-1Sins of the Father Chapter two : waiting at home

Robin had been furious when Beast Boy told him that he had to leave, even worse when he said he didn't know how long he would be gone for it was just something he had to do. He wouldn't tell him anything else just that it involved a letter he had received that day in the mail.

Raven sat at the window waiting for him to return, she understood why he had to go If she had discovered that there was a chance her mother was still alive she probably would of done the same thing. But it still hurt that he had told her that she had to stay home, that it was something he had to do alone. The look on his face was the most hopeful she had seen in a long time.. Holding her head she hoped he would return safely, she had never been more afraid in her life for someone else. She had been growing closer to her teammate, though she would never admit it to anyone his absence made the tower almost unbearable.. How many times when they were younger had she wished for something like this Raven wasn't sure anymore.

Cyborg worked in his garage surprisingly not on his car but a surprise for his best friend, he had been working on it in secret since Beast Boy's last birthday, when they had seen that episode of American chopper, he was just beginning to put the last pieces together before he was going to tech it out the schematics were on his desk a fusion of raw power and Eco friendly.. Even the design was based upon a wolf. The bike was based on a Harley Davidson frame, he had built the Fiber glass molds himself the custom headlights shaped to look like they were shining from the eyes of a wolf, the back rack designed to look like a wolf's tail the forks to look like a wolf in mid run while she probably wouldn't outrun the R-cycle in a straight away, but she would give Rob's bike a run for its money in a distance run like a real wolf. It had only been Three days and he already needed something to keep his mind off of him not being there.

Star fire had been distracting herself with time with Robin, as well as frequent trips to the mall to keep from worrying over her friend, it confused her a great deal why he insisted that he had to handle this himself. She didn't know where he was going just said that he would be back as soon as he could.

As his friends had been coping in the best ways they could Garfield walked up to the place that for the first several years of his life had been both home and his fathers lab. Fond memories and scary moments ran through his mind at the same time as he spoke to the old king of the tribe. His son not much older than Gar greeted him like a long lost brother, offering a surprise of his own that he himself was now married and expecting a child in the next few weeks. They spoke of old times before the conversation shifted to what had brought him there.

"the tribe down river from the great falls spoke with us about the man they had discovered that fateful day, there is something I must tell you though it may be a shock, while his memory was recovering he took one of the tribes women as a wife.., she bore him two children before passing into the land of our ancestors a daughter and a son." "I have a brother and sister?" Beast Boy while he wasn't expecting this didn't know how to feel, he knew if it had happened in another way where he grew up with his father, he wouldn't of expected his father to pine away for the rest of his life over his mother, but he also was secretly mad. "It was soon after his second wife's death that he again moved on, the children taken in by their mother's sister.. I'm afraid that's as much as I know of for certain the rest mere rumors with no way to prove whether they are true or not."

"then I will have to visit that village next, and learn what I can from there.. Thank you Tawaba you have been a true friend." "feed and rest before you leave, as I have a feeling this will be a long journey, I will send a messenger along with you and your guide so that they know you come in peace."

End of Chapter Two

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