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Chapter 7 - The Wonderful End

"The two of you are acting like complete idiots!" Peach roared as she stomped towards to the two plumbers and slapped them right across the face. "If you two think you're being heroes, well, you're not!! These koopas didn't do anything!" Mario and Luigi exchanged glances.

"Bowser's-a got her real good," Luigi whispered over to his brother. Mario nodded in agreement. Peach felt rage build up and clump together in the pit of her stomach as she watched the two men whisper and mumble. Before she could scold them again, Bowser came up and put a hand on her shoulder.

"Look, guys, I know I'm the type to do that, but... uh... I didn't," Bowser muttered. Mario and Luigi exchanged glances again.

"Oh, I think I know what's going on. Bowser didn't possess Peach-a at all!" Mario finally said. Peach's eyes lightened to this.

"You finally understand, Mario?" Peach asked, hope now replacing the rage. Mario nodded.

"Yes, it is-a very clear... Peach and Bowser switched souls!" Mario exclaimed leaving Peach to droop once more and Bowser to rub his temples. Peach glared as Luigi nodded in agreement with his brother. "And Bowser made her-a swear that she wouldn't-"

"Look, guys," Peach began. She finally figured that yelling was not going to help. "We didn't switch. I'm not possessed. Nothing happened. I know it's hard to accept, but... I really do enjoy the koopas' company. ...Well, more like the koopa kids' company, but... well... Bowser and his kids did nothing wrong, Mario, and... this family needs me." Mario stared at the pink princess. Her eyes had softened and looked sincere. He then looked at Bowser who was picking his teeth and quickly turned back to the princess.

"Well, let's-a see what Toadsworth says about this," Mario concluded. Luigi then went off to go get Toadsworth...

2 Months Later

Toadsworth tip-toed down the hallway of the castle. Beads of sweat rolled down the side of his face. If he made a noise- any noise at all- he'd be done for. Wendy and Junior would find him and end it all right there. The old toad let out a soft sigh as he made it past the hallway. He sat down on a red velvet couch in the living room. "Thank goodness. I'm safe from those two little devils."

"WRONG AGAIN, OLD MAN!!" Wendy and Junior growled. Toadsworth squealed as the two koopa kids jumped from behind the couch and onto the old toad. Toadsworth screamed and kicked and punched but was unable to get the two koopas off of him.

"No! No!! Stop!! Okay! Okay! I'm.. I'm..." Toadsworth had to catch his breath to finish the sentence. "Okay, okay... I'm it." Wendy and Junior laughed and ran off as Toadsworth started counting to twenty. Living with the koopa kids was tough, but Toadsworth had to admit it was rather... exhilarating. Peach walked into the room with a warm smile.

"I see they're beating you at hide 'n seek," she chuckled. Toadsworth turned to look at his princess.

"They're the cutest MONSTERS, they are," Toadsworth sighed, deeply emphasizing the word "monsters". Peach giggled.

"Well, would you mind cooking dinner? I promised Roy that I would go kick-boxing with him, so I have to go out and buy all the pain-killers I can," the toadstool princess said.

"Oh, please, I'd love to cook dinner! Those Koopalings play too rough! I now understand that chum Kamek completely," Toadsworth mumbled. He headed on over to the kitchen to cook some stew.

"Kids, I'm home!" Bowser bellowed from the foyer. King Koopa laughed as he got tackled by his children. Toadsworth peeped at them from the kitchen door.

"Oh, good, Bowser, you're home. Would you mind getting something for me? Some spice way up there in the cabinet?" Toadsworth asked.

"Sure, Toadsworth. Just give me a minute," Bowser replied as he struggled to yank his kids off him. Peach grinned at him as she entered the room.

"Hello, Bowser," she greeted politely.

"'Hello, Bowser'?" King Koopa repeated. "What? No 'Hello, honey' or 'Hi, sweetie'?" Peach furrowed her brows while still grinning.

"We're not married, you know," she laughed.

"Really? Yet we live together. What would you call that?"

"...Domestic partnership." Bowser rolled his eyes.

"That's just another word for 'marriage,'" Bowser mumbled. Peach scoffed.

"No, it is not! Well, I'm going to go buy pain-killers," Peach said as she walked out the door.

"Kick-boxing night?"

"Yup!" Peach smiled as she walked down the path and was almost immediately greeted by Daisy.

"Peach! There you are. I keep forgetting you live right at the border now."

"Well, it was best so that I will be able to continue ruling Mushroom Kingdom, and Bowser will be able to continue ruling Darklands."

"Toadsworth was okay with all of this?"

"Well, it took quite a while to persuade him, but in the end, he came through. I simply refused to go back with him to the Mushroom Kingdom without leaving the Koopalings behind. He tried many times to get me back home, but I stayed there. Finally, he reached the decision that we would just stay there on the border so that we could continue ruling our own lands in peace and keep an eye on the Koopalings at the same time."

"Ah, that's good. Do you need me to baby-sit again tonight?"

"No, Toadsworth has it all under control. He's actually taken a liking to those kids. He treats them as if they were his own grandchildren." Peach smiled as she said this. Daisy stared at her friend thoughtfully.

"...Hey, Peach. How did Mario take all of this?" Daisy asked. Peach stopped walking. Her face turned blank and she stared absent-mindedly at the sky.

"...Y'know... I never saw him again after Toadsworth allowed Bowser and his kids to live with us. I wonder what happened to him," Peach replied in a nervous tone.


"Please-a, Mr. Kamek! I need your help!" Luigi cried. "My brother has been in there all-a day, and I don't know what's wrong with him!" Kamek nodded at the boy.

"Take me to him." Luigi lead the magikoopa to Mario's closet and slowly opened the door. Inside was Mario, in fetal position and rocking back and forth.

"LUIGI, IS THAT-A YOU?! THAT-A DELIVERY BOY NEVER BROUGHT THE SPAGHETTI. I'VE BEEN EATING MY-A SOCKS TO SURVIVE!!" Kamek stared at Luigi as the green plumber simply nodded at him. Mario held Larry's stolen pen firmly in his hand. "AT LEAST I STILL GOT YOU." The mad plumber started clicking the pen at extreme speed. "YOU'LL NEVER LEAVE ME, RIGHT? AND IF YOU DO GET-A KIDNAPED, I'LL BE THERE TO SAVE YOU. AYE-AYE-AYE-AYE-AYE!" Kamek slowly closed the closet door and all was silent again.

"Oh, no. I can't fix that."



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