This is a shikamaru naruto slash may contain some lemons I haven't decided yet so we'll see how my first truly yaoi fanfic goes  Oh and Italics are thoughts

Yay chapter 2!! Sorry for taking so long, forgive me!! It was stupid school's fault. Anyway I'm trying to make this one longer and its veeery graphic (at least my definition) sorry false alarm in the last one. Btw this occurs before the Chunin exam.

Shikamaru felt his chin tugged towards Naruto, then the next thing he knew soft lips were being pressed roughly against his. First he stiffened, stunned by his friend's forward actions, but then he found himself relaxing mentally. He gave way to the lust pounding at the back of his skull. He grasped the hair of the boy in front of him and pushed his tongue through those soft lips. He then gasped and pulled away quickly, pushing Naruto over, shocked at his own actions. He paused for a moment looking at the very vulnerable blonde laying on the couch next to him and thought

Eh I'm turned on now and it's too troublesome to get a girl…if I can get one. Oh whatever

He then climbed onto the smaller boy, straddling him; he leaned down putting a shaky hand on Naruto's inner thigh and kissed him again roughly. Naruto kissed him back hungrily wanting to feel more. He put his hands to Shika's chest, then when he felt nothing he stopped. Needing to get away he pushed at Shikamaru's chest until he released his mouth and sat up. He wriggled out from under the spiky haired boy and sat on the furthest cushion catching his breath.

"What are we doing, I mean we…"

He couldn't bring himself to continue. Shika got up and grunted as he walked over to the wall.

Man I almost forgot that Shikamaru's a guy. That could have been bad.

He glanced up reluctantly at his friend and saw him facing the wall with his forehead leaning against it. The sight was so pitiful it made Naruto want to hug him. He shook his head violently

What am I thinking I wouldn't hug Shika I'm a guy. I'd hug…Sakura yeah that's right!!

But as he glanced again at his gloomy, confused, classmate he couldn't help but run over and hug him tightly around the waist. Shika turned his head with a surprised look on his face. Naruto released him as the taller boy spun around to face him completely. The overwhelming emotion covering the usually emotionless boys face made Naruto throw out any thoughts of turning back. He took hold of Shikamaru's wrist and slammed himself into him making them hit the wall with a loud thud.

"Oh to hell with it"

He threw his arms around shika's neck and their lips locked once more. Naruto's tongue seemed to move by itself as it pushed into the other boy's mouth and danced with his. Shika put his hands under his blonde friend's shirt, slowly moving them up and down, stroking his spine. Finally he ran his hands up Naruto's torso pulling his shirt up and over his head. He tossed it away carelessly and wrapped his arms around Naruto spinning them so he hit the wall. He grabbed the blonde's thigh and moved his hand up towards his crotch. Shika stroked the bulging front of his orange pants and Naruto gasped.


They slid along the wall kissing each other passionately. So passionately that they didn't see the door way and fell through it.

Naruto blinked to clear his vision since he had been the one to hit the ground. Shikamaru lay on top of him glancing down with an endearing look in his eyes.

"Shall I carry you?"

Naruto blushed and nodded since he wasn't sure how he would get up with his pants so tight. Shika stood and pulled his mesh shirt off discarding it, then bent and pulled the smaller boy up into his arms. As he held onto Shikamaru he couldn't help but squirm, the feel of their bare skin touching was driving him crazy. He looked down at Shika's collarbone thinking;

All his skin was so pale he needed some color.

Before he knew what he was doing Naruto had started sucking at the other boy's neck.

This made him walk faster. He almost threw his bare-chested friend onto the bed and then pulled his pants off before climbing in after him. Naruto pulled himself between the sheets and slipped his pants off, embarrassed to let his friend see him naked. Shikamaru smiled at this and flung the covers away from them before Naruto could grasp them. He threw himself onto the smaller boy, their erections touching slightly, teasing.

