Deja Vu Chapter 25

A Toast To The New Year

Taichi and Yamato looked at the three of them confused.

"Your kidding right?" Yamato asked.

They shook their heads, "No, we are being very serious about this," Mimi said to him.

"I knew it..." Yamato replied with a sigh.

"You knew it?" Taichi said whipping his head around to look at him.

"NO, I mean that I knew that something was up. But I didn't think it would be that they were going to the digital world," He elaborated to Taichi.

Taichi shook his head, "Anyhow makes sense what Li said the other day."

"That's what we gathered..." Sora said to him.

"Very well what is the best time to say the way we know what you were really up too?" Hikari asked the two.

"We wait...Sora you are organizing that get together right?" Sora nodded then he continued, "Maybe when everyone is over we can say...children we know what is really going on. That way they can't deny it when they are all together," Taichi said.


The Next Day...November 30 2027...

Court House...

"Mr. Ishida, is it true that you were seeing Mrs. Aki," Catherine asked.

"No it is not," Yamato answered.

"Then why was this letter found at the scene?" Catherine asked as she held up a letter enclosed in plastic and marked as evidence.

"I didn't write the letter and I don't know," Yamato declared.

Catherine didn't like that answer she pressed her lips together then, "I have no further questions."

"Your witness Mr. Hida," the Judge said.

"Mr. Ishida have you had any eye for any women once you were married?" Iori asked.


"Would you have started now?"

"No, I would have not even considered it. I made a vow to my wife and I don't intend to break that vow now," he elaborated this time.

"What were you doing that night of your disappearance?"

"OBJECTION, your honor the witness is not who is on trail here," Catherine interjected.

"I will allow it," the judge said with curiosity as he watched yamato, "Please continue," he said.

"I was working, my brother came to my office because he had some information about Jeff Frasier he wanted to tell me about. I was looking for Leanne but I didn't see her around. Naturally I was concerned because I haven't heard from her. I told my brother that I wanted to find Leanne first before we go investigating on our own about Jeff."

"So were you able to find her?"


"What happened?"

"All I remember is coming out of my office. Then the next thing I know there is a dart hitting me in my shoulder and then everything went black."

"Thank you, your witness," Iori said to Catherine.

Catherine shook her head, "No, questions at this point."

"You may step down," The judge said to Yamato.

"The prosecution calls to the stand Mr. Takashi," Catherine said standing from her desk.

A court officer came forward to bring Takeru up to the witness box. Once he was seated they did the swearing in and then were able to continue.

"Mr. Takashi why were you at Mr. Ishida's office that night?"

"I was there to talk to my brother."

"And you did talk to him?"


"Of what were you talking to him about?"

"About Jeff fraiser's whereabouts."

"Not about Mrs. Aki are you sure?"

"OBJECTION, that is suggestive," Iori said.

"Agreed, Mrs. Lefevre change your line of questioning."

Catherine shook her head, "There is no need I have no further questions."

"I hear by call a ten minute recess, in the meantime the jury will conduct a meeting to decide if there is sufficient evidence in this case for us to prosecute Mr. Takashi for murder," Judge Haruto hit the mallet on the desk with a small thud then left the room.

Catherine put everything together then looked to Iori and came over to the desk, "It looks like you will be winning this," she said then put her hand out to him, "Good job."

"Nothing just so happens that this whole murder trail was built on a lie," Iori told her.

"Yeah now I can see that..." she said looking down her briefcase briefly before looking up at him, "I watched the video tape of the interrogation last night. It definitely looks like he set it all up. He admitted to everything."

" due time saved us from getting into an unnessacry court battle," Iori said agreeing.

Yamato and Taichi were seating in the seat behind the defense bench. Yamato reached over and tapped his brother on the shoulder as the two lawyers were talking to each other.

"This is a good sign," he whispered to him.

"I just hope they will dismiss the charges as soon as they can," Takeru said. He felt a little green to the fact of the possibility of going back to the jail cell.


Yagami Mansion...

Kevin was sitting with Sora in the kitchen, "How are you doing?" she asked him.

He nodded, "I'm doing okay," he said.

Sora smiled, "That's good. I know this isn't a good time but I was wondering if we could use the house for a New Years celebration."

"Of course you can. Go ahead...You know you don't have to ask me," Kevin told her.

"I know but I wanted to make sure that is all," she replied.

