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Summary: Bella Swan's mother remarried, and Bella's new stepfather wasn't exactly nice toward having Bella in the house. So she sent herself to Forks for college, living at an uncle's house(who is Renee's adopted brother). And guess who this uncle is. You got it. None other than Edward Cullen himself. She found herself falling for him, and he her. Though they aren't blood relatives, society will still scold upon them. So, is this love really worth it, or would Jacob seem like the better option?

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Chapter1, Meeting

Bella arrived in Forks, Washington just as the snow started to fall down. She looked at flakes after flakes starting to blanket the whole world outside as she waited for her pickup. Bella was visiting her uncle for the Christmas break, as well as visiting the University of Washington where she had decided to go for the next four years of her life. Say 'Uncle' to have the word, but she knew her supposed uncle was only eight years older than she was. After all, he was only her mother's adopted brother. She was hoping he would be able to help her, seeing how he was already living in Forks, and having the advantage of attending the university himself, Bella thought he wouldn't make a bad tour guide after all. Her mother really didn't want her to go so far away from home, which was the exact reason why she must. It's not like her stepfather was being subtle about not wanting her in his way. Besides, she was already 17, it's not like she can't look after herself. She was only hoping that this 'Uncle' whom she has never met wouldn't mind having her over for a few weeks until she has a dorm of her own. Then she wouldn't be much of a bother anymore.

Bella sighed. To be truthful, she never really likes Forks. Sure the place has its own charm, but the constant rain and gloomy weather is not something Bella would prefer over the warmth of Phoenix. But what can she say? If she told her mom that she dislikes Forks, the woman would never has let Bella go, and Bella then would have to suffer the death glares of her stepfather Phil for the next four years. One year is enough, Bella thought. And she had to choose Forks, because otherwise, her mom would never let her go, at least not without someone to look over her anyway. This really ticked Bella off. Renee was treating her as though Bella was a child when in fact, in their relationship, it was often Bella who acts as the parent. Forks is not that bad, at least it would only be four years.

Someone tapped on Bella shoulders, making her turn around and look. And met her eyes were two pools of pure emeralds. Greener than forest in summer days. What pretty eyes, Bella thought. He has got to be the most beautiful man I ever laid eyes on. Surely, stood in front of her was a man of 25. His bronzed hair complimented his pale, almost snow-like skin, while simultaneously brought out his evergreen eyes. How can someone's hair be so messy yet perfect at the same time? He smiled crookedly as he observed her, his eyes twinkled.

"Isabella Swan?" he asked, showing her his perfectly white teeth.

"Y-yes." She stammered. "Uncle?" No way can this guy be her uncle. He's not ugly enough.

"'Uncle' seems too old, just call me Edward." He said, smiling still.

"Uh-uh. No way. You're mistaken. You're not my uncle." Bella said stubbornly. There's no way this guy could be her uncle. He was too perfect.

"Excuse me?" He asked, confused.

"You're not old enough." She pointed out.

He laughed out loud at her determined face. "Well, your mother had you at an early age, I suppose. She was 18 when she got pregnant with you, and I was 7 then. It's not that unusual for siblings to be 10 years apart." He explained. Somehow, when he put it that way, it made sense.

"Oh." Was all she said.

"So, Isabella, are you ready to go home?" Her uncle asked.

"Um, sure. Next time though, think you could call me Bella?" She smiled, embarrassed of her babbling.

"Sure." Uncle Edward bent down to pick up her luggage.

"Only a suitcase? Wow, Bella, I am impressed." He said with a surprised face. "Knowing my sister, I already cleaned an extra room for your stuff."

"Don't be impressed yet. The rest of my stuff is being shipped over later. After all, it is my mother we're talking about." Bella said dryly. Her mother has a reputation of being over the head.

He laughed in his velvet voice. How can a human have such musical voice?

"Yes, it is Renee we're talking about. How is she, by the way? Last time I heard from her, she was droning in my ear about her wedding with Phil. Sadly I didn't get to come, I was out of the country. But how did that go anyway?" he asked

"She has never been better. The wedding was beautiful. She was gorgeous. It brought tears to my eyes sometimes, but I think my mother is growing up." She said; adding some humor in her sentence.

He laughed again. "Yes, I have heard from Renee herself that she was the child in the relationship." So she wasn't that oblivious.

He led her to an expensive looking silver Volvo. He opened the passenger door for her before putting her suitcase in the car trunk. Then, as graceful as humanly possible, he got into the driver's seat and put the car in drive.

On the way, they chatted about Renee, and Edward himself. Bella found out her uncle was actually a professor at the university.

"At such a young age? I thought professors must be at least a hundred years old or above." She exclaimed.

"Well, not all of us, though in my time, I have seen some that have lived a thousand years old." He mused, catching up on the joke.

"So what are you teaching?" she asked, curious.


