This is a shikamaru naruto slash may contain some lemons I haven't decided yet so we'll see how my first truly yaoi fanfic goes Oh and Italics are thoughts

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It was a nice quiet day in Konoha, or at least it would have been if Kiba and Naruto weren't yelling at the top of their lungs. Naruto had gotten himself into one of his famous tiffs. Unfortunately for the people who actually like to use their eardrums, it wasn't with one of his usual rivals who have a quiet intensity about them, but with someone just as loud as Naruto himself.

"You can't even catch a damn cat on a D rank mission. What are you gonna do talk me to death? Oh I'm sooo scared" his voice dripped with sarcasm

"I'll take on any challenge you can dish out dog breath!!" Naruto yelled turning red

His eyes glinted, full of mischief "is that a promise?"

"In fact it is, I won't lose to someone as ugly as you, believe it!!!" (sorry couldn't resist making him say that, it seemed to fit)

Now this fight happened to be taking place on one of the many practice grounds surrounding the forest. Sasuke, Naruto, and Sakura had gone there to train but when they got there Kiba and Shino were just arriving. At this point Kiba had made a particularly insulting remark about their team's manhood and after that Naruto, never one to lose, couldn't bring himself to give up the practice grounds. So Sakura, not really caring about the situation, went home while Sasuke and Shino settled themselves under a tree to watch the confrontation.

"Alright, then I'm going to give you the toughest challenge I can think of"

"Bring it on!!"

Hmm I want to give him a task that leads to both failure and humiliation…but what should I have him do?

As luck would have it that was the exact moment a certain spiky haired ninja was spotted walking in the distance.

Oh man!! I know just the thing

"All right, I challenge you to make Shikamaru show an emotion!!"

"What? That's easy he does that all the time. Cant you think of anything better than that?" he said in a smug tone.

"No, I mean an emotion other than boredom, sarcasm, or seriousness"

There was a sudden silence in the clearing as everyone tried to remember if they'd ever seen Shika express any emotion other than those. Apparently the search was unfruitful because Naruto suddenly yelled out

"I accept your challenge!!" he then ran off towards town in search of his lazy friend.

Sasuke shook his head and muttered "I can already tell this is going to be bad"

Kiba grabbed Sasuke's arm and pulled him after Naruto.

"Where are we going" Sasuke demanded attempting fruitlessly to free his arm from the other boys grip.

"We have to make sure he actually does it other wise we'll never know if he's lying or not"

"Well why didn't Shino have to come?"

"Because he saw me coming and got away in time" he turned around to flash his sullen looking classmate a toothy smile

Lucky bastard

Naruto ran through the streets knocking over everyone and everything in his path. Lucky for him he was running very fast so no one could tell it was him.

Damn where is he!! It's almost lunch time shouldn't he be heading home? Ah I see him!!

Naruto was so excited about finding him that he lost his footing and fell at Shika's feet.

Shikamaru turned slowly not really wanting to know what had made the huge thud behind him. When he spotted the blonde laying on the ground looking very surprised and dusty, he sighed and put his hands on his hips.

"Naruto what are you doing"

The shorter boy stood and brushed himself off "uh…" he paused thinking of what to say. "I guess I just came to see you" he mentally kicked himself cant I think of anything better than that?

"Fine you saw me now I'm going home" he turned and started walking towards his house. Naruto bounded after him and when he reached his lazy classmate he rested his arm on his shoulder matching his pace.

"Well actually I wanted to hang out, you know maybe I could go home with you"

"My mom isn't home so she can't cook for us. I assume that's why you want to come since it is lunch time."

Naruto was kind of disappointed, but that wasn't why he was there "no like I said I just wanted to hang out"

Shikamaru gave him a suspicious look "well ok, just try not to eat me out of house and home"

When they arrived at his house Shikamaru unlocked the door and led naruto into the thin cluttered hallway. He continued to the first sliding paper door on the left. When the blonde looked inside it was a kitchen that had obviously been clean once; but at the moment there was a stack of dirty dishes in the sink and a pile of garbage around the full trash can. There were some clothes on the chairs and the table and the counters needed a good scrubbing. It was even messier then his own apartment.

Shikamaru pulled off his half shirt fully revealing the mesh one underneath, and threw it over the back of a chair. He walked to the fridge and opened it.

Staring blankly at the packed shelves, "You want anything?"

