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I feel it eating in me

While you still drown me and cross the line over

And over again, it's all around me

Now I'm here 'cause of you...

Midnight in Konoha was usually peaceful; the villagers slept soundly knowing their borders were well protected by the skilled ninja that lived there. The only sound to be heard at this time of night was the ever present wind that rustled the tree leaves of the fire country.

But, tonight not all Konoha's inhabitants found rest, and a pair of dark green eyes were watching the horizon carefully from her open apartment window. He would come to see her tonight. She could sense his chakra approaching, it seemed she was the only one who did. This time she would not sit around and wait for him. Oh no, she would find him first. "Come on, Sol." The green eyed kunoichi called into the night. A pair of sharp blue eyes opened from the darkness, and a large grey wolf stepped out of the shadows with a growl of acknowledgement. The female ninja regarded her companion with a nod and they both took off, jumping between rooftops towards the steadily approaching chakra.

The kunoichi soon realized that the chakra had stopped moving, 'He's waiting for us.' The ninja frowned and quickened her pace. The pair stopped, as they now saw the outline of their target, standing alone, on a rooftop, a short distance in front of them. Sol began to snarl menacingly, the grey wolf knew this man too, and wanted to make sure the missing ninja before them knew that his presence wasn't welcome.

The kunoichi put a hand on top of the wolf's head to steady him, "Show yourself!" she commanded, "Or has the great Uchiha Itachi resigned to hide in the shadows, like a true coward." She taunted. She couldn't tell, but Itachi smirked at her and stepped into the moonlight.

"I have always admired your boldness, Amaya-chan."

Amaya scoffed as she looked him over, she hadn't seen him in nearly two years, not since the night he slaughtered his own clan. As she thought back to that night, she looked up into the sky and regarded the moon, the same moon which had mocked her that night. She smirked at the irony. Amaya regarded Itachi again, he hadn't changed much, a little taller maybe, but she couldn't really tell with his black cloak hiding most of his body.

Now I'm falling, I'm falling out 'cause of you

Now I'm falling, deeper into you...

Itachi's eyes never left Amaya, he looked her up and down, and was pleasurably surprised to find she had grown up considerably since they last met. This knowledge would make his purpose for being in his old village all the more entertaining. Amaya noticed a dangerous glint in Itachi's eyes, taking out a kunai, she held it before her in a neutral stance, ready to attack or defend.

Itachi noticed her uniform and smirked, "You're ANBU now Amaya?" she frowned, he was mocking her. "That's very impressive." Amaya smirked, and threw her kunai straight into Itachi's chest.

"As arrogant as always, some things never change." The Itachi before her made a 'poof' and disappeared, a shadow clone. She turned her head to look over her shoulder to address the real Itachi, "Now quit playing games and tell me why you are here, before I call for backup."

Sol having noticed the difference in chakra level turned to face the real Itachi, ears drawn back and fangs bared. The real Itachi stepped out into the light; he had his coat opened enough so he could rest his left arm through it. She could see his face now, his features had become stern and he regarded her with blank onyx eyes. Amaya was suddenly struck with sadness, as she realized how much he looked like his father; he truly was his father's son.

Itachi read the sudden change in her demeanor and smirked. He knew what she was thinking, there was no need to mention it, between them words had never been necessary. He had always been able to read her emotions, and as much as he hated to admit it, she could find meaning in his blank stare as well. It was something that had resulted from their long history together, even and now after two years, he was unable to break that bond with her. It had vexed him to no end, the hold she held over him, but it gave him comfort that he held the same sway over her. There was no need for her to ask why he was here, she already knew.

Time to pity myself

I can't let me cross line for her

I'm not me when I dream there's someone else in me

That I fear 'cause of you...

She frowned at his silence, taking out another kunai, she pointed at him threateningly, "If you're here for Sasuke, you can forget about it, I won't let you take another step."

He met her eyes again; there it was, that look of fierce determination that he had become fond of. Very well, he would play her game; she was trying very hard to fool herself into thinking he had returned for anything other than her. He shook his head, he had not come for his brother, Sasuke would find him when he was ready. "Today is your birthday, Amaya-chan, and I am here to fulfill the promise I made to you."

Amaya turned to face him fully, and looked away from his gaze trying to hide her blush in the shadows. So he had truly come for her, she felt disgusted with herself as her pulse quickened, anticipation tingling every nerve in her body. She was an ANBU ninja who worked directly for the Hokage, and he was an S-ranked criminal, there relationship could never work, but this was Itachi, her Itachi, regardless of her sense of duty, as guilty as she felt, she would never deny that her heart belonged to anyone, but the murderer before her. She had hoped and prayed that he would stay away or forget about her, about his promise to return to her on her sixteenth birthday. So he would not make a hypocrite, and a liar out of her. Yet, here he was, ready to take what he thought was rightfully his.

