Okay so...here it is...for those who just stumbled across this...the following story is prequel by the following stories in the following order:

1. Something's Happen When You Least Expect It

2. Beginnings

3. The Love That Binds

4. Time As Always Time

Also this story originally started by Patamon32 called A New Begining. This story will be the rewrite of it.

Anyhow it is a little different from the others as the Chosen Children's children go to the digital world while their parents don't know what is going on.

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Déjà Vu

Chapter 1: A Crisis

Digital World...

Laying on their backs the Chosen Children's digimon watched the stars. A hobby passed down to them from Maiko who they all missed. "Hey what is that?" Agumon asked as he pointed to one star in particular.

Everyone shrugged. "A shooting star?" Gomamon questioned.

"It's growing," Tailmon said.

"Yeah and at a alarming rate as well," Gabumon added. The group stood up as the large ball of energy seemed to be headed toward them but instead it took a detour and headed further north. "It's like it's alive," Tentomon said hovering above them.

"I think we should tell Gennai immediately," Piyomon said.

"I agree," Palmon replied. The others nodded and they headed to find Gennai.


Saturday...July 1st 2027 - Obadia

Taichi and Sora Yagami's House...

Saria, now twenty, was sitting at her desk in her room as she read through a list of possible courses she was going to be taking in university. She had just finished two years of health and life sciences. Davis had accepted a scholarship at the University in Tokyo and was taking business.

The telephone rang and she heard her mother pick up the phone. "Saria!" Sora called up to her.

"Yeah mom?" Saria called back.

"Watch your brother and sisters for me. Your father and I have to go to the hospital!"

Saria frowned she left her room and ran down the stairs to see her parents rushing to put their shoes on. "What's happened?" she asked concerned.

Taichi looked up at his daughter and shook his head, "We are going to talk to your grandfather about your grandmother."

Saria pretended not to notice the sadness in her dads voice. She then turned her attention to her mom, "You will phone me?" she asked.

The two of them nodded and with that they were out the door. As the door shut Saria felt her heart beat faster with fear. Her dad was always one to be strong since her grandmothers illness came back three years ago. This time around when they found out the cancer had returned with full forces. She shook her head. 'Come on Saria don't think negative,' she told herself.


Yamato and Mimi's...

"Thank you so much," Takeru said as handed Mimi a backpack.

"No problem," Mimi said.

"Phone us okay?" Yamato said as he watched his brother rush out the door.

Hope looked after he father with confusion. She was eight years old and she had Takeru's dirty blonde hair and Hikari's hazel eyes. Yukki had short brown hair like Hikari's hair color and her eyes as well. The two children walked into the living room where Lillie was. Lillie had turned nine years old in April she looked liked Mimi more then she did Yamato. She long shoulder length hair but had Yamato's blue eyes. A little four year old boy came into the room, "Ren come here and play with Yukki," Lillie said to him. Ren looked like Yamato exactly with short spiky blond hair and blue eyes.

Mimi watched them with a smile then turned around to look at Yamato. "We should do something," she said to him.

"You can't do anything Mimi but pray," Yamato said solemnly.

Mimi felt tears in her eyes she wiped them away. Yamato pulled her into a hug, "Everything will be okay," he whispered.


Taichi and Sora's house...

Li came running down the stairs as full speed he jumped of the bottom last step then landed with a thud on both feet. He sprinted to the front door and out into the lawn. Li look just like his father when he was twelve. He had the big hair while his attitude was twice as worse as Taichi's ever was. The thing that he loved the most was to bother his sisters. They particularly didn't like bugs much.

"LI!" Reena shouted as she came down the stairs in a rush followed by Maiko and Hanako. Reena and Hanako both had Sora's features, her eyes and hair color. How ever one had long hair and the other had short hair. Maiko on the other hand resembled Taichi with chocolate brown hair and his eyes. Her hair wasn't out of control as his was. She was copying her older sister's hair style, Saria, who had long hair pass her shoulders. At the moment she had it up in a ponytail.

"YOU CAN'T GET AWAY FROM US!" Maiko shouted at her brother. Although she does truly love him sometimes he could get under her nerves.

"YEAH! You tormented us for the last time!" Hanako said sourly.

"TRY AND CATCH ME!" He threatened as he ran to the middle of the lawn. The girls were right on his tail.

Saria frowned and followed them outside, "GUYS!" she shouted. The four stopped running and turned their attention to Saria. "What is going on?"she asked.

"He put grasshoppers all over the room!" Hanako cried.

