Yeah, I thought this was going to be oneshot too. But no. No, it's not. (However, Crush will remain in the land opf the oneshot and that is all that there is to say about that.) This time there are five drabbles, BUT 200 words apiece. If I do another chapter (because I could. I could.( I'll do 10 100 words drabbles again. Although I will more likely do a NejiTen Random Poetry or something. Also: in this there is an emergence of my in-my-head canon. It's the last drabble mostly, but two is sort of AU in-my-head canon. If that made any sense in your head, applaud yourself...

full of tears
when, full of warm and eager love
i heard the wind all day
in new york harbor
you are clear

Whenever either one of them receives a mission, they always, always, alwayssee the other off and then greet them when they return. If his mission is more dangerous than usual, generally and S-rank, she always is fraught with worry for him, not sleeping well, eating too much junk food which she then furiously works off through hard training. She turns into a barely-concealed wreck.

When she is off on an S-rank mission, he too is worried, although he hides it better. But people around him notice how he's always a little more tense, a little more on edge. That and he reads his Icha Icha more and cares even less about his surroundings. He is possibly even unwary from worry.

When they see each other off, it hurts a little bit. But she can tell that he'll come back to her, and he knows that she'll come back to him. This cannot change.

Despite them knowing this, when they return safely there is always the palpable taste of relief, and the day is that much sweeter.

full of tears
daughters of time
gone before us
mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam
once this soft turf
she was a beauty in the days

He had never thought that she would die before him. She was younger, more aware, more deserving of life. She still held hope that her teammate could be returned, held this view up to the point when Naruto lay exhausted, as did Sasuke and she knew that she had to deliver the killing blow. She had held this belief up to the point when, holding the Uchiha, she asked what he wanted to do. When he had said that he just wanted to leave quietly and painlessly as possible- he knew that she could do this- she had obliged, because she needed to dosomething for him.

And now all of that was gone. All of her was gone.

Each day he sends a little girl with a white braid and green eyes off to the Academy. He knows that she will be a great ninja someday. He hopes she will be all of her mother and the best that there is of her father.

He never thought Sakura'd die before him.

braided and woven
in the sphere
you say you love me
out of the deep and the dark

"Hey," she says, smiling slightly, her messy haired head propped up on one elbow. Pink strands are all over the case and she knows that she has a definite case of the frizzies. Whatever. It doesn't matter at the moment.

"Hey," he says, sitting up with the covers pulled to his waist. "Good morning,"

"Yeah, I know," she says, although he doesn't think that she's referring to the ideal weather outside. "Here's the thing,"

"Yeah?" he asks, because the morning after has never felt like this before. There's no sense of the awkward, no gotta-get-the-hell-outta-here feeling in the pit of his stomach.

"Okay, this'll sound pretty strange," she draws a deep breath. "After all this," she waves a hand to indicate their situation, "I think that I've found that I love you."

It doesn't sound odd, or weird, or fake. She's simply stating a fact, but it's a fact the he could hear over and over again.

"Really," he says, a statement rather than a question.

"Really," she says.

"I think I love you too," and he basks in her smile.

rising moon has hid the stars
there are three ways in which men take
thou unrelenting past
i do not pray for peace
the endless, foolish merriment of stars

In war, sacrifices are always made. Sometimes they're economic, sometimes they're personal.

In war, things are always found. Usually, they're more personal.

Mercifully, almost none of her especially close friends die. But when Rock Lee falls to a group of Akatsuki members she feels as much sorrow as she would if someone like Naruto dies. He had sacrifices himself to save a group of genin, his team actually. They had then killed off two of the four Akatsuki who had overpowered their leader.

In war, sacrifices are made.

She finds something in him. First it is fear that he could die. Then it is fear that he could be the only one left.

She's not sure what it was originally.

But when the war is over and she is still mostly intact, the people she loves are mostly still there, they haven't lost each other.

She realizes that she loves him; he realizes he loves her, and it continues on after the battles.

During times of war, love is always found.

he speaks not well
when, full of warm and eager love
dear wife
my true love from her pillow rose
out of the deep and the dark

They have made a life with each other. They have a house (although it is in a constant mess) and children. They're married (who would have thought that he would be married of all people) and still love each other. They have two daughters and a son (who does not have pink hair, although the white sometimes has a slight grayish-pink tinge). Kinari, with all of his cynical sarcasm and white hair but her mother's bright, hopeful green eyes (that are an amusing contrast to her overall general attitude) Ryou, who is balanced and calm, evening out his sisters and Kazuko, with pink hair and his grey eyes and who can best be described as an imp.

She loves him with all of her heart, and he loves her with all of his heart. Sometimes he cannot believe it, believe that she couldlove him, but she smiles and he is reassured.

He loves his life, his home that he can return to, and his three children.

Most of all, he loves her.