"Sure got any ramen? Oh and maybe some milk"

Shika grunted and pulled out a carton of milk. He handed it to the other boy and grabbed a glass off the counter setting it on the table. He then went back to the fridge and pulled out a half eaten bowl of rice. He grabbed two instant ramens out of a cupboard and placed them on the counter.

"So, where are your parents?" the blonde asked making small talk

"Eh, my mom convinced my dad to take her on a trip. They left a few days ago and won't be back for another week"

Naruto glanced as his spiky haired friend feeling nervous about being alone in his house with him. But his unease lasted only seconds since he immediately remembered his challenge; and while Shikamaru poured hot water into the bowls he took the time to think of a plan. However, as this is Naruto we're talking about his plan to make a plan was quickly abandoned when the alluring smell of ramen drifted to his nose. In an instant he was at the table snatching the bowl and chopsticks from his lazy friends hands. He quickly finished off the ramen then let out a huge sigh. He settled down and watched his friend slowly consume his own food. He watched him for what seemed like hours.

He eats so slowly, its driving me crazy!! At this rate he'll finish just in time for dinner

Finally he finished his ramen and to Naruto's dismay started on the rice. He cleaned out the bowl with surprising speed, then got up and unceremoniously dumped the bowls into the sink.

"Well" he stood awkwardly not knowing what to do "what do you do for fun around here?"

"Eh I play shogi, go, and I read"

Naruto scrunched up his face thinking that's so boring no wonder he's always so lazy and cynical.

"Well can we sit down somewhere? We can you know talk and stuff"

"Mm" Shikamaru grunted and led his rather discouraged friend through a connecting door into the living room. This room at least, had been spared from the filth that covered the kitchen and hallway. The couch was facing away from them with a red arm chair sitting next to it. As they walked over to sit on the worn couch Naruto noticed there was a coffee table sitting in front of it. There was a huge wood cabinet with glass doors against the wall facing the couch so as to display the artifacts inside to any guests that might come to visit. Shikamaru plopped himself onto the left most cushion, his legs spread apart and one arm over the back. Naruto followed him sitting stiffly on the middle cushion. He thought about trying to make his lazy friend express some version of happiness, but he didn't know exactly how to go about doing that. He then decided to settle for being super hyper and seeing what kind of reaction he could get, if any. He needed to be hyper but he was just so bored!!

Must find something to be hyper about...


He spotted a worn but very well made katana and jumped up excitedly. He started talking as fast as his tongue could allow while he flailed his arms wildly.

"I can't believe you have one of these, I've never such a cool katana!! Why didn't you tell me you had one? I would love to get my hands on one of these beauties"

Naruto flung himself back onto the couch and started bouncing on his knees, then he put his hands on Shika's legs looking at him excitedly trying to see if his hyper-ness was rubbing off on the other boy. A look of shock spread over the lazy boys features as he looked down. Naruto followed his gaze looking puzzled then, realizing something else had been rubbing the other boy, he blushed. They both stared at Naruto's hand resting in Shika's lap.

Oh my god Naruto's hand is in my lap

Oh my god I put my hand in Shika's lap!!

Then a light went on somewhere in the back of naruto's brain. This was his ticket to winning. He then did something he swore he would never do in a million years; he grabbed his thoroughly surprised friends chin in one hand, and turned his head violently. Then he kissed him with as much passion as he could muster up all the while thinking

It's for the challenge can't…lose…to…Kiba

Of course sitting directly outside the window peering intently at the two ninjas, was Sasuke and Kiba. They had been laughing at Naruto's mistake, but at his next action they froze too shocked to speak.

What is Naruto thinking!! Has he finally gone crazy?

Pull away, pull away!! Damn I'm gonna murder Kiba for bringing me here.

They watched on in amazement as Shikamaru didn't pull away, but instead grabbed the back of Naruto's hair roughly and pushed him down onto the couch, climbing on top of him.

Sasuke's jaw dropped and Kiba fell over making a loud thud. Finally, after a minute of self composure, Kiba dragged the shell shocked Sasuke away from the window. They ran until they reached a large tree and leaned against it panting.

"Let's never speak of this again" Kiba gasped out between breaths "I can't help but feel responsible…I just hope no one ever finds out"

Meanwhile Hinata suddenly stops while making her dinner

Why do I get the feeling I should slap Kiba...Oh well