls still go
lady, your heart has turned to dust

First, it was a month. Then, it was two, then three, four, five, six, seven. Eight.

She holds their daughter in her arms. She hasn't left the house in a while. Ino brings her groceries. She tries to get Sakura out, but it doesn't work.

She hears footsteps behind her and she hopes.

"Hey," he whispers. She shrieks and puts down their daughter.

"Don't go," she tells him. He picks up their child with wonderment.

"I don't want to."

her face is fair and smooth and fine
i have had one fear in my life

Everyone leaves him in the end.

Rin, Obito, his father, Sensei. They slide out of his life, sometimes loudly, sometimes quietly. No matter what, it still hurts him, tearing his heart apart until he doesn't even know where all of the pieces have gone, so raggedly are the edges.

He will not lose her. He cannot bear to, because it would take the shreds of his already torn heart and rip apart the stitches holding it together.

Don't go, he says.

She stays.

see the tentative
the air is like a butterfly
there were three in the meadow by the brook

Sometimes, when there is time off from missions and hospitals and general hustle and bustle, they go sit by the river and watch the water move. It's their spot, their place of piece.

It is here that he proposes to her and she accepts.

It is here that she tells him that they're going to have a baby (and don't look so shocked, Kakashi, because it does take too).

And it is here they said "I love you" for the first time.

shades of night were falling fast
some of the hurts you have cured
what was it the engines said

She doesn't want to give up the touch, the feeling of being touched. The way his hands span her waist and slip around to her back, the feel of his muscles shifting under her palms. The contact, hot sweat sweet, the feeling of him and her. It is addictive, more addictive than anything that she has even known and in the fading darkness of the blurry night she has a feeling of being complete, as she tunes out everything butthis.

i am a woman
candles toppling sideways in tomato cans
like him whose spirit in the blaze of noon

Romance is not flowers and candy, rainbows and butterflies. Nor is it sex. It is simply them, together, in a badly-lit room close on a too-small bed, man and woman, teammate and teammate, student and teacher (but not anymore), lover and lover.

It can be day or night, because the time doesn't matter, because the feelings don't change ever and that is what matters to her, woman, and to him, man, and they touch and love and hope and dream together.