The last Seeker

Author: Arken

Translate by: Taipan Kiryu beta read by iratepirate.

Our ship landed on the space station in silence. Nobody said anything about their thoughts or decisions, and I didn't have any intentions to pressure them.

"Take everything you need: fuel, spare parts, everything…." I said as I glanced at our emergent ship for the last time. "Remember this could be the last time we see each other, so you better be prepared to be on your own. All I can do now is wish you good luck. It has been an honor to fight beside you. I hope our paths will cross again."

I ended my speech and turned around to leave. Dead End and Octane, who was still carrying Breakdown, followed me. The rest stayed behind, motionless and pensative, probably confused.

"Let them be, Starscream. Everything is going to be fine," Octane assured me as we walked. Something inside of me made me doubt my decision, but there he was, cheering me up as always.

"What kind of ship do we need?" Dead End suddenly asked. He was expecting that we would continue our way in some sort of transportation. He wasn't built for space flights, neither was Breakdown.

I stopped to glance at the parked ships. "That is a good question. I guess I can leave that decision to you."

Dead End nodded. "I'll get what we need. I will contact you as soon as I get it."

Dead transformed and disappeared from our sight in a matter of astro seconds.

"He is fast," Octane said. "All this deserves a celebration. I'm going for a drink. Will you join me?"

"No, thanks," I hurried to reply, remembering my last memory concerning that kind of drink, certainly not good memories. "No high grade for me."

There was something bothering me, pursuing me. I had the feeling I had to look for something, for someone…

Octane interrupted my confusion again. "You know, Starscream, for a moment I thought you would leave me behind."

"Why would I do that, you empty head?"

I was surprised. I wasn't used to addressing anybody with such familiarity.

"I don't know," Octane continued. "You seem to have a lot on your processor and well… I… I thought you would go after Skyfire," he said with some embarrassment.

His words surprised me, although I tried to remain emotionless. "What made you think such a thing?"

"It's just that every time you stare at the horizon like that you seem to be looking the thing you lost so long ago. I know that all we lived through these past solar cycles was nothing more than a single step of a big mission you have planned. Don't feel forced to remain with me. I'll understand if you want to continue on your own." His voice sounded understanding, sad…

"You are such a fool if you think so," I coldly replied. "It's true that the thought of following Skyfire crossed my mind, but I never had any intention of abandoning you or the others. We are a team now. I wouldn't abandon my group to go after a ridiculous dream. We are all free to choose, and I decided to stay with you. We are still comrades after all," I ended my speech giving him a good hit. "Though you still owe me one," I threatened him.

"I like you better now than before, Starscream," he replied.

"Yes. I also like me better now."

We reached the entrance of a tavern. All we had to do now was wait to find out what fate had prepared for us.

Once inside the tavern, it was easy to find an empty table. The rest of the clients ignored us, something I felt grateful for, especially after what happened to me the last time I was in such a place. I hated dealing with insane aliens.

Octane placed Breakdown carefully on a chair. To anybody who cared to take a look, the Stunticon looked like an ordinary over-energized mech. Despite the tranquility, I suspiciously analyzed our surroundings. It was funny how paranoia became part of a mech's personality after living in a place like Charr.

"I'll get us something to drink," Octane said as he walked to the bar.

My attention was caught by a couple of beings that were close to our table. Their structure seemed similar to ours, but they had organic parts, just like the race that owned Cybertron now. They were quite interesting. Maximals was their name, as far as I could remember.

Octane returned with a couple of energon cubes and sat in front of me.

"I'm not going to ask how you paid for that," I said, my glance still fixated on the beast Transformers.

Octane followed my optics and noticed the presence of the Maximals. The Triplechanger's facial features immediately changed, reflecting his dislike for the ones that controlled our home planet instead of us.

"Our Cybertron ceased to exist," he whispered, trying to focus his attention on his drink. "I know it's not their fault but I can't help feeling some rancor toward them… especially after our experiences in Charr."

