Based on episode 25 "Too Many Girlfriends" (English Version)

A/N: I decided to try something different with this story. My other one was mostly angsty and emotional so this one will be more light-hearted and humorous.

I used the original names although I based this episode on the English version. Also, there's no Japanese suffixes added to the names mainly because I would really hate to make a mistake with them since I don't speak Japanese.

For those of you who don't know, here are the Japanese & English names:

Usagi - Serena

Rei - Raye

Ami - Amy

Makoto - Lita

Minako - Mina

Mamoru - Darien

Motoki - Andrew

Reika - Rita


Usagi felt like her stomach had suddenly developed a large bottomless hole in the pit of her stomach. She leaned against the street lamp to steady her weakening knees. "Whaaaat? Are you sure?" She asked, hoping that the information her friend had relayed to her proved to be false.

Makoto nodded in response with certainty, her face becoming glum. "Yes, Usagi. I heard it straight from the horse's mouth." She said with obvious dejection in her voice.

Usagi didn't know quite what to say, but there was no need. Her face said it all.

"Close your mouth Usagi, you'll attract a swarm of bees with all the sweets you've been eating." Rei said nonchalantly as she walked right past the two girls and made her way to the doors of the Crown Arcade.

A low growl erupted from Usagi, but she forced the strong urge to pummel Rei right there on the street out of her head. Right now, there were more important matters at hand. There would be time for the other later.

"When exactly did you hear this Makoto?" She asked her friend who displayed a downcast face.

Makoto sighed. "Just now when I was waiting for you to come." She quickly glanced behind her and into the windows of the Crown Arcade. "Hurry, we still might catch some of the conversation!"

Before Usagi could protest, or agree for that matter, she was yanked into the Crown Arcade with Makoto pulling her along.

"Makoto, what are you doing?" Usagi hissed as Makoto moved in between the aisle of tables in a low crouch. She quickly evaded her eyes from the customers who were shooting curious glances in their direction.

"Shhhh!" Makoto hissed a little too loudly at Usagi, causing even more glances in their direction. She motioned for Usagi to follow her as she continued to move forward in her low crouch.

Although she didn't get down into a crouching position, Usagi reluctantly moved closer behind Makoto. "Makoto, what--"

"Quiet!" Makoto whispered as she pointed up ahead to the right. Usagi's eyes followed the direction of Makoto's pointed index finger and her voice caught in her throat.

A somber, though still handsome Motoki sat in one of the booths across from that jerk Mamoru. I wonder what he's so sad about?

When a waitress came to take their order, Makoto took the chance to scamper into the booth behind them, making very sure to stay out of their sight. She urged Usagi to run too as she mouthed "Hurry!"

Usagi frantically glanced in Motoki's direction, seeing that the waitress still had them preoccupied. Taking the chance, she dashed to the booth where Makoto sat, her heart beating quickly when she sat herself on the vinyl seat.

Makoto held a finger to her lips to signify silence as she slid down low in her seat, focusing on the voices of Motoki and Mamoru. Usagi followed suit and tried to make out the words of the conversation between them.

"Reika's gonna leave for Africa..." Motoki's voice was heard saying. Usagi couldn't make out the rest of his sentence over the hustle and bustle of the arcade.

Her shoulders slumped with dismay. So Makoto was right. There was a girl named Reika in Motoki's life. She was his girlfriend Makoto had said.

Mamoru replied, "Bummer. I guess that means you guys are gonna have to break up."

Usagi suddenly perked up. Yes, break up! Break up!

"We could still have a long distance relationship. Or maybe I'll go to Africa and study entomology too!" the voice of Motoki said.

Usagi's bubble of hope instantly deflated and her eyes widened three times their original size. No no no no no!Anything, but Africa! How am I ever going to win Motoki's heart if he's all the way over in Africa? No, that cannot happen. I will do everything I can so that Motoki will stay right here within the vicinity of my reach!