"Li! Go and clean up their room now," Saria demanded.

Li pouted and crossed his arms across his chest, "Fine. That doesn't mean I'm doing it for you how ever." He didn't really want to take a chance that she would tell mom and dad.

Saria was growling with anger how ever she held it in. She knew he did it on purpose. "Go on and get going," she said. As he walked by her. She followed him to the house.

Maiko, Reena and Hanako slowly walked back to the house behind Saria and Li.



"Dad! We got here as fast as we could. When you called it sounded urgent," Taichi said quickly. Sora was right behind him and the two stood watching Kevin.

"We have to wait for Hikari and Takeru. Then I will tell you the reason why I called," Kevin said with sadness in his voice.

Taichi and Sora both looked at each in worry.

"DAD!" Hikari cried she ran toward him and hugged him tightly.

Takeru acknowledged Taichi and Sora then stood next to Sora watching Hikari and Kevin hugging.

"Hikari..." he said he pulled away from the hug and saw that his daughter was crying. "Hey come on now...shhh..." he said wiping her tears away.

"What's wrong dad?" she asked

"Come lets go in the private room and I'll tell you everything," he said. The four of them followed Kevin down the hall then into a small room that was marked on the top prayer room by a sign that hung above it.

Hikari grabbed a hold of Takeru's hand and he squeezed her hand reassuringly. The truth was that Hikari had a terrible feeling about what her father wanted to tell them today. Usually when he had news about mom he would tell them out in the lobby. This time was different because something had happened that morning that definitely not good.

Kevin closed the door after everyone was inside, "I want you to sit down," he said solemnly.

The four did as they were told and it was quiet. Until Kevin continued, "This morning the doctor's told me I have to make a decision. The truth is that your mother isn't getting any better. She fell into a coma last night." He paused and looked at each of their frighten expressions. "This morning they told me of her condition and what had happened."

"What are the chances she is going to wake up?" Hikari asked.

"The doctor said there is zero percent chance she will make a recovery."

Tears weld up in Hikari's eyes as well as Sora's. While Taichi and Takeru remained strong.

"Well, what decision do they want us to make?" Taichi asked.

"Whether or not we should keep her on life support."

"Didn't mom tell you how she felt about it?" Taichi asked.

Kevin nodded, "She did and her quest is that she didn't want to be hooked up to machines."

Hikari's tears fell as she listened to them. She couldn't imagine that her mom was dying after so many years battling the cancer it had finally taken it's toll on her and now...she griped onto Takeru's arm and started to cry. "It's not fair."

Taichi took Sora's hand in his feeling she was in distress as well. He wanted to be strong for both his wife and sister, "We can't deny her wishes," he replied.

Takeru hugged Hikari close to him and he looked up at Kevin, "Taichi is right," he said.

"Sora, Hikari?" Kevin questioned them.

Sora with tears streaming down her cheeks nodded her head, "I don't want to see her suffer."

Hikari looked to her father, "Me either." she managed to get out. She let a sob out and grabbed on to Takeru who was also trying to hold back his tears.

Sora reached over and grabbed a tissue on the nearby desk and wiped the tears them away. Taichi watched Hikari feeling himself get emotional. "Hikari, I know. But you know it is for the best for mom," he whispered to her.

She pulled away from Takeru, "I know Taichi...I..." she sobbed again.

Takeru moved a side so Taichi could sit next to her. He blinked back his own tears and she threw her arms around Taichi and sobbed, "It's not fair...it wasn't supposed to be like this..." she cried.

Kevin looked to Sora, "Sora, I'm going to talk to the doctors...I'll be back," he said to her.

She nodded blinking back her own tears. As Kevin walked out the door Sora let out a sob she put her head in her hands. Takeru put a hand on her shoulder and looked up at him.

"Sora it's okay just let it out," he whispered to her.

Sora eyes welded up with tears and she hugged Takeru tightly. They cried on each other's shoulders.


Yamato and Mimi's...

Michael came running into the kitchen where Mimi and Yamato where. He had his father's hair and his mother's eyes. "Mom, Dad!" he said quickly.

"Yes?" they both said.

"Can I go to Li's house?" he asked.

Yamato and Mimi looked at one another, "Um...it's not a good idea," Yamato said.

" Why not?" He asked a little annoyed.

"Because sweetie his grandmother is in critical condition in the hospital. Your Aunt and uncle are there now," Mimi explained.

Michael sighed and walked out of the kitchen and ran up the stairs.