"Really? Uncle Edward, no offense but you don't look like a drama kind of guy." She said.

"Well, looks can be deceiving. I also don't look like your uncle, do I?" he smiled, looking at her.

"That is true, I suppose."

"So, what major are you planning to take?" Edward asked.

"Surprisingly, drama." She admitted.

"Really? Well maybe you would have my class."

"Hopefully so." She murmured. At least then she wouldn't hate it half as much, seeing how now she has got someone to talk to.

He pulled into a wide driveway. She marveled at the grand house in front of her. Three stories, cream painted, with a small flowerbed in front, it was not really impressive, had it not been her uncle's, who was only 25.

"What are you thinking?" he said as he opened the door for her.

"That if this is what they pay at the university, then I want to be a professor." She chirped. He must be really well paid to afford all this and the Volvo.

"No, they don't paid that much. I have a part time job. Why don't you come in?" he invited.

As he opened the door, she gasped at the decorations inside. The white-and-black theme colors made the living room so modern, with the black coffee table, black high-def TV, black vases, black fireplace and black sofa contrasting the white curtains, white carpet, and white walls. So simple, yet it brought both the classic and modern side to the room. Edward closed the door, and then he gave her a tour around the house. Every room was decorated pretty much in similar way, two theme colors. The kitchen's orange and brown gave out a feeling of warmth while his study's theme colors, red and cream gave the feelings of cold elegance.

"And here is your room." Edward opened the door right across his room, and Bella gasped in amazement. This room was themed in different shades of blue and soft pale rose. The sky blue bookshelf stood proudly next to the soft pink curtains. The bed and sheets was navy blue, but the walls were pale pink. The table though, stood out in brown. Next to it, a door, which she later found out to be the closet.

"Sorry," Edward said apologetically. "I didn't know what was your taste was, so I did what I thought you'd like."

"Wow, Uncle Edward, are you kidding? I love it." Bella breathed.

"Really?" Edward asked in glee.

"Yup. If I didn't know better, I would have thought that you were a professional interior designer." Bella whispered, still taking everything in.

"Well. We have two bathrooms. One downstairs, though it's usually for guests. The one for us to use is on this floor, right next to my office. Take a bath now and I'll order us something to eat."

Bella nodded. As soon as Edward was out of sight, she grabbed her toiletries and headed down to the bathroom. Like the one downstairs, this one was tiled, and spotlessly clean. Uncle even prepared her an extra towel, carefully put next to his blue one. She turned the water to the perfect temperature, took out her strawberry shampoo, and let herself into the tub. She started her calming process. What a long day. After her bath, she blew dry her hair and brush her teeth. Putting on her t-shirt and pajama pants, she stepped into her new room.

Time to write Renee.

She turned on the computer. It was shipped two days before her flight, so Edward has already set it up for her. After a loud whiz, it came to life.

Dear mom

I have arrived at uncle's place. Everything is fine, though this place is so rainy and cold, unlike the warmth of Phoenix. I like it here. Don't worry about me now. I think Uncle Edward has plans for tomorrow. Maybe I'd go shopping for some necessities. But everything is great. My room is very pretty. Anyway, I thought I'd check in. Goodnight.



She sighed, and then turned off the computer. She had everything to worry about waiting for her tomorrow. She had to look for a car, maybe not too expensive, but reliable. Then she needs to go shopping for some books; she left her collection back in Phoenix.

She trudged downstairs, when suddenly her nose picked up the scents of Chinese food. She went into the kitchen just to see Uncle Edward taking the to-go boxes out of the microwave. The aroma of food flooded the place, making her stomach growl. Apparently it was very loud because Uncle Edward turned around, smiling at her.

"Well, it seems to me that someone is hungry." Edward teased, making her cheeks grow hot.

She helped him brought everything into the living room. Strange, he had a huge dinning table, why didn't he use it.

He flopped down onto the black leather sofa, patting the seat next to him. She sat down, and something caught her eyes. From this angle she saw something she didn't see before: a black grand piano.

"Do you play, Uncle Edward?" she asked curiously.

"Yes, only in my leisure time." Edward was turning on the TV. "What channel do you want to watch?"

"It doesn't matter. I wouldn't know because I don't watch TV that much anyway." She smiled in embarrassment. Her friends in Phoenix always had thought she was somewhat weird when she told them that. She hoped Edward doesn't feel the same way.

"Really? Then we will watch this." He got up and put in some movie. Moments later, appeared on the screen was Tom and Jerry.

They ate together and laughed at the parts that were just ridiculous. Uncle Edward isn't like an uncle at all. He was like a friend, laughing so freely in his musically voice. Bella told him that she skipped one grade, which was why she was a 17-year-old senior. Uncle Edward seemed like a funny man. Maybe sometimes she would ask him to play the piano for her.

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