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Posted: 2/01/08 8:57 PM

Title: Allure
Author: KissThis
Rating: R/M (for future sexual content)

Disclaimer: I own nothing Harry Potter related. This story is for my fans.

Pairing: Siremione – Sirius x Remus x Hermione

A/N: The introduction to February's fic-a-day extravaganza – Allure. A bit off my usual tact, this 29-part story follows the beginning of everyone's favorite ménage-a-trois, rather than coming in sometime in the middle.

Enjoy the love.


When there was no immediate answer, Hermione dropped her bags in the foyer and without stopping to investigate, crossed through the kitchen and out the back door. The sun was blinding and she raised a hand to shield her eyes as she called out. "Some welcome this is."

"Hermione! You're back!"

Harry all but leapt from his broom to bound up the stairs and wrap her in a fierce hug, both laughing; best friends reunited after months of separation. She ruffled his sweaty bangs and let him pull her into the yard.

"How was Greece?"

Unlike Harry, Sirius hadn't gotten off his broom, and as they left the porch he dipped low enough to fly circles around them, showing off his old Quidditch prowess.

"Romania," she corrected, but not without a smile.

"You're burnt."

Hermione beamed at the lanky man who unfolded himself from the tree swing and approached the group with his hands in his pockets. "You've been neglecting your sunblock again."

"Hello, Remus." She hugged him fondly. "How've you been?"

"Just fine." He held the younger woman at arms' length, appraising her warmly. "How did the trip go?"

Her face lit up. "Finally got them to see reason," she said proudly. Restricting dragons' airspace – I mean, honestly..."

"Did you see Charlie there?" Harry asked, looking interested.

"That's how I knew you were here, actually," she said, turning out of Remus' hands. "He was seeing me off when an owl from Ginny arrived, demanding to know why he never visits," she was grinning widely at the memory. "She mentioned you were here."

Harry's face took on the color of a ripe tomato, a reaction that had nothing to do with the balmy June heat. "D-Did she?"

Sirius barked with laughter and clapped his godson on the back, only smirking when Hermione tutted disapprovingly. "Yes, and we're all long past due at the Weasley's for supper," she reprimanded. "You two go and get cleaned up, while Remus and I floo Molly and let her know we're coming."

The years hadn't made Hermione Granger any less bossy and before anyone could think to contradict her, she'd bounded up the porch stairs and slipped into the kitchen. Sirius turned to make a sly quip to Remus but was surprised to find that the werewolf had already followed her inside.