"Everything is fine. Don't worry. Are you inviting everyone?" he asked.

"Yeah pretty much," she said with a wistful expression.

"Is your mom coming?" he asked.

"I don't know I didn't hear back from her yet. I'll check my email to see for sure and I can let you know."

"Ok, how are things with Dean?"

"They are okay now. I think he finally sees what I was trying to tell him. He said nice things about Taichi finally..." Sora said with a smile.

"Good to hear," Kevin replied he got up to get a glass of water.


Court Room...

It was soon over with in a matter of minutes as the jury protested to say that there was not enough factual evidence to convict Takeru of murder at all. The claims made the last night by Jeff caused questionable doubt in which stating Takeru was the murder. In that case this morning proceedings weren't necessary. The district attorney's office had called about five minutes ago to drop the charges of murder and Takeru was free to go because of reasonable doubt that he committed the crimes in the first place. Also because the whole trial was based off a lie.

Police Station...later on...

Taichi and Yamato were holding Takeru back from going into the jail cell holding area so he could go and talk to Jeff.

"If you both don't let go of me, I'm going to hit both of you," Takeru warned as he was getting agitated by the minute.

"Takeru it's not worth it! I know better. There is nothing you can say to him that will make him feel anything. He doesn't have a heart nor will he feel any remorse," Yamato said struggling to hold back his brother.

"Well I have a few choice words I want to share with him," he said bitterly.

"I'm reminding you that Iori is not going to defend you if you assault Jeff," Taichi said strongly.

"Who said I was?" Takeru retorted back.

"Okay, how is this? we will go with but you have to agree that we get a police escort to visit him. That way we can rest assure you won't freak out an attack Jeff, " Taichi said to him.

Takeru nodded slowly and stopped fighting them.

Taichi went over to the police desk and asked for two escorted guards to come with them to go see Jeff Frasier in prison. Soon enough he got two officers and they were able to go and see Jeff in his cell.

As soon as Yamato got to see him face to face, "Nice to see that you are the one behind the bars," he said.

"You were lucky that I didn't have enough bullets left," Jeff spat out bitterly.

"Shut up," Takeru interrupted.

Jeff turned to look at Takeru, "Well, Mr. are free to go I assume. I mean thanks to me."

"I don't have to say thanks. YOU are the one that set me up in the first place. YOU made up a ridiculous lie to go along with that and not only that YOU made my family suffer," Takeru said accusingly.

Jeff nodded, "Yeah I see what you are saying. Looks like I did make your life a living hell. That was the whole plan after all," he said with such a nonchalant way that it got Takeru more angry.

Takeru stepped forward and slammed his fists on the bars of the door, "Jack Ass!" he shouted.

Taichi and Yamato pulled Takeru back and the guards stepped in front of him, "We can't have you be violent Mr. Takashi."

"It's okay, I had enough," Takeru said and tore himself away from Taichi and Yamato and headed out the door. Taichi and Yamato followed him briskly. The guards then followed them out the door then closed the doors behind them.

Takeru was out of the police station with in a fraction of the time. Taichi and Yamato followed him out side the police station and saw he was bent over and was breathing in and out seeming to relax himself.

"You alright?" Taichi asked.

Takeru shook his head, "Lets just go home," he said standing up looking out on the street.

"Sounds good to me little brother," Yamato said he slapped him on the back.


Taichi and Sora's...

Sora was seated at the kitchen table, she had the laptop opened on the desk next to her and was writing stuff down from the screen to the paper. Her cellphone rang absentmindedly she reached over to pick it up and answered, "Hello."

"Taichi, ohh. That's great! this is good timing then. I see...well...He needs time to comprehend Taichi. I'm sure he will be fine." She remained silent as Taichi was talking to her. Sora nodded as she listened, "I understand. Listen before you go I have to talk to you as well. So when you drop Takeru and Yamato off come home...Okay Love you, bye." Sora closed the phone and continued to work on her project.


Hikari and Takeru's...

Hikari jumped into Takeru's arms the two hugged then kissed and then hugged again. Then it was Hope's turn to hug her father they were all content to have him home again. Takeru more so was content on having the charges finally drop and not having to return to the awful cell.

"Taichi thank you," Hikari said looking at her brother happily.

"I didn't do anything," he replied.

"Yes you did you got them to check the island to find Yamato if you hadn't we will still be in this situation. And Jeff would have gotten away with murder."