Usagi suddenly felt so overwhelmed. First, Makoto had dropped a bombshell on her by telling her that Motoki had a girlfriend and now she was hearing that Motoki might be going to Africa. And just who did this Reika girl think she was?? Did she not know how fortunate she was to have Motoki's heart? What nerve she had to abandon him to go to Africa and study antimlology or whatever it was! Just the word itself sounded boring.

Realizing she had missed some of the conversation, Usagi scolded herself and returned her focus to the targets of their eavesdropping.

"Oh come on Mamoru, haven't you ever been totally gone on someone?"

"Me? Come on get real!" Mamoru scoffed.

"Yeah, well you meet this person who's just totally special and everything clicks and you know it's forever!" Motoki prattled.

Usagi could almost picture the skeptical look on Mamoru's face. She wouldn't be surprised. He could never be as romantic and sweet as Motoki.

"Forever? You've got to be kidding me!" Mamoru replied incredulously. "I can barely stay interested for five minutes."

"What about Usagi's friend Rei?" Motoki inquired.

Mamoru laughed nervously. "Nah, I know she's got some silly school girl crush on me, but we're just pals. Nothing more."

"She told me you've been going to Karate together." Motoki replied."

Mamoru could be heard choking on some sort of liquid the very next instant.

What Motoki said next pierced Usagi right through the heart.

"You're right about the age thing. I think of Usagi and her friends kind of like little sisters."

Usagi suddenly felt like she was falling into a deep and endless abyss. Little sister?? That was it?? This whole entire time, sweet, adorable, generous, charming, and considerate Motoki only thought of me as a little sister??

Her heart heavy, Usagi released a dejected sigh only to hear someone else's dejected sigh come out along with hers. She nearly jumped out of her skin when she realized Rei was seated in the once empty space next to her.

"When did you get here?" Usagi asked. She was just about ready to reprimand her for sneaking up on people (which by the way was different from what she and Makoto were doing--she and Makoto were gathering important data), but she backed down when she saw the forlorn expression on Rei's face.

Suddenly, Rei banged her fists on the table. "Silly school girl crush? Just pals?" She grumbled under her breath. "That's it??" She shot up out of her chair and began to make her way over to Mamoru and Motoki's table.

Usagi and Makoto simultaneously grabbed an arm and pulled Rei back into the booth. "Baka!" Usagi hissed. "If you go over there, they'll know we were eavesdropping!"

Rei shot her a glare. "I wasn't eavesdropping! I overheard!" She hissed back.

Usagi rolled her eyes. "Oh right. That's why you sat here and continued to listen."

"I did not! I--" Rei stopped and searched for some sort of explanation even though the truth was evident. Suddenly, Rei's eyes lit up with indignation. "I knew it! You were spying on Mamoru! Shame on you Usagi! Just like you spied on him when he and I were on a date!"

Usagi gave her a look of outright incredulity and shock. "You've got to be kidding me! You think I actually care about what he does? I knew you were crazy, but I didn't know you were this crazy. And stop trying to deny that you were eavesdropping!"

Rei's face turned a deep shade of red. "I'll have you know that--"

She didn't have time to finish because a male voice interrupted their nice little argument.

"Hey girls. I didn't know you were here. Don't know how I could've missed you, especially with Odango here. That hair is pretty hard to miss." Mamoru towered over their table, coffee in hand.

All three girls exchanged a look of surprise. Did he know they had been eavesdropping?

It was evident by the frown on her face that Usagi didn't like his recent comment so Makoto spoke before she blew a gasket. "Hello Mamoru. We um, came to eat. Yes, and um, we are going to do just that."

Mamoru gave her a quick inquisitive look before saying, "Ok well then you ladies enjoy your meal. I'll be studying for an exam, unlike someone I know." Everyone knew he was referring to Usagi, but before she could retaliate, he turned around and left, moving out of earshot.

Usagi clenched her teeth together. "I don't know what you see in him Rei!"

A dignified look crossed Rei's features. "You jealous Usagi?"

