Hi everybody,

So…I have come up with another story! After a long while of being unable to write anything because my muse has escaped me, I've finally written another one. And I am desperately in need of a BETA!

This is an EdwardxJasper story…in other words, SLASH! I'm just throwing it out there so those betas who are loyal EdwardxBella fans can now close the browser and murmur death threats towards me under their breaths… (T_T)

For those still remaining, obviously you have nothing against some Jasper lovin' so I ask for your help. If you don't think you can beta, please spread the word to your friends in the fanfic world. This is a one shot, about 7,000 words or so.

I need a first beta who is great with grammar, who has nothing against flowery, romantic, mushy language (and long sentences) and who can work fast.

I also need a second beta who has some sort of knowledge about the English history around medieval time (you don't have to be a history buff necessarily) but it would be nice to have a second opinion.

That is all for now…I will see ya'll later!

Much love, thanks, and respect


Stormy Bella