Taichi sighed, "I know, but still I only hired a lawyer that could help and he did help."

Hikari smiled, "Your too modest now. I remember were you would have taken that as a thanks."

"We all changed. Takeru was about to beat up Jeff this morning and Yamato is not a punk anymore."

Yamato frowned, "I was not a punk!"

"Yes you were."

"No, I wasn't."

"Okay fine, you weren't. Come on I'm going to drop you off at home. Mimi is waiting for you and Sora is waiting for me," Taichi said.

They all said their goodbyes and the two left the house.


After Taichi dropped off Yamato he went straight home as Sora had asked him. Once he got into the door he saw her at the kitchen table with the laptop next to her. "I'm home sweetie," he said giving her a kiss on the cheek.

"Good, I have something important to tell you," she said then pointed to the chair next to her, "I think you might want to sit down."

Taichi didn't like the sound of that, "Why? is it bad?" he asked.

Sora shrugged her shoulders, "Not bad per say...but you may take it bad."

This didn't help him feel any better either. He sat down next to her, "So tell me."

"Don't take it the wrong way. But you know our daughter and Davis have been in a long relationship. They know each other well and I can say that they do love each other and with that-"

"They slept together?" he questioned.

Sora nodded a bit surprised he already guessed, "Yes."

Taichi looked away for a second and then frowned slightly, "You'll hate me for what i'm about to admit to you."

"Your not mad or anything?" she asked shocked at his reaction.

Taichi shook his head, "I knew they loved each other yet...I just didn't want-I don't know what I wanted actually. I guess I was just trying to protect her."

Sora smiled and pinched his cheek thoughtfully, "Well what is it that you have to tell me?"

Taichi took a deep breath, "I was being a protective father. I had a chat with Davis a few years ago and I guess he really took it to heart until this year."

"Oh Taichi you didn't..." Sora said quietly.

"No I did. I told him in no uncertain terms that he was to not touch Saria in any way sexually."

Sora wasn't impressed, "Well have to go to Davis and tell him you are sorry and explain to him that you were only being protective."

"Why do I have to apologize?" Taichi asked getting a little upset.

"Because you were being a conniving business man," she said.

Taichi had to laugh, "Okay, fine. although you have to admit that I was a very good conniving business man."

Sora then hit him in the shoulder, "Okay, okay! I'll do it but I won't like it," he cried.


December 29th 2027...

It wasn't until after Christmas when Sora had decided to call everyone about the planned get together and New Years celebration she had planned at the Yagami Mansion. It was already prepped, the cooks for her father in law would be doing the cooking while there was a huge tent to be coming tomorrow. It would be set up in the back yard. It also had a dance floor in the center which was fairly large. She made sure there was going to be heat in the tent as well as it would be a bit too cold to go with out it.

She was busy with the preparations that she was ignoring her children's requests. Li, Maiko, Reena and Hanako were fairly upset with her at this point. Saria was spending time with Davis at his house.


Mimi and Yamato had resumed their life again after their life haltering two months that proceeded christmas. They did their own thing alone with their family this year just to appreciate their closeness.

Hikari and Takeru too decided to celebrate together with their family. Realizing that it could all go array in so little time.

Daisuke and Kara celebrated their christmas with Miyako and Ken. To Davis's surprise they actually all got along this time. He was happy and they were finally happy. It was like the tension that was there had vanished over night miraculously.

Not that Davis was ever going to forgive his mother for not telling the true about his biological father. Like his biological father, Daisuke, was not able to forgive her for that either.


December 31st 2027...

Everything was set for the party and get together. Everyone had just arrived when Sora made a signal Yamato to go gather the children. They organized it so that the children were all sitting in the center of the tent on chairs, it was set up to look like they were going to be watching a movie. Taichi had his laptop hooked up to a projector and was sitting at it waiting. He pressed a button and blue screen came up on the projection film that was in front of the chairs. Takeru was feeling rather excited, he patted Koushiro on the back, "I can't wait this will be very cool way to tell them that we know."

"Thanks, I thought it would be better then trying to tell him in person. is easier to get them to come and see a movie then trying to get them to talk," he explained.

Takeru nodded, "Which makes this very cool still."

Hikari had just finished a tour of the mansion with Hikaru and Kimoko.

"And this is were we left off at," Hikari said.

"Thank you so much Hikari," Hikaru said with a smile.