She motioned for Sol to stay where he was and rushed forward, in an attempt to strike the man before her, Itachi anticipated her and their kunai met with a clang, "How do you know that I would just accept you?" he smirked at her rage, her green eyes flashing, "How do you know I haven't given myself to another?!" With a flick of his wrist, the kunai flew out of Amaya's hand and over the side of the roof. He used her temporary shock to draw her up to him, his arms wrapped tightly around her waist.

Sol having seen this rushed forward, but was stopped short by Itachi's sharingan, the poor beast was knocked out cold. "You better not have hurt him!" Amaya spat and struggled, in vain, against his embrace. Their faces were inches apart, she saw his sharingan fade, and he lowered his lips to her ear. "You promised yourself to me at our wedding, you wouldn't betray me, Amaya," she seethed at his ego, "Regardless of where our loyalties lie, I know you have waited for this day too." He whispered. A shiver involuntarily ran down her spine.

As his dark eyes returned to hers, she had stopped her struggle, it was pointless, everything he had said was true. She had waited for him, they had married too young, and now that they were both sixteen there was nothing to stop them from consummating their union. This is what he had promised her, on their wedding, long before he had betrayed the village, and her. She gave in, and wrapped her arms around him. She buried her face into his chest, and bit back a sob. It felt so good to be held by him again. After a time, Itachi lifted her chin, and claimed her lips with his own. Amaya felt her inhibitions leave her, and she knew that, tonight she wanted to forget about her duties and just be with Itachi.

Now I'm falling, I'm falling out 'cause of you

Now I'm falling, deeper into you...

She didn't recall when they had returned to her apartment, but when her head hit the pillow the world slipped away. All her senses were focused on the man that now shared her bed and body. No words past between them as they made love throughout the night. They had no need for them, when a single glance between them spoke volumes.

Itachi watched the sunrise peek over the mountain range; it was time for him to leave. He felt the kunoichi in his arms shift, and snuggle closer to him. The sight caused him to smirk. He placed a few kisses on her face before he slid out of her reach. Itachi dressed quickly and turned back to the sleeping ninja. Itachi laughed to himself, the sight before him almost too hard to resist. Amaya had shifted in her sleep causing the blanket to expose her full chest and navel. He noticed her skin seemed to glow in the faint light. He watched her for several minutes, memorizing every curve and scar. Injuries and scars come hand in hand with being a shinobi, he himself had several from of them. He absently began tracing a long scar that ran down her navel. He was pleased to see small goose bumps rise from where he had touched her. He removed his hand from her warm skin. He took a deep breath to rein his desire and calm his racing pulse. He took one last sidelong glance at her before he turned to leave the apartment.

Amaya was awakened by the sound of scratching and a high-pitched whine. 'Sol?' She immediately opened her eyes and turned toward her window, and sure enough there was the wolf scratching away at her window. She smiled gently, and was about to open the window, when she noticed her state of undress.

She blushed as memories of her late night activities flooded back to her. She clutched the blanket to her chest, and sat up fully trying to sense Itachi's chakra. Amaya smirked; he had left her, though she had not expected him to stay.

She looked around her room, until her eyes fell upon the dresser next to her. Her eyes widened as she saw a single blue rose. A type rose she had not seen in a very long time. She reached out and took it between her fingers, careful not to stick herself on one of the rose's many thorns. Upon lifting the rose she noticed a black velvet pouch had been left under it. Placing the rose on the bed beside her, she took the bag and emptied its contents into her hand. Amaya's jaw nearly dropped, as she gazed at the trinket in her hand. A white-gold chain, with a small sapphire stone hanging from it. He had left this for her. The significance of the gift made her heart swell with bittersweet sadness. She fought hard against the tears that threatened to fall. She closed her fist around the necklace, and looked back at the velvet bag, she then noticed, a small edge of paper stuck inside, she pulled it out carefully. She unfolded the note and read its contents:

"The next time we meet you and I will be enemies."

She smiled sadly, placing Itachi's gifts back onto her dresser. Gathering the blanket around her she made her way to open the window, and let the wolf in. His eyes shined with concern, he pulled his ears back and lay down by her side on the bed, whining and nudging her with his nose. She stroked his head absently. Yes, he had made himself her enemy. Her thoughts turned to Sasuke. The boy was just a child, and yet he often spoke adamantly about killing his brother. Amaya often mourned the childhood that Sasuke had lost because of Itachi. She vowed to do everything in her power to keep Sasuke away from Itachi, or else risk Sasuke becoming just like his brother.

Her gaze returned to the blue rose, it brought back so many memories, in a way her involvement with Uchiha clan had come about because of the mysterious flower...