Usagi sneered. "Oh puh-lease!"

Rei's eyes suddenly clouded over with a dreamy look. "Any girl would be. He's good looking, intelligent, sophisticated, mature, and very handsome."

"Now wait a minute," Usagi said interrupting Rei's dreamy thoughts of Mamoru. "Just a second ago you were angry because you" Usagi brought both hands up to motion air quotes with the next word. "overheard him saying he knows you and I quote 'have a silly school girl crush' on him and you're just pals.'"

Rei instantly glowered upon hearing Usagi's words.

Makoto felt the need to butt in before a brawl broke out. "Look you two, the men we want don't want us. We all have that in common so I really don't know what you two are arguing about. You're both one in the same."

"Gee, Makoto. You really know how to hit it where it hurts." Usagi commented.

Makoto sighed and slid out of the booth. "I'm going to go home and sulk."

Rei did the same. "Me too."

Usagi was tempted to leave as well, but decided against it when she realized she would have to walk in the same direction as Rei. As a result, Usagi was left sitting alone in the booth pondering Motoki's words. Was he really going to move to Africa? She could not for the life of her let that happen! She had to find out if and when he was leaving.

She scanned the arcade for that familiar head of sandy blond hair. When she identified it near one of the game machines over in the far corner, she gathered up her courage and made her way towards Motoki's direction.

"Mo-motoki, hi!" Usagi plastered a cheery expression on her face and waved.

"Oh hello Usagi." Motoki returned her smile.

She held down the wave of nervousness that suddenly bubbled inside. "So..." Usagi's eyes flittered around. What exactly do I say? I can't give away that I was eavesdropping, but I need to find out about his plans to go to Africa.

Motoki looked at her curiously as he waited for her to continue.

"Um, I...might be going away. On...a vacation." She tried her best to make her statement sound truthful and unfeigned.

Motoki raised an eyebrow. "Oh really? That's great Usagi. Where to?"

She cheered internally. So far, the conversation was going the way it was supposed to.

"To Africa." She watched his face closely for any indication of interest in the country.

Instead, Motoki wrinkled his nose in slight disbelief. "Really Usagi? No offense, but Africa doesn't really seem to be a popular tourist attraction."

Usagi was at a loss for words. What should she say next? "Uh, well yes, but I am very interested in their culture seeing as it's very different from ours. I could...learn a lot."

Motoki's facial expression softened. "I didn't know you were like that. You always manage to surprise me." He smiled again causing Usagi to feel as if she was floating on clouds.

When her feet felt like they were on solid ground again, she realized that she hadn't yet found the information she sought. Come on Motoki, give me a hint at least! Are you leaving for Africa? Usagi cleared her throat and continued.

"So are you...planning to go away? You know, for vacation? Or for anything else? Because, you know, lots of people travel." She sucked in her breath hoping he would give her the answer she wanted.

Motoki shook his head sullenly. "No. I've got the arcade to look after."

Despite seeing Motoki's sorrow, Usagi rejoiced within. So he's not going to Africa! Take that Reika! Motoki is staying here!

Relieved, she decided she was very satisfied with the data she had gathered. "Well, I'll be off Motoki! I'll see you around!" With a parting wave to him, she cheerfully skipped to the exit.

Usagi continued her cheerful skipping down the street. Motoki is not, I repeat NOT going to Africa! She smiled up at the sunny sky as her foot lifted off the ground, one after the other.

Suddenly, she stopped dead in her tracks. A memory of Motoki's voice rang in her ears. "I think of Usagi and her friends kind of like little sisters."

All of a sudden it seemed as if a cloud had blocked the sun. It wasn't as bright out as it was just a minute ago.

Usagi sighed as she let her shoulders sag. She dragged her feet, which now seemed ten pounds heavier along the sidewalk. Well that sucks! Motoki only thinks of me as a little girl! Well, come to think of it, I guess I can't blame him. I eat like a kid, I act like a kid, I don't do homework, I'm always late, and I probably look like a kid to him. What's worse is that...all of this is true!