Taichi and Sora's...

Li sat at his computer and sighed, "damn it." he turned on the music on his computer. From his drawer there came a buzzing sound but he couldn't hear it.

In the other room the three girls were seated on Maiko's bed they were looking through a magazine with clothing in it. That's when they heard a strange noise. It was like a buzzing sound. But they all pushed it aside.



In Michael's room there was a buzzing noise coming from the closet but he wasn't in his room at the time.


Taichi and Sora's...

Downstairs Saria picked up the phone and dialed a number. She waited until she heard it be picked up and there was a answer.

"Davis! I miss you!" she said.

"Saria, I miss you too," he said as he put his book on the desk.

"Davis when are you coming home?" she asked.

"Tonight," he said. He caught the worry in her voice. "What's wrong?" he asked.

"My grandma's condition is worse...i know it is. My parents left the house around noon for the hospital and they are still not back yet," she explained.

Davis took a moment to absorb the information she gave him. "I'll see if I can leave early today."

"Okay, just call me if you can or not."

Davis nodded, "I will."

They hung up the phone and shortly after the telephone rang. Saria watched it and then let it ring for another few minutes before reaching over and picking it up, "Hello."

"Saria," Taichi's voice was very solemn.

Her heart stopped nearly as she heard him. "Dad?" she asked shakily.

"Saria, can you drive down to the hospital and bring your sisters and brother with you?" he asked.

Saria nodded as if he could see her, "Okay. But why?" she asked.

"I'll tell you down at the hospital," he said and the phone closed on the other end. Saria set the receiver down and took a deep breath of air in. "Li, Maiko, Reena and Hanako!" she called.

She didn't get any response from them. She then decided to walk up stairs she peeked into their bedroom, "You guys come on get dressed we are going to the hospital."

"Why?" Hanako questioned.

"Because dad wants us there."

Saria walked over to Li's room, "Li, get ready because we are going to the hospital."

"How come?"

"Because dad wants us there and hurry."


The Digital World...

"What do you think is the cause?" Gomamon asked curiously.

Shortly afterward they heard an explosion and the ground underneath them rocked. The digimon looked between each other, "What was that?" Agumon asked.

"That ball of energy must have crashed to the ground," Tentomon said.

Gennai observed the sky, "It seems that there is a new evil that has arrived."

All the digimon gasped, "What!"

"You mean that was evil energy?" Gabumon questioned.

"Undoubtedly," Gennai said as he crossed his arms across his chest and glazed up to the stars.



When Saria got to the hospital she led her siblings up to the room where her grandmother had a bed in. She saw there her Uncle Takeru and Aunt Hikari, her grandfather and her mom and dad. "Mom, Dad!" she called to them everyone turned their attention to the kids.

Saria, Li, Maiko, Reena and Hanako saw their faces and instantly they were all worried. They approached them cautiously

"Li!" Michael came running over to where Li and girls were.

"What are you doing here?" he asked.

"My mom and dad brought us here," he turned around and pointed to Yamato and Mimi. Lillie and Hope came over to them as well. Ren and Yukki both stayed with Mimi.


Kevin, Taichi and Takeru had gathered in a special room where they could tell the children. The atmosphere was sad. Taichi had them all sit down and Kevin was going to let them know about their grandmother. "There will come a time in your lives where you will have to make some difficult decisions," he said.

"That doesn't mean anytime soon how ever," Taichi added.

"Yes, and I have had to make one today with your parents," Kevin said.

The children gave him an odd look, "What do you mean?" Li asked.

"I mean that your grandmother has been sick for some time..and just recently she took a turn for the worse."

"Is grandma dying?" Hanako asked wide eyed at her grandfather.

He didn't say anything then with a nod, "Yes."

The children looked at him wide eyed and shocked yet either of them didn't know how to react to this news.


While they were with Kevin. Saria was being told by Sora and Hikari. Taichi decided it was best to tell her separate from the kids because she was old enough to understand what exactly was happening.

"Oh my god..." Saria said she covered her mouth. Then she felt sick to her stomach suddenly.

"Saria..." Sora said she knelt down next to her as did Hikari.

"Saria come on let it out," Hikari said as she rubbed her niece's shoulder.

"I had a terrible feeling this morning and it was right..." she said she looked to her mom and her aunt. Their eyes were both red and puffy from crying earlier. Tears weld up in her eyes as she looked between the both of them then hugged both of them at the same time. She began to sob on her mom's and aunt's shoulders.

To Be Continued...

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