-1The Sins of the Father..

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Summary Beast Boy discovers something, one of his parents just may be alive but there is something else something his parents had never told him what could this secret be and what could it have in store for his friends.

Beast Boy was flying to what he had always considered his first home, not the Doom patrol's secret headquarters, much as he loved his adoptive parents he needed to return where his life had began, it had almost been four years since the fall of the brotherhood, and now for the first time since he was a frightened child he got the opportunity to return to Africa Upper Lumumba for the first time in almost fourteen years.

He hoped King Tawaba was still in good health he had received letters occasionally from the man who had been his family's closest friend while in Africa. The semi private jet he was flying in was just starting to descend onto the runway the jolt waking him prematurely from his thoughts. "lets hope this isn't a wild goose chase he thought to himself as he stepped off. Carrying only a duffle bag, he was dressed in civilian clothes a button down shirt, that was khaki brown, pants the same color Boots and a hat to keep the sun out of his eyes as well as a medium dark pair of sunglasses. Taking a deep breath he Felt like he hoped the lead he had gotten was true a man from the tribe down river from Tawabas' tribe had said they had a man who had been badly injured, with no memories of how he had been injured clutching to a dead woman crying. About the time of the accident with his parents, Tawaba had explained at the time they were on hostile terms until just recently and that was why they had just learned of it, as he walked through the Tarmac a dark skinned man about his own age wearing Camouflage held a sign saying Logan Raising his hand he didn't even smile as he followed. Slipping into Swahili he gave his guide a traditional greeting.

He rode in silence as they traveled to the village he had grown up in he couldn't even remember his parents home in America he had been only one when they had left on their fathers research project. He had only been about three when he was bit by the green monkey, and he had only been five when the accident had happened he remembered that trip they where riding down the river in his fathers research boat intending to check on the chimps who lived much farther down the river, unfortunately a submerged log smashed into the bottom of the boat causing water to surge inside also breaking off the rudder so that they were at mercy to the flow of the river as it surged along he had been so frightened.. His father tried to be as calm as possible even though he knew the danger they were in and as he heard the sound of cascading water he grabbed Garfield his mother trying to hold back tears when his father told him to turn into a bird and see if he could find help. After being practically thrown out of his fathers arms he tried flying as fast as he could when he turned around his father was holding his mother both had a look on their face as if they accepted their fate.. That was when he had actually seen the waterfall just before his parents were swept right over the edge.. None of Tawabas' trackers found either bodies but everyone in the village knew it was almost impossible to survive those falls in all their history only one man had ever done it, but he had been crippled for the rest of his life afterwards the combination of the long fall and the shallow pool at the bottom meant even if you did survive the fall you would probably be killed by the rocks below the surface. He lived with Tawaba for almost three years after that until the Witch doctor began to get jealous of the shape shifting boy.. Betraying the tribe by offering to guide two grave robbing thieves a safe root through the ancient temple of the tribe in exchange for taking the boy off his hands.. Preferably killing him. Instead they let the witch doctor lead them in and left him to die after taking all they could carry including the boy thinking that a boy who could turn himself into so many creatures could be very profitable and that had been the last he had saw of the tribe, the last he had saw of Africa for a good many years.

End of Chapter one

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