Kimoko nodded, "Yes thank you. Your house is very huge," she said.

"I know...we had fun as children. Hide and seek was always and adventure," Hikari said.

Sora ran over to them quickly, "Come we are about to start," she said.


The children were seating in the chairs in front of the film screen and were waiting for the film to start. Li being the impatient one then finally said, "Dad would you hurry up?" he asked.

"One second," Taichi answered as he was looking at the computer screen intently. "Okay, ready everyone?" when he got no response he hit the space bar on the computer's keyboard.

On the screen came a film strip, Key note presentation.

slide one : " There are somethings in Life that Children should tell their parents."

slide two: " Only logical that they tell them anyhow."

Slide three: " So just to get that out of the way..."

slide four : " We just want to tell you children."

slide five : " That we know."

The children looked at one another then glanced at the screen again.

slide six : " Everything."

Slide seven : "About what really was going on at Camp Machida."

The keynote presentation ended there and the children all sighed knowing that the gig was up. But this also presented them with the chance to say that they were in the Digital World.

"So what do you think about the presentation?" Taichi asked slyly.

"We were going to tell you the through," Maiko said.

Saria sat with Davis and his family at a table to the left of Taichi and she was watching amused. Li and Michael saw this then looked to each other.

"I just want to point out that Saria knew," Michael said.

Saria stood up while Davis sighed and pulled her back down, "Don't need to get into an argument with your cousins now," he said.

"Saria is that true?" Sora asked.

Saria sighed looked away, "I knew yes...although I held it a secret for leverage," she noted.

Taichi laughed but Sora wasn't laughing and turned to look at him sternly.

"Never the less, you were at the digital world," Jyou said.

The children slowly nodded, "We were," they agreed together in unison.

"What is the Digital World?" Daisuke asked.

"Even if we tried to explain it is hard for someone who had never been to understand. Let's just say that it is a world made from data where they are creatures called digimon. They inhabit the world and with some of them we have made friends. We fought against the evils that are with in that world when we were about ten years old," Koushiro explained.

Daisuke, Ken, Miyako and Kara looked bewildered at the explanation.

"Mom, Dad it's true," Mateo added looking in there direction.

Daisuke and Kara frowned, "But you weren't harmed going there were you?" Kara asked concerned.

Mateo shook his head, "No, we weren't."

"Very well..." Daisuke said trailing off. He just wasn't sure about it. it all seem surreal to him.

The rest of the night went fairly well afterward the awkward conversation of the Digital World.

The children were now openly talking about their experience in the digital world with their parents. Feeling that they finally a burden lifted of their shoulders.

'Gennai was right,' though Maiko.

At that moment a women came into the tent, "Sora, Taichi?" she called.

Sora and Taichi both looked up to see Karen come in, "Mom you made it!" Sora said running up to her and hugged her.

"I just barely did however," Karen said.

Kevin came over to see her, "Karen good to see you," he said with a smile.

"How are you doing?" Karen asked.

They pulled away from their hug, "I'm doing expectantly," he answered.

Karen nodded, "That's good to hear. Much better then me i suppose," she replied.

"What do you mean?" Taichi asked confused.

Karen look to Taichi and then at Sora and returned her glaze to Kevin, "He broke up with me on monday, So I booked a flight tuesday, arrived yesterday at oh I can't even remember the time. My mind is so cloudy," she explained.

Dean and Amii came up to them with the baby, "Karen."

"Dean," Karen said in return.

"It's good to see you," he said.

she nodded, "Yeah. I'm happy to return home to Japan though. This is where my family is," she said looking at Sora and Taichi with faint smile.

"Your welcome to stay here at the Masion," Kevin added.

"Thank you, Kevin."

"Your welcome," he answered.

"GRANDMA!" Reena, Hanako, Li and Maiko came running toward her suddenly and she bent down so they all gave her a huge hug together.

Saria then came with Davis hand in hand toward her as well, "Hi Grandma!" she said hugging her.

"Oh Saria," she smiled and hugged her tightly.

"Hi Mrs. Takenouchi," Davis said extending his hand. Karen smiled at him and gave him a huge hug instead which kind of surprised him.



"Okay Everyone it is five minutes to twelve o'clock!" Sora called.

Everyone turned to the screen to look at the count down that was playing on that screen, where they watched the movie that Koushiro had set up earlier.

The servants had bought out two bottles of champagne and a bottle of sparkling champagne for the kids.

