Chapter 1:


Sasuke looked down. One jump. One step. One small step into the thin air and he would fall, ending his life. He briefly wondered what it would be like, letting his soul leave his broken body. He smiled ever so slightly. That almost sounded nice.

The Uchiha took a deep breath, and looked again, just as he had for the last two hours. The Konoha villagers looked like small, scurrying insects from the heads of the Hokages. He smirked slightly at the irony of the whole situation. The brunette was always said to be emo and he always denied it. Yet, here he stood, preparing to end his life.

Everyone had given up on him.

His Cursed Seal had even given up on him. It had evaporated from his skin, leaving only the Snake Sannin's voice echoing in his mind, saying "You're weak. Pathetic. I have no use for you." At the time, he was elated at having the burden of the Seal off, but now, knowing that even the bad guy thought that he was not worth the attention. It deflated his ego.

Itachi had long since given up on him. He had given up on him ever since that faithful day he killed off the rest of their clan. His "fan girls" had given up on him. They no longer praised him, nor did they look down at him. They just looked at him. His friends, if that's what he called them, treated them the same, yet the Uchiha was no fool. He saw the question in their eyes. "Is he truly going to stay?"

He was accepted into Konoha again, without question, and passed his Chuunin exam, and the Jounin, but he knew that Konoha just wanted the precious Uchiha name within the Leaf Village. He figured that simply leaving wordlessly wouldn't make a difference here. A quiet funeral, a few days of mourning for show, and then a distant memory. Come and go.

The Uchiha let his let legs dangle over the head of the Yonidame Hokage, the numbness he felt no longer bothering him.

The only one he would feel a slight remorse for was Naruto. He welcomed back the avenger with open arms, no questions asked, no doubt plaguing his eyes. Sasuke was grateful. Even after nearly killing the blond and slamming a vengeful Chidori through his chest. The blond dobe was definitely his best friend. The very few nights when Sasuke became a emotional rampage, crying or hateful, Naruto stayed by his side, simply there. It was enough for Sasuke, though.


Sasuke let a small flicker of surprise flow though his emotionless, onyx eyes. He turned his head up to find his dark eyes fall onto the brown eyes for Inuzuka Kiba.

An awkward silence fell on them. Although they had seen each other countless times on the little gatherings of the Rookie Nine, the two had never had an actual conversation. The occasion greeting was sometimes passed between the two, if lucky.

So for Sasuke to be found, sitting on top of the Hokage's head, by the dog lover; it made him feel uncomfortable.

"Inuzuka," he greeted in a monotone voice. He was vaguely aware that the brunette did not have his dog shadow following him.

Out of the corners of his eyes, he looked at the Inuzuka for the first time. His furry coat has gone, probably due to the hot weather, Sasuke thought subconsciously. He wore a loose beige shirt and a pair of faded jeans. The mop of chocolate hair had grown thicker, darker. The little of baby fat that had been on the teen's fair skin was gone, giving him a masculine jaw. His clan markings shone brightly as ever against his skin. Sasuke also noticed that Kiba had definitely grown taller, although not as tall as Sasuke, who had a conspicuous amount of length added.

The brunette took a seat next to Sasuke, a distance between them. Although, if he wanted to, Sasuke could still reach out and touch him. Instead of letting his feet dangle, he brought them up to his chest, hugging them. They sat in silence, neither knowing what to say. The sun gradually set, leaving colorful streaks in the sky.

"What are you doing here, Uchiha?" Kiba finally asks.

Sasuke looked at Kiba, but the other boy was not looking at him. Instead he kept looking out at the colorful sky. Sasuke looked away, and began counting the pebbles of dirt on the surface.

"Thinking." Was the simple reply.

"About what?" The Inuzuka still wasn't looking at him.

The raven didn't feel like lying. He had long ago decided that this was his last day, Kiba or not. Maybe he could tell the brunette of his thoughts, plans, and let him spread what he felt. It didn't matter since Sasuke would not be there to hear what they thought of him. Weak. Coward. Pathetic.

"Life," said Sasuke, almost inaudibly. "I don't belong here." He paused for a second, casting a glance to Kiba, wanting to see his reaction. Kiba looked a bit startled. Probably surprised I even answered, though Sasuke with a humorless laugh. "Nobody wants me here. Naruto maybe. Everyone else wants me gone. They doubt me. They don't believe me. I can see it in their eyes. It's like reading a book. So plain." The avenger said this in a emotionless tone. Any real feelings had long ago left him. "If I left, nobody would care. Nobody would miss me. It would be as if a burden left them, and me. I'd be better off dead."

The final sentence was said with a finality firmness in it. Sasuke didn't even bother looking at the Inuzuka. He idly noted that he had counted fifty-six pebbles already.

"Don't say that." It was said so quietly that Sasuke had almost missed it. He looked up, surprised at the softness in the usual annoying barking voice of his. Kiba had his eyes narrowed slightly, looking slightly miffed. Sasuke wondered what he said that had annoyed him. Kiba jerked up and sent a half-hearted glare. "Don't you ever say that," he said more loudly, more firm. "You think that we simply risked our lives for you because we didn't want you back?"

Sasuke looked back down, but he could feel Kiba's dark brown eyes on him. "You think that we spent years training harder just so that we didn't have you back?" Wow, he actually sounds angry, the raven thought.

Before he knew what had happened, Sasuke felt the front of his shirt being jerked before he was forced in front of a growling Kiba, his face merely inches away from the other.

"You're a fucking dumb ass, Uchiha," he growled dangerously, an angry glint in his eyes. Sasuke was slightly surprised by the sudden emotions in the other's eyes, and part of him was telling him that he should be annoyed at being a dumb ass, but the avenger couldn't bring himself to care. "We went through some fucking shit just to get your ass back here, so don't go off giving me this freaking emo crap!" He has a dirty mouth, Sasuke pondered.

Kiba shoved him roughly. Sasuke stumbled slightly until he wobbled unsteadily on the round surface of the Fourth Hokage's head. Kiba, seeing the mistake he made, quickly ran to him, trying to prevent the possibilities which could occur.

Everything else seemed to happen in slow motion.

Sasuke took one more step back, his outstretched briefly grazing across the Inuzuka's hand. He felt himself falling, but he couldn't feel the knives of air piercing him like he imagined. It was almost like he was floating. But he knew he wasn't. The flashes of the greens on plants, the blues and reds of the skies, the browns of the Hokage's carved faces, zoomed past him.

Vaguely, he heard Kiba calling him by his first name, sounding almost in pain, hysteria, before a flash of white and an endless black consumed him.



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