I understood his feelings perfectly. How those beings managed to expel the Autobots of Cybertron was something I was never going to understand. Only an Autobot could answer that question but they seemed to have vanished from the universe, as if they never existed. There was no trace, no signal of their presence. It was regrettable, considering all the time we spent together. Fighting indeed, but we were united somehow, we were all Cybertronians.

"Very soon their fate will be ours," I said to myself, analyzing absent-mindedly the shine of my energon cube. Colorful soft lights blinked in the darkness, making the place even more surreal. "Very soon the Decepticons won't be anything more than a memory, a name that will vanish as time passes by. The strength and fear that the name of the Decepticons had once… will simply disappear."

I couldn't stand it anymore. I got up from the table and walked away. I didn't know what was happening to me. I should celebrate the Universe forgetting about our existence, the crimes we committed, but still I couldn't accept it so easily.

Around me, individuals of many different races walked by, each one inside their own world, their own problems, oblivious to what my kind was facing.

My attention focused again on Octane, who kept mourning his losses. It was pathetic. We couldn't go on like that; we had to leave that place immediately.

"Dead End," I called through my com link.

"Go ahead," he replied.

"I think I found our transportation," I continued.

I had made a decision. I've had had enough. So it wasn't the Maximals fault that they have taken over our planet? Please… who cared about who was to blame? In the end, results were all that mattered. To our point of view, they were the invaders.

"Find a Maximal ship," I ordered. "Most of its crew is in the tavern right now. I don't know if it's a research or cargo ship, but from what I could see, it might be what we need. If you need more information look for the arrivals schedule."

It was time for a fair exchange. The Maximals kept our planet; we would keep their ship. Of course, they would still owe us.

I smirked as I walked to Octane and got him out of there.


Dead End got all the information we required and indicated a meeting point. I transmitted the data to the members of our team. If they wanted to remain with us, they would arrive.

"The ship's purpose is exploration," Dead End said. "They are here to refuel and will stay for two solar cycles more."

"Perfect," I replied. "All we need to do now is get rid of the crew."

Of course, I had an interesting idea to keep the crew away from their ship.

"Dead End, you and Octane stay in the dock. I will take care of a proper distraction. Take control of the ship. I will reach you as soon as I can."

"Seems interesting."


Dead End and Octane left for the dock, taking the comatose Breakdown with them.

As I walked toward the Control Room of the station, I wondered how kind those Maximals were. A mischievous smirk appeared on my face as I connected myself to one of the external terminals of the space station, precisely the one that controlled the information.

What can I say. I guess once a Decepticon, always a Decepticon.

The big screen in the tavern changed its usual data to display the faces and specifications of that crew of Maximals, adding a price for their heads. I knew that bounty hunters loved to spend their time in those taverns, waiting for more prey to catch, so I included a very juicy reward for the poor semi organic Cybertronians.

The only thing I regretted was that I wouldn't have time to stay and enjoy the spectacle. Yes, definitely the Decepticon in me was amusing himself.

The commotion didn't take long to be unleashed. On my way to the dock, I crossed paths with many bounty hunters, going after their innocent victims. I felt bad for them too; they would never cash the reward.

"Starscream," I heard Octane through my com link. "I don't know what you did but the remaining Maximals abandoned their ship in the blink of an optic."

"Perfect. Go on board and take off. This distraction won't last for much longer. I will reach you once you are in the air."

"But what about the rest of us?"

I knew the question would be asked sooner or later. I had had the hope that they would come back and rejoin us.

"They made their decision, Octane. We can't wait for them."


"I know you are disappointed, but I won't force anybody to do something against their will. Not anymore." I also felt hurt, but I knew my position. There was no place for regret.

"Take off. It's an order," I ended the transmission.


I arrived at one of the platforms of the dock and prepared to transform.

Have a good life, fellas. I hope one day we will meet again, I thought as I jumped toward the air and transformed. My engines activated and I flew away from that place, not daring to look behind.

If I had done otherwise, I would have caught sight of my little army trying to reach me.

