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Chapter 17-------------

Tuxedo Kamen couldn't believe what he had just heard. Should he even believe his enemy's allegations? He stared straight into the ominous eyes of Malachite, his mouth taut and posture stiff. Malachite gave no indication at all that he was playing a practical joke. He was genuinely delirious with anger.

Malachite sneered and stared down Sailor Venus who was being held in a paralyzed state by his powers. "It's me! I am she!" Sailor Venus cried out while doing her best to mask the panic in her voice. "I am the Princess of the Moon." They had found out the truth too soon.

"LIES!" Malachite roared. "I won't have you make a fool out of me!" He sent out an electrical shock that shook Sailor Venus's body and caused her collapse in a heap onto the ground.

"Princess!!" Sailor Mercury cried out. The rest of the Sailor Scouts looked on in horror, unable to think of what to do.

Tuxedo Kamen clenched his jaw, forcing himself not to fly into a fit of rage. "What are the reasons for your accusations Malachite? Why do you accuse the Princess of deceiving you?" He said this as calmly as he could possibly manage despite the fact that he wanted to pummel the Negaverse minion with every ounce of his being.

"Has she deceived all of you too? Has she not spoken the truth that reveals her true identity?" Malachite took another enraged glance at the collapsed Sailor Venus on the concrete. "She is not the Moon Princess. She's an imposter who has simply masqueraded as the Princess. The crescent moon that once glowed on her forehead shattered the instant I brought forth my dark crystal." Malachite's rage boiled within him. All this time they had been tracking a false Princess. What a waste of time! Now he would have to return to Queen Beryl empty-handed. He knew that he would be responsible for taking the punishment.

"Where is the real Princess?" Malachite bellowed. "Where is she hidden away?" The veins in his forehead were beginning to show. "Perhaps all of you were in on this! Did you all played a part in this plan to deceive me?!"

"We don't know what you're talking about." Sailor Jupiter replied. She knew that everyone was thinking the same as her. Everyone was just beginning to wrap their minds around the fact that Sailor Venus was only pretending to be the Moon Princess.

Malachite wouldn't have it. "Until you bring me the real Moon Princess, I'm going to keep the fake one. You won't have her back until we have the real one. An exchange if you will." With his hand, he made a circular motion which in turn resulted in a large black hole appearing right in front of him. "Let's go everyone!" He called out to the youmas who had stopped their acts of destruction while waiting upon the orders of Malachite."

"Wait!" Sailor Mars yelled. "We don't know where the real Princess is! We don't have one to exchange with you!"

Malachite didn't bring out the pity party. "Well then I guess you're just going to have to find her. Until then, we're keeping this fake one. I won't give you too much time either. One week. Just one week before I do away with her. I strongly suggest you start searching!" Before anyone else could object, a whirlwind sucked Malachite, the youmas and Sailor Venus into the black hole which vanished but seconds later.

The Sailor senshi and Tuxedo Kamen all stood in silence, none knowing what move to make next. None knew what to make of the fake Princess. Again, more questions and uncertainty clouded their minds and swirled among them. This was almost too much to process. One question would just result in several more questions being formed. None would lead to a clear answer. They couldn't even question Sailor Venus herself since she had been captured as a hostage.

Sailor Moon swallowed to moisten her mouth and throat that had gone dry. The silence was swallowing them whole. She knew she had to say something, had to try and start the mission of finding the real Princess and saving Sailor Venus. "Where do we even begin looking for the Moon Princess?"

"Why would Sailor Venus pretend to be the Moon Princess in the first place?" Asked Sailor Jupiter.

"Yeah, when do you think she was planning on telling us the truth?" Added Sailor Mars.

"There's got to be some logical explanation to all of this." Sailor Mercury said more to herself than all the others.

Before anyone knew it, almost everyone was asking questions aloud which only caused for more questions to be asked by the others. How long had she been pretending? Did she work for someone else? What did she want out of all of this?

A male voice suddenly cut through all the female voices. Tuxedo Kamen looked straight ahead without looking at anyone in particular. "The only explanation that make sense is that she was pretending to be the Princess in order to protect the real one."