As they all gathered around the screen the count down on the screen began to go to the last ten seconds in which everyone voiced out, "ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two and one! Happy New years!"

The adults kissed there respective partners briefly and Saria and Davis kissed as well. The children went around hugging one another then hugging their parents.

The corks were popped on the champagne bottles and they quickly were poured out into glasses and taken to each of the adult guests. And the children guest received the sparkling champagne.

Taichi held his champagne glass into the air and everyone followed suit, "Okay lets make it a New Year and a new start to it!" he said out loud.

The New Year was good for the group, they witness the trial of the real Jeff Frasier. He was charged for murder of the second degree murder, because it wasn't his intention at first. Not only that but charges of fraud were added from the United States and from Japan. He was sentenced to life in prison with out parole. There was no chance of his getting out either. Taichi also made sure he was in high security section of the prison making it impossible for him go anywhere with out the watchful eyes of the guards at the prison.








The following years after ward were better for the group. They managed to have a good few years of a normal life as any family would. The chosen children were going into the teen years and experiencing a teenagers life.

Saria and Davis were 23 years of age when they finished their schooling. Two years later they found out one day that Saria was expecting. The day the choose to tell their parents was on a weekend and they planned it so that Miyako and Daisuke could attend with their significant others.

August 12 2033...

Saria and Davis at this point lived together in an apartment complex in North Tokyo. Davis worked about fifteen minutes away from the apartment and Saria did as well. It was around dinner time when there was a buzz at the door. Saria ran to the intercom and pressed a button, "Who is it?"

"Mom and Dad," she heard a familiar voice say. She immediately closed the intercom and pressed a button that opened the door.

"Davis my parents are here," she called out to him.

"Okay," his voice was muffled as he said it. He came out from the bedroom looking at her anxiously, "This is it..." he said to himself out loud.

"I won't worry, Dad is okay with us you know..." she said finding other better explanation.

"Yeah I know...but still..." he said.

"I understand everything will be okay," she reassured him with a smile.

Sora went though the door first. She aged little in the few years but Taichi had a little and was now sporting some gray hairs in which he declared was because of stress.

"Davis," she went to him and gave him a hug, then Saria came into the room

"Hi mom," she said hugging her.

"Hi darling," she said with a smile.

She hugged her father and welcomed him to the apartment as did Davis.

As she did the buzzer rang and it was Miyako and Ken.

Then soon after wards Daisuke and Kara had arrived. Saria was in the kitchen preparing dinner as Davis set the table.


Taichi and Sora's...

A fourteen year old Mateo came to the front door after he identified himself to the security guard which made him feel a bit modest to be there. However he had courage and at any rate if he didn't go and ask her he was never going to be able to. With one swift breath of air he raised his arm up and knocked on the door.

He waited patiently until Reena answered the door, "Mateo, what a surprise. What are you doing here anyhow?" Reena questioned him.

"I came from Kyoto yesterday. I'm staying at Ken and Miyako's house. But regardless i'm here to see you sister," he said to her.

"Which one?" she asked narrowing her eyes at him.

"Hanako," he replied.

Reena nodded as if she understanding something, "She is. HANAKO!" she shouted back into the house.

Down the stairs came Hanako who was followed by Li and Maiko, "Hey what are you doing here?" Hanako asked surprised.

Mateo looked at everyone biting his lip, "Just to visit is all. I came yesterday with my parents," he explained.

"Well how come you didn't tell us sooner?" Li questioned.

"Because I didn't know until later on..." he explained.

"Right, come on in anyhow. No parents tonight we are going to have a party," Li said.

"A party? with who?" he asked curious.

"Everyone, Lillie, Daichi, Mamoru, Michael..ect... you know the gang," Li explained.

Mateo shrugged his shoulders, "Okay."


Yamato and Mimi's...

Yamato was sitting on the couch with Ren who was now eight years old and had the classic blonde hair as his father to. They were watching the televison.

Lillie came running down the stairs, "Mom, Dad I'm going out!" she announced.

Yamato looked over in the hall way saw her standing there, "Wearing that?" he asked.

"It's just a skirt dad."

"It's a short skirt," Yamato added.

Mimi came to intervene, "Yamato...It's fine. Just above the knee about an inch," she said.

"Yeah and inch too short."

"Nonsense dad...come on...Michael is coming with me too you know," Lillie said to him.

