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In the previous chapter of Konoha Coast Academy: Tenten rubbed her temples and cut off Gaara before he could retaliate at Naruto. "Okay, everyone meet at the pool in a half hour, we'll swim for an hour, then go explore. Happy!"

"Yeah." The entire group grumbled.


8:00 AM, L'eau pool deck

Tenten and Hinata sat in the lounge chairs, Hinata in a navy blue bikini, Tenten in a red one. Tenten had just finished applying sunscreen and put her sunglasses on, leaning back and closing her eyes, letting herself tan. She felt a presence over her, because the heat wasn't as apparent as it was a few moments ago. Not pleased by this, she propped herself up on her elbows, and lifted her sunglasses to see Ino, in a violet bikini, and Kin, in a green bikini, sitting down on her chair, and blocking her sun.

"Kin, I bet Naruto has swim trunks with ramen on them." Hinata giggled, she had her magazine on her lap.

Kin's jaw dropped. "No." she forced the thought out of her mind. 'He wouldn't.'

"Hey Kin!" she heard Naruto's voice and her head snapped over in his direction, and she heaved a deep sigh of relief. He wasn't wearing swim trunks with ramen print, instead, he had on orange ones. How predictable. Lee was with him as well, wearing a few shades darker green swim trunks than Kin's green bikini.

"Hi Naruto!" All four girls replied cheerfully.

Tenten felt cold hands squeeze her waist. "Eeek!" she yelped, jumping a little and turning immediately to see who had done that to her. "Kankuro!" Kankuro was dressed in blue swim trunks. He grinned and apologized to her.

Hinata laughed, and Ino squealed. "Hinata!" Ino was freaking out at the moment. She dug through the bag she'd brought to the pool and pulled out two hair ties with two circles at each end, they were navy blue with white polka dots on them. "These would totally match your outfit!" she hurried over to the girl and grabbed her already short blue hair, tying it back into two tiny pigtails on the top of Hinata's head. "That's hot." She mimicked the famous signature line of hotel heiress, Paris Hilton.

Hinata held her shades up at an angle to use the lenses as mirrors. "I guess you're right Ino." She smiled and set her sunglasses on her head like a headband.

Kankuro randomly picked Tenten up bridal style and grinned, receiving a look of confusion and interest from Tenten. She soon caught on when he started heading towards the pool.

"Kankuro, Kankuro, no….no…NO!" Tenten cried, shoving against him. "Stop it" she shrieked.

"Too late!" Kankuro leaped, and the two landed in the deeper end of the pool. Both resurfaced quickly, and Tenten lunged at Kankuro, shoving his face underwater.

"That's what you get." She smirked playfully.

He gasped for air, and grinned again. "It was worth it." He replied, and the two crawled out of the pool.

Tenten shivered. "Kami it's cold out." She shivered.

"Tenten it's like, 75 degrees!" Kin exclaimed breaking out into a grin.

Tenten's eyes widened. "Are you kidding me?" she grabbed her towel and huddled in it. "It's still so cold…"

Lee crawled behind Naruto. "Psst. Kin! Help me play this youthful prank and table top Naruto into the pool!" he mouthed to her.

Kin blinked. "Huh?" she couldn't read everything he had said.

"Help me table top Naruto into the pool!" Lee mouthed again.

"Oh!" Kin rose from her seat and walked over to Naruto. She thought quickly and she came up with a really lame line to get closer to him and then push him into the cold water. "Naruto can I have a hug?" Kin asked, sticking her bottom lip out cutely.

Naruto raised an eyebrow. "Uh…sure Kin." He still had no idea that Lee was on his knee's behind him.

Kin opened her arms wide, and as she was about to wrap them around Naruto, she abruptly pulled them back and shoved them against his chest. All would've gone as planned if he hadn't grabbed her as he fell backwards.

"Kin! Naruto!" Lee saw both of them fall back, missing him, into the pool. "How unfortunate!"

Kin was the first to resurface. "Shit!" she cried out. "It is cold!"

Tenten beamed. "Told ya."

After the rest of them arrived, Kin begged. "I know we've only been here for a half hour, but couldn't we just start to explore now?" she asked.

Ino shrugged. "Why not?" Needless to say, since they didn't want to go back to their rooms and change again and the majority of them were not wet, they just decided to explore in their bathing suits.

The floor was cold, and Kin was tiptoeing quickly with Naruto when she cried out. "Oh my gosh it's a sushi bar!" she pointed to it excitedly.

"Yeah I guess it is." Naruto replied, scratching the back of his neck.

"Let's get some." Kin grabbed his hand and pulled him over to it. "Hinata gave me some money since I forgot my wallet so it's my treat."

"Kin, you're not carrying a purse or anything, you have no money." Naruto was as confused as ever.

Kin pulled out a five dollar bill hidden in her bikini top, and Naruto couldn't help but blush.

"You keep money there?" He mumbled, looking down embarrassedly.

Kin smirked, as she paid for the sushi and waited for it. "Did you expect it to be there?"

"Hell no."

"That's why." The two sat down near a few plants and she shared her plate of California rolls with him. As soon as they finished the tiny plate of sushi, Naruto had a sudden urge to kiss her; he hadn't kissed her in a while. He removed the plate from her lap, and set it aside, capturing her attention. He brushed the back of his hand against her cheek, and slid it down her neck, to her shoulder, where he took her long hair and swept it over her shoulders so that it wouldn't be in the way. Then, he took her chin, and brought it closer to his face, and before he knew it, he had his lips against hers in gentle kiss.


8:00 PM

Naruto had just dropped Kin off in her cabin after a day of lounging around the ship, and she quickly pulled a sweatshirt and sweatpants over her bathing suit. She flopped on the bed and picked up her cell, checking it. One new message…







Kin's eyes were wide. Very wide. A knock was heard at the door and Kin screamed, dropping her cell.

"Kin?" She identified it as Naruto and ran to the door, opening it, and throwing herself at him into a hug. She found herself sobbing into his chest.

"Are you okay?" Naruto asked, somewhat concerned, and wrapping his arms around her. He picked her up, walked in, closing the door behind him, and set her down on the bed. "What's wrong?"

She picked up her cell, and handed it to him. "She's back…"

Naruto, thoroughly confused, checked the call history, didn't see anything out of the ordinary, and then the text message inbox. After taking a moment to read it, he closed it and let Kin sob into his chest again. "It's okay Kin."

"No it's not! She's back! She's on board!" Kin removed her face from his chest and stared at him with teary eyes. "Naruto, she's going to kill me…"

Naruto embraced her. "No. I won't let her do that." He spoke into her hair before taking her in for another gentle kiss "I promise."


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