-1Hey guys, just a little one shot. This is just a fun little friendship fic, with a mention of taito. The guy's are about 22 in this. Enjoy.

Tai read the first line of the letter held in his hands, then stopped and frowned.

"Is she serious?"

Yamato sighed from where he was seated on Taichi's bed, "It get's worse."

Tai went back to reading the letter, as Yamato shifted self consciously on the bed.

Tai looked up at Yamato, silently handing the letter back.


Matt nodded and crumpled the letter up, throwing it in the general direction of Tai's wastepaper basket.

They sat in silence for awhile, and as Tai glanced in Matt's direction, his mouth quirked up into an amused smile.

Matt noticed and frowned, "Shut up, Tai."

Tai held his hands up quickly, a chuckle escaping his lips, "I didn't say anything!"

Matt glared at him, "You were thinking it."

Tai shrugged, "Well, you know .."

"Tai I swear, if you continue, I will hurt you. Badly."

Tai laughed, "Matt, come on, it's not soooooo bad. She always seemed to be a bit delusional. So, did she break up with you before you read the letter or after?"

Matt turned his glare to the crumpled letter, "Oh, she made sure she stayed while I read it. Then she broke up with me before I could even respond to it."

Tai grinned, "So, my name tattooed on your ass bothered her a bit, huh?"

Matt smacked a hand to his face, "It didn't help the situation, no."

Tai giggled, "So, she thought you looked a bit girly."

Yamato tensed, "A bit. Also thought I checked out any guy within eyesight. Also thought that I was using her as a cover. Also thought that you were my secret lover, and that we boned every time I wasn't with her. Your name on my ass didn't help matters in the least."

Tai shrugged, "Eh, you win some, you loose some. She was a bit of an airhead anyway. And before you ask, no, you are not girly. You just spend forever on your hair."

Matt glanced over at Tai, "Promise I'm not girly?"

Tai laughed, "I promise."

He glanced at the crumpled piece of paper, "You don't think she's going to run around telling people my names on your ass, do you? All I need is to spend another year at a university where everyone thinks I'm bed buddies with my best friend."

"Tai, people have been saying that since we were in high school."

Matt stretched and laid down on his back, turning his head to look up at Tai.

"I still need to get you back for Tattooing your name on my ass."

Tai grinned, "Hey, you agreed!"

"I was ridiculously plastered."

"You still agreed! Oh man, it was so worth it to have to stare at your ass that long. There won't be a single chick you sleep with who doesn't question your sexuality."

Matt rolled his eyes, "Thank you so much for making it that much harder for me."

Tai shrugged. Then smiled wickedly.

"I own your ass."