"I suppose it is okay then," Yamato said rather disengaged.

"Okay we are going, see you guys later, bye!" Michael said as he and Lillie left out the front door.


Takeru and Hikari's...

"Mom, heading out!" Hope cried.

Takeru came from the stairs, "Where are you heading to?" he asked.

"Uncle Taichi's," she said with a smile.

Takeru nodded, "Okay that's fine. Be careful and come back by the crew few time understand?" he said.

Hope nodded then was out the door.


Davis and Saria's apartment, North Tokyo...

After dinner everyone sat in the living room it was a little bit of a tight squeeze but they all fit.

Saria stood up, "So we asked you all over here because there is something very important to discuss. We wanted to say that we are expecting," Saria finished.

There was a moment of silence then Sora got up and hugged her, "I'm happy," she said. She was followed by Miyako, Kara, Daisuke, Ken and Taichi was the last of them to congratulate them.

"That's good, I'm happy, but really don't you think getting married is first pirority?" Taichi asked.

Davis nodded with agreement, "Of course which is why," he dug into his pocket and pulled out a velvet jewelry box. He got down on one knee and looked up at a shocked Saria, "Will you marry me?" he asked.

Saria still in shock could only nod. Davis gently slipped on the engagement ring on her finger then she pulled him up and they embraced him tightly.

Sora and Miyako were sprung in tears with in seconds and the others were only smiling contently.

When Davis and Saria parted from their embrace, "Something like I would have done," Taichi said to him.

"Thank's Mr. Yamagi," he said feeling relieved that Taichi was okay with it.

The night passed well with everyone exchanging proposal stories and stories where they all had met.

Taichi was content that his daughter was happy that was the thing that truly mattered.

Around 10pm in the evening Taichi and Sora decide it was time to go. Actually everyone decided it was time to be going. They all had work in the morning and some had a little long ways to drive.

After departing Saria's house, in the car, Sora looked over at Taichi, "You were very good tonight, I thought you would be upset," she said.

"Why would I be?" he asked.

"I'm not sure...I guess I'm still thinking that you are thinking of her as your little girl still. She isn't a little girl anymore...which is hard for me to digest however, I do realize she is mature," Sora explained.

"She will always be our little girl in my heart. Even though she maybe twenty five or thirty in my eyes," he said.

Sora reached out for his hand and he reached for hers, "I understand and I love you," she whispered.

"I love you too," Taichi said and squeezed her hand lightly.


When Taichi and Sora got home they could hear music blaring from inside their house. Upon approaching the house and opening the door they realized it was their children along with the rest of their digital world group who were drunk that no one noticed they were home. Taichi found the source of the music quickly and turned it off.

Upon the interruption of the music the kids looked up and gasped.

"Oh daddy!" Reena said she kind of stumbled when she walked toward him, "I didn't know you were home."

"I am and you all have some explaining to do," Taichi remarked bitterly.

"Dad my idea really," Li said.

"I figured, but was it your idea to drink?" he asked.

" I think it was Michael," he said pointing at the blond in the corner who was slumped over the side of the couch.

Taichi walked over and shook Michael. He awoke to a start and was starting right into the eyes of his uncle, "What do you think you were thinking?" Taichi asked angry.

"What?" Michael asked confused, "What are you talking about?"

"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU TWO ARE DOING!" was the next thing they heard from upstairs.

Taichi and the kids who could walk came up the stairs only to find Sora a little angry and Lillie and Mamoru flushed in the cheeks.

"It was only kissing, I swear," Mamoru said out loud in protest.

"Please Aunt Sora don't call my parents!" Lillie cried.

"I'm going to have to. After tonight, everyone's parents are going to know about this party. It is my responsibility after all," Sora replied.

Lillie and Mamoru looked to the floor feeling rather shameful.

It was with in a matter of seconds that Yamato and Mimi arrived followed by Takeru and Hikari then everyone else.

The children went home with their parents after they had a long talk together about tonight. The fact was that the children were not children anymore all teenagers except for Ren and Yukki.

This was how life teenagers they had experienced some of those idea's that their children where now doing. For Yamato, Mimi, Sora, Taichi, Koushiro, Hiraku, Kimoko, Jyou, Takeru, Hikari, Ken, Miyako, Daisuke and Kara things were to just only starting to get interesting. As all of them knew life as a teenager definitely was not easy.

...THE END...


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