I activated my radars and headed toward the Maximal ship, now ours, letting the immense space gulp down me.


Swindle's POV.

I saw him fly away, but I couldn't go after him. It had been my fault because I didn't make the decision on time. I received his signal and didn't reply. I excused myself for fact that I had other plans, or that's what I thought.

I wanted so much to look for my Combaticon teammates that I lost valuable astroseconds, and by the time I made up my mind it was already too late.

I saw the figure of Starscream among the crowd, very distant to me. I tried to reach him but I failed. When I finally reached the dock he had already transformed into his alt mode, that same mode I admired so much in the past, the one that defined him as the pride of the Cybertronian War Academy.

All I could do was call myself a fool again and again. Because of my doubts, I was alone again.

"Slag!" I cried out loud, ignoring the curious stares of the beings surrounding me. I didn't care about them. I didn't care if they thought I was insane.

"Slag!" I desperately repeated. In that moment I wished so much to have the alternate mode of Blast Off or Vortex. I could fly in my robot mode but didn't have the speed needed to reach Starscream.

I was trapped, anchored to that fragging place. I fell on my knees, my hands hitting the floor. It wouldn't take long for Galvatron to find me. I didn't have a chance of survival on my own.

I was so distracted that I didn't notice the presence of another mech approaching me until his shadow towered me.

"Get up," he said.

"Hook? What are you doing here? I thought you would leave with them."

"I also missed the flight," he calmly responded. "I had all the intentions to do it, but I found alternate transportation." He motioned me to follow him.

"I don't understand…"

"I found an old friend," he continued, guiding me toward one of the hangars.

"Did you get another ship, Hook?" I hated myself. I had always had all kind of resources at my disposal and suddenly I was so defenseless.

"You could say that," the crane replied, pointing toward a figure I thought I would never see again.

"I-it can't be…" I stammered. "Astrotrain!"


Starscream's POV.

I easily reached our new transportation. I didn't even have to make an effort. According to Octane, the ship's engines were not the best. But I knew Octane better. I was sure he was making the ship fly slow in order for at least Blitzwing to catch up with us, but I was sure he wouldn't show up.

I couldn't think otherwise. None of them answered my previous communication. Silence was more powerful than words sometimes.


Blitzwing's POV.

I kept myself out of sight, hidden until the chaos happened before my optic visor. The combat between those semi organic beings, Maximals I think they were called, with the bounty hunters was intense. For a moment I thought they were lost, but reinforcements arrived. I had to admit they were good fighters.

I walked away through an emergency exit. My face had also been in those bounty hunter's records and I didn't want to risk being captured again.

I received Starscream's transmission but didn't reply to it. I just wouldn't have known what to say. I wasn't sure about going to the meeting point or not. I was still thinking about Starscream's words when we arrived at that space port.

I received a second transmission. Octane.

That old fragger… I guess he couldn't help it. He sent me the actual position of their new transportation, making sure I could find them in case I decided to follow.

I knew my fellow Triplechanger wanted me back, but I wasn't sure if Starscream would accept me after I ignored his request. But then again, the Seeker risked his life for me twice… It was amazing how fast we could forget the favors provided to us once we left Charr.

I shook my head and cursed myself. What the slag was I thinking?

I directed my steps toward the dock, activating my radars in the hope of tracking the signal Octane had sent me.

I wished it wasn't too late.


Starscream's POV.

Once I entered our new ship, I was surprised to find the Lotus brothers at the bridge.

"Finally. It was about time for you to arrive, boss," Runamuck said from his post.

"Boss?" I replied.

"Yeah. Sounds more glorious than leader," Runabout said.

"I found them outside the ship before we took off," Dead End explained.

Maybe I should have asked them what made them return, but I preferred to respect their decision by leaving them alone.

"Good. Nice to have you two on our team," I said, turning my attention toward the controls of the ship. "This is not the Nemesis but it will work. Did you already scan the systems? Does the ship have some kind of tracking device?"

Octane shook his head. "No tracking devices. It's clean."

