A month later…

Leaving the castle again for another daily morning visit to the cottage, Escargoon put on his jacket and scarf. It was another cold morning. The weather was 88 degrees now.

Knocking on the door once again, it took a few seconds for Johanni to get downstairs. "Oh hi! Come in!" Johanni said. "I was just looking through my old things."

Escargoon walked in. "Follow me!" Johanni said.

Soon, Tiff, Tuff and Kirby arrived. "Hi." They said.

"Poyo!" Kirby chirped.

"Come in." Johanni said.

The four followed Johanni upstairs to her room. There was her bed, the quilt, all full of exotic colors. There, by the small dresser, was a big, old wooden chest. "That's what I was looking at. My "Remember Chest". This holds some of my old stuff."

Unsheathing a key from her dress pocket, she opened the big, old chest. She revealed an old gray jacket with a lot of different animals. "My first jacket. The animals here are the oldest ones."

Then, she pulled out a dress wrapped in plastic. The silky material was light blue with a golden jewel. It was large. "My favorite dress. I wear it at parties a lot."

The four then rummaged through the chest with wonder. But Escargoon only rummaged for a minute. "Uh, Johanni. Could we talk downstairs?"

"Sure." She said. "Tiff, Tuff, Kirby. You can search through the chest."


"Escargoon, I see the bulge is quite bigger." Johanni said,

"Yes. It's been three months. I can't wait…"

"Wait? For what?" Johanni asked.

"Revealing the gender." He said.

"It's only been a trimester. Three more months to go." Johanni said. "So, how's Dedede now?"

"A bit scared to be a father. He decided to take a break off beating Kirby."

"How does he battle Kirby?" Johanni asked.

"A Hammer Fight." Escargoon said. "But both are good at yielding hammers. But Kirby is like adding extra strong bulk-up powder to a hammer. You just easily lose."

Johanni giggled. "Kirby is a strong, yet cute warrior."

Kirby then suddenly came rolling downstairs with a big hat over his head. He was happy and giggling with the hat over his head.

"Kirby. You found my old forest cap." Johanni said. "When I was little, I was a huge tom-boy. I loved to play warrior and go into the wood near my home."

Kirby continued running around with the cap on his head. Everyone downstairs laughed. "Kirby, would you like to keep my old hat?"

Kirby nodded and continued once again. Then Tiff and Tuff came out with two different hats. Tiff wore a beautiful sunhat with a pink ribbon. Tuff was wearing another forest hat. "Oh yeah. I use to have a sun hat too. I'd wear on the beach. And I had another forest hat. You two could have them. They are too small for me, anyway."

"Thanks." They said. Then Tiff said, "You've must of had a great childhood."

"Yep. I grew up loving many arts and I also loved adventure. Adventure was why I have so many hats, clothes and best of all, friends."

It was a long conversation the five had. Johanni had made tea and some small oatmeal cookies. While they ate, Johanni went up to her room.


The day was over now, and the four had to go home. Tiff and Tuff left first with Kirby. Before Escargoon left, Dedede suddenly arrived. "You've worried me again. But now, it's normal. You casually talk. She's making more friends than more times I've been defeated by Kirby."

Johanni couldn't help laughing. "Well, you better get going." She left the room for a second. "Here, a package from me."

Closing the door, Johanni watched the two future parents walk toward the castle. Oh what a surprise I'd given them, she thought, in that package. They deserve it. You don't see things like that every day.

What will happen next? Next chapter is about a special party in December. What kind of party? Find out. Chapter 5 will be up soon.