Confirming this information herself only added to her sorrows. She sulked in silence for a few moments, but then briskly stopped on the sidewalk when an epiphany hit her.

Wait a minute, so what if I'm a little tardy and I have a hearty appetite? I'll go to bed earlier and set my alarm earlier. So what if I look young? I'm still growing and there are many products out there that can enhance my youthful beauty. Ok, so sometimes I argue like a child with Rei, but I will no longer let her provoke me! I will not give up on Motoki that easily!

Usagi pumped her fist in the air triumphantly, but abruptly stopped when she realized she was still out in public. She quickly looked around, relieved to find that no one had seen. She continued her walk down the sidewalk.

Starting tomorrow, I will commence Mission Try to be More Mature and Grown Up so that Motoki Will Like Me! But that's too long so I will just call it Usagi's very important mission. It will be known as U.V.I.M. for short!!

She laughed out loud and this time didn't care if anyone heard or saw her. She quickened her pace down the street, eager to prepare for the next day.


Usagi gently placed her school books on her desk the next morning exactly seven minutes and twenty-three seconds before the school bell rang. Needless to say, all of her peers were dumbstruck.

"What?" Usagi snapped, offended with all the looks she was receiving from her classmates and most especially from her teacher.

Haruna Sensei closed her open mouth and sputtered, "Well, it's just unbelievable. Did you get a new alarm clock?"

Usagi's mouth tightened into a thin line. "No Sensei. I just set it earlier is all." Perhaps she would be more understanding of the reason why her peers were so amazed with her non-tardyness if her parents and brother hadn't bothered her about it as well this morning.

She slid into her seat behind Ami and tapped her on the shoulder.

"Usagi! Wow, I can't believe it, you're--"

Usagi interrupted her before she could hear any more comments about her earliness. "Listen, I would like to ask a favor from you. I need you to tutor me."

Ami's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. When the initial shock wore off, she asked, "What's the date today?"

Usagi furrowed her brows. "May 21st. Why?"

"It's not April Fool's. Why are you playing practical jokes Usagi?" Ami crossed her arms in front of her. "Last time--"

Usagi scowled at her genius friend's remark. "Is it so hard to believe that I want to improve my grades?"

Ami looked at her for a few moments in utter silence.

"Yes." She finally answered.

Usagi threw her hands up in exasperation. "Ok then, if you don't want to tutor me, then I'll guess I'll have to ask," She gulped. "Umino." She began to rise from her seat, but Ami stopped her.

Seeing that her friend was actually serious, Ami stopped her. "No no, Usagi. I just...never thought I'd see the day." Ami snapped her head towards the direction of the window and seemed to study the sky for a few moments.

"Ami," Usagi said as she waved a hand in front of her face. "What are you staring at?"

Ami brought her eyes back to Usagi's face. "I just wanted to see if there were any flying pigs."

Usagi gave her friend a look. "Why?"

Ami giggled. "Well you know, it's that saying blank when pigs fly indicating that blank will never happen. The girls and I always said 'Usagi will be interested in her studies when pigs fly.'"

Usagi rolled her eyes. Was she really that bad? Well then everyone was going to have to get used to a new and improved Usagi. UVIM!

"So will you do it or not?" Usagi tapped her fingers on the desk impatiently.

Ami smiled, but then her face turned serious. "Of course. But honestly Usagi, you need to do work. No hiding magazines in your textbook and we can't stop for a break every five minutes either!"

Usagi gave her friend a quick nod, biting the urge to cringe at studying for an hour straight. UVIM! UVIM! UVIM! UVIM! She chanted over and over in her head.


The familiar ring of the bell sounded when Usagi stepped into the arcade. She located her target who stood behind the counter and advanced toward him. Ugh, Mamoru's there too. Oh well, I'll have to deal with it and be mature in front of Motoki!

"Hello gentlemen." Usagi greeted, giving both men an amiable nod.

