Author Note: Hey there! I'm here to bring you another Lily/James fic… exciting, right? Maybe not. XD Anyway… this story is just supposed to be a fluffy little thing about Lily and James each year at Valentine's Day (each chapter represents a year). I figured it was almost that time of the year, might as well try something new! I hope you like it… let me know what you think!

First Year

Lily Evans hated Valentine's Day. She shuddered at the mere thought of such a holiday – what with the inundation of sugar, the superficial sweetness of those around her, the masses of pink flowers and gifts and decorations that clashed all-too-perfectly with her auburn hair. If two people were truly in love, she reasoned, they shouldn't wait for this specific day to reveal their feelings for one another.

As she entered the Great Hall for breakfast that morning, Lily tried to ignore that there even was a holiday taking place. She pretended not to witness the public displays of affection that were going on around her. When her friends giggled at the thought of which boys might ask out which girls today, Lily tried to write it all off as mindless chatter. And when her owl brought in a box of chocolates, courtesy of her parents, she tried to appear as invisible as possible.

Of course, with James Potter nearby, such a task was near impossible.

"Evans!" James exclaimed in greeting, eying her box of chocolates. "I see you've got yourself a Valentine!"

Lily rolled her eyes at him as she took a spoonful of cereal. "Sod off, Potter."

"Touchy, now, are we?" he teased her, grinning. He glanced at his friends as if he were checking for their approval. "Who is the lucky bloke?"

Lily frowned at him. "For your information, Potter, I don't have a Valentine. Valentine's Day is just a stupid excuse to spend loads of money on someone… it was devised completely by the companies who sell all that rubbish."

James looked at her for a moment, slightly thrown off by this explanation. Who didn't enjoy Valentine's Day?

He regained his composure by smiling at her. "You're just upset because I haven't asked you yet."

Lily felt her cheeks begin to flush. She shook her head vehemently at this suggestion. "As if I'd ever say yes to someone like you!" she retorted, crossing her arms.

"As if I'd ever ask you." James smirked. At eleven years old, he still wasn't the smoothest when it came to the ladies.

"Fine." Lily glared at him.

"Fine!" James responded.

Lily sighed and turned to talk to her friends. That was, if they weren't too busy gossiping about the holiday's latest happenings.

In the middle of Transfiguration, Lily received a note.

"Oh, bugger," she muttered to herself, as her latest spell had gone completely awry in her lack of concentration. She set her wand aside and picked up the small, folded up parchment, only wondering what it could say.

To Lily,

All right, so I know I said I'd never ask you…

But I changed my mind sometime between breakfast and right now.

Be my Valentine?


Upon reading this note, Lily couldn't help but snicker quietly to herself. Potter? Asking her to be his Valentine? The idea was absurd! The two of them were constantly bickering.

Lily knew he was only doing this to make fun of her, so she merely ignored his note and continued to work independently.

During their next class, History of Magic, Lily received another note from James.


I haven't heard back from you.

Let me know soon!

Exasperated after reading that second note, Lily groaned, though much louder than one might expect in a classroom so quiet.

"Something you would like to share with the rest of the class, Miss Evans?" Professor Binns asked, flitting towards her.

Lily shook her head. "No, sir," she responded quietly, brushing the sheet of parchment underneath her books so that he would not read it. "Please excuse me."

"Very well," Binns replied, and he continued to drone on in lecture.

This time silently, Lily retrieved the note again and reread it. Below the message attached, she wrote a simple response: No.

She nudged the Hufflepuff who sat beside her, and motioned for the girl to pass the note back to James. Lily hoped that perhaps this time, he would get the hint and finally leave her alone.

"I got your response," James said to Lily on their way out of History of Magic. "But lucky for you, I'm giving you a second chance in person. Want to be my Valentine?" He grinned at her.

Lily wrinkled her nose in disgust. "I'd rather jump in the freezing cold lake than be your Valentine," she told him.

James laughed as they turned the corridor and made their way down the flight of stairs. "I'm not that bad, am I?" he asked.

Lily smiled in spite of herself. "No," she said, "you're worse."

James crossed his arms in frustration. "You're strange, Lily. Most girls say yes when a boy asks them to be their Valentine."

"I'm not most girls." Lily gave him the once-over. "Besides, even if I did support this holiday – which I totally don't – I wouldn't want to spend it with you."

James shrugged. "Oh, well," he conceded. He paused for a moment, before turning his attention to a blonde Ravenclaw first-year who was loitering with her friends across the hall.

"Oi, Abigail!" he called out. The girl spun around. "Want to be my Valentine?"

Blushing profusely at such a question, Abigail giggled and nodded. Shooting a smug look at Lily, James rushed over to his new Valentine and conjured up a bouquet of flowers for her.

Lily rolled her eyes for about the umpteenth time that day. "You're hopeless, Potter," she muttered under her breath, walking away at once.

Maybe I should go find Sev, she thought to herself, already brightening at the thought of her best friend. He's the only one who hates this holiday more than I do.

Author Note: Okay as a first chapter? I hope you guys liked it somewhat. I didn't want James to be completely smooth with the ladies just yet, seeing as they're only eleven years old this chapter, but I wanted him and Lily both to show some of the same characteristics they have when they're older. Review and let me know what you think! (Yes, I know it's short.)