Title: Haunted

Summary: Rikku has something to ask of Baralai. It's going to change his life. And the lives of many others.

Main Pairings: SeymourRikku BaralaiRikku

Others: GippalPaine TidusYuna NoojLeblanc WakkaLulu ClaskoCalli ect.

Baralai sat in pure shock. He hadn't expected her to come, and he certainly didn't expect that. Rikku smiled politely and sighed. She had said what she needed to, and that's all that mattered. Maybe this would turn-out well, maybe it wouldn't. But she had gotten it over with. She shifted in her seat as Baralai finally moved his gaze from her to the perfectly white wall next to him. His expression was confuzed and hard, his brows were knit and his mouth forming a small frown.

Maybe she had put a little to much on him at once. Rikku bit her bottom lip and immediately released it. "Well?" She had tried to break the silence, but all she had done was bring his gaze back to her. Again, there was no change in his expression. She had just shook his world, after so many months of him trying to settle it.

"Oh come on 'Lai..." She leaned forword and gave him a freindly punch on his shoulder, "It's not that bad."

"You are completely mad." She was, and oh how she knew.

She had asked for clearance to go into the depths of Bevelle, into a chamber Baralai had only ever heard rumors about. A labyrinth, in a complete sence. Dangerous, and mythical.. and completely alone. Not to meantion not telling anyone.

"No. I won't let you." Baralai straightened his face out and Rikku groaned. "It's too dangerous."

"So? Think of all I've been through? I can handle it!"

"You won't even tell me why you want to go down there."

"That's because it's personal." She gave him her usual friendly smile, but he still shook his head.


"Ugh... Please?"


"Pretty - pretty please with a potion on top?"

"Absolutely not! Stop asking!"

Rikku put on a pouting face, sticking her bottom lip out and crossing her arms.

"You're like a child." Baralai stated irritatedly. "Come to dinner, we'll talk then."

Rikku jumped up and squeeled. She wrapped her arms around Baralai, who was still sitting.

"That doesn't mean yes."

"But it doesn't mean no!"

-End of Chapter 1

Now what could rikku want with the bevelle undergrounds? HMMMM...