"Hey Usagi!" Motoki greeted her back. "Chocolate milkshake with whipped cream and fudge sauce on top coming right up!"

"Wait, wait!" Usagi held her hands up to stop Motoki from reaching for the ice cream. "Instead, I would like to have a spinach salad with light balsamic vinaigrette."

Motoki seemed to be at a loss for words, but you could always count on Mamoru to open his big mouth.

"What's wrong with you today Odango?" Mamoru shook his head in disbelief.

Nothing's wrong with me baka! she wanted to shout, but she kept her cool and simply answered, "Why, nothing Mamoru. I'm simply deciding to be more health conscious."

Mamoru raised an eyebrow. "You're on a diet?"

Usagi laughed lightly. "No no, I'm just thinking about all of the garbage I've been putting into my body. Sooner or later, it's all going to catch up with me. Might as well start good habits when I'm young." She forced the corners of her mouth to curve upward as she looked at Mamoru. It was a whole lot harder than she thought it would be.

The ebony-haired individual suddenly burst into a fit of laughter, slapping the counter top a number of times as he held his stomach. "From any other person that would have sounded reasonable, but from you it just sounds ridiculous!"

Usagi bit down hard on her tongue to prevent herself from exploding. UVIM! UVIM! UVIM! UVIM! UVIM! She chanted in her head. She glanced over at Motoki who began to laugh a little.

"Usagi," Motoki began. "I would absolutely love to give you your spinach salad...if it was on the menu. Unfortunately, this is a bad place to be if you are trying to be more health conscious. All we have are fast food items."

Usagi's cheeks began to flame. Idiot! She scolded herself. How could you embarrass yourself like this in front of Motoki??

Suddenly, she felt a hand give her a friendly pat on the head. "Good try though Usagi." Motoki said, a grin spreading across his face. "Thank you though. I was having a bad day and you just made me laugh."

Usagi instantly perked up. Ok, I take that back. Good job! Behind her back, she secretly gave herself a high five. Whatever she was doing so far, it was working.

Beaming, Usagi picked up her school bag and said, "Well then I guess I'll have to go get my salad elsewhere. I've got to go, I'm going to be late for a study session! See you later!" She waved at both guys gleefully before exiting the arcade.

Mamoru squinted at Usagi's retreating back as if to make sure that his eyes weren't deceiving him and that the girl who just left was indeed, Usagi. "No outburst? No name calling? Study session? There is definitely something wrong with her today!"


"Moon Tiara Action!" Sailor Moon called out as she aimed her tiara at the youma. Half an instant later, it was but dust and no longer the threatening creature it once was.

The rest of the scouts sighed in relief, grateful that their work was done for the night.

Tuxedo Kamen turned around, ready to flee the scene. "Wait!" Sailor Moon called out. She quickly ran to him before he could make his usual escape.

Tuxedo Kamen slowly turned around, clearly surprised that Sailor Moon was asking him to stay. This was a first.

She stopped a few feet away from him and gazed up into his face, attempting to see his eyes beyond his mask. "Why do you always leave? If you're on our side, you should be part of our team!"

She took a step closer to get a better look at his masked face. "Who are you, Tuxedo Kamen?" She had no idea what in the world possessed her to do so, but she tentatively lifted a hand to his mask. Her heart was beating wildly and nerves went over the edge at the thought of finally confirming her notions about this handsome hero's identity.

But before her hand could touch it, Tuxedo Kamen took a step backwards, thus moving out of her reach. "Some things must remain a secret, Sailor Moon. Until next time!" And with that, he leaped into the trees and disappeared.

Sailor Moon was left standing in the same spot as she watched his small figure in the distance disappear. "I know it's you, Motoki." She whispered into the midnight air. "I'll get you to trust me, I promise."


A/N: I wish I could write all day long, really I do! If I didn't go into nursing, I'm thinking perhaps I would have become an author instead. But I also have a lot of visions for my future as a nurse. I'd appreciate any comments on this story.

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