"Even the Autobots had tracking systems. I think these Maximals are too naïve," I said. "It will be better to fixate a course of flight and initiate it immediately."

"So soon?" the Triplechanger interrupted me.

I felt annoyed. I understood Octane's feelings but I knew that sooner or later the legal owners of the ship would realize what had happened and would do something about it. We had to leave as soon as possible.

"I know you want the rest of our team to follow us, but that's impossible. I'm so sorry but the only one that can reach us is Blitzwing and obviously he prefers to be on his own."

"But… but…"

"Understand it, Octane. We are Decepticons, not sentimental Autobots. We came together in a moment of need. I told you that the day he joined us. I thought you would be happy not to put with him anymore, especially after the way you greeted him."

That was a low hit. I knew Octane would feel hurt but by being cruel I could make him understand more easily that things had to remain that way.

Just as I expected, Octane frowned and left the bridge without saying another word.

"I'm sorry, but it's better for him to stop having naïve illusions," I said.

"Perhaps they are not illusions," Runamuck said, pointing at the radar.

"What is that?" I asked.

"A signal… seems that somebody is trying to contact us," he replied, opening a channel.

"This is Decepticon warrior Blitzwing. Over," I heard through the com link.

I couldn't believe it… I just couldn't. The slagging Triplechanger returned after all…

I made sure to not sound excited when I replied to him.


"So? Are you going to tell me now that Starscream is the new Decepticon leader?" Astrotrain said, flying in his space ship mode after the trace of their former comrades.

"In a way he is," Hook replied, comfortably sitting inside of him.

"WHAT??!!" the Triplechanger cried, unable to hide his astonishment. "But he died! He was a ghost!"

"Well… seems that he came back from the dead."

"But how can you trust in him, Hook? He is nothing more than an egomaniacal creep."

"Just like you," a third voice said.

"What is your problem, Swindle?" Astrotrain spat.

"You don't know anything. You were not with us. You don't know what we went through. You didn't even care about what happened in Charr."

"Why should I care? It wasn't my problem," Astrotrain replied as he adjusted his flight course. "This is weird…"

"What?" Hook asked.

"Blitzwing's energy signature disappeared, but my radars are detecting something much bigger."

"The ship, perhaps?" Swindle asked, trying to track their objective on Astrotrain's console.

"Hey, keep your hands away from me!" the Triplechanger complained, but Swindle couldn't have care less about his words.

"It seems to be the ship," the Combaticon continued as he activated the main screen. "We will have sight of it in a matter of astroseconds."

The Maximal ship was visible. It had an opened hatch, inviting the newcomers to enter.

"I don't like this," Astrotrain complained as he received an incoming transmission.

"I never thought I would see you again, Train."


"Welcome aboard."

Nobody questioned the arrival of Astrotrain. It wasn't necessary, after all.

The crew was complete again. The survivor had made a decision.

It was time to change paths, guided by Starscream, the Ghost Seeker.


Starscream's POV.

Finally, my crew was together again, although we still had a long way to go before we could be a real team.

I couldn't say we wouldn't miss what we left behind. We had abandoned everything that meant something to us in the past, but we had made our decision. Exiled, refugees, traitors… we had many names but the only one that could define us was the insignia on our structures. Because, despite everything, we were Decepticons, and we were proud to be. The last real Decepticons, perhaps.

However, there was still one mystery to solve, one more thing left to do.

"Destination?" Runamuck asked.

Destination, he asked? Wasn't it obvious?

"Earth," I said.

So, the ultimate destination had been established, the alien world that saw us grow up as something more than cold warriors.

The Last Seeker was coming back.

The End

Author's notes: With this I finish this story about what happened to this group of exiled Decepticons, my personal vision of the marvelous universe of the Transformers.

I deeply thank all the people who sent me their comments. I couldn't have done it without your support.

Thank you very much for reading my story.

Arken Elf.

I´m very grateful for your help my friend, this fic it´s dedicated to Taipan Kiryu