Naruto groaned loudly and his whole body shuddered. Shika pressed himself into the warm body beneath him, kissing the collarbone and continuing down the soft path between the ribs. He stopped at Naruto's hardened dick and put his fingers in his mouth, sucking seductively. He then took his fingers out and leaned down replacing them with the head of Naruto's cock while his fingers sat poised at his opening.

When the blonde arched into him wanting more, he swiftly slid one finger in. Naruto cried out in pain and pleasure as shika nibbled at his head while moving his fingers gently in and out. Shikamaru dragged his head away, and Naruto whimpered, begging for fulfillment.

Shika added a second finger stretching him, testing his boundaries. Then he hit a spot that made Naruto cry out and grasp at Shikamaru's hair. He smiled, roughly hitting the spot with his fingers a few more times before pulling out. He brought his face up to Naruto's shoulder, pressing their erections together.

"How do you wanna do this?"

Shika breathed the words heavily into his neck, grinding his hips agonizingly slow.

"You be on top" Naruto gasped as Shikamaru rubbed their cocks together, "I'm too scared"

Shikamaru stopped and looked at Naruto embarrassedly.

"well the only way I know how to do it…I mean, well when we were younger Kiba and I…he kind of taught me so" shikamaru stumbled over his words turning a bright red

Naruto looked stricken, he hadn't been expecting that at all. Shika turned away and moved to lay next to him, but Naruto didn't want to stop. So understanding what his friend had meant he turned over onto his stomach and gave Shikamaru an inviting look.

Shika looked at him, holding himself up, only his legs and hands touching the soft mattress; then grinned demonically and moved behind Naruto placing his legs outside the blondes. He wrapped his arms around the smaller boy, kissing the small of his back and pressing his erection to Naruto's opening.

Naruto shivered at the feel of shikamaru's lips on his back, and felt Shika run one hand down his stomach and grab his cock. The spiky haired boy ran his hand up and down Naruto's length slowly; holding his hip with the other, his fingers curling to touch the crease in the blonde's thigh.

Small exclamations escaped Narutos' lips in time with each stroke from Shikamaru. Then he moved faster, gripping harder.

"Yes, ehn, Shika!!"

Narutos' thighs were on fire, he could feel pressure building in the pit of his stomach. Then he felt Shikamaru slide his hardened dick into his opening. Naruto whimpered closing his eyes and clasping the sheet firmly in his hands.

Shika stopped once he was entirely surrounded by Naruto, and concentrated on Naruto's manhood. He gripped him tighter, moving his hand faster with each stroke. He could feel his blonde classmate thrusting into his hand giving his dick some stimulation, and making his hand go faster.

Naruto cried out louder after every movement, "ah, fuck yes." finally he shivered letting out an elongated shout and spraying cum on the sheet beneath him. Naruto let out a sigh of pleasure and felt Shika move his hand up to rest on his other thigh.

He kissed Naruto's broad shoulders, then he moved to his neck, sucking at it until he could feel the blonde tighten, starting to get erect again. He started thrusting very slowly, careful not to hurt the boy beneath him.

Naruto's whole body shuddered "ah I'm so hard again already," he felt Shika's hand move to his cock once again. Shika was still only thrusting lightly but it felt so good, he could feel him hitting a spot inside him that made a wave of pleasure roll through his body.

"faster" shikamaru obeyed the command happily moving both his hips and his hand faster. Naruto couldn't take it anymore, he started pushing his hips back into shika's.

"ah I'm gonna come" naruto could feel heat building up in his thighs, he was thrusting faster and faster. Then he inhaled roughly and gave a last grunt as cum spilled out over the sheets. He felt shika give one last thrust then he also came.

Shikamaru drew himself out of naruto, then they both collapsed onto the bed panting. A loving look passed between them then Shikamaru slid under the covers intentionally rubbing himself against Naruto's side.

"Again?" naruto asked looking at his friend turned lover.

Shikamaru smiled and shrugged seeming not to mind either way, but naruto could feel he was already hard again.

"Do you want to be on top?'

"No" Shikamaru breathed into his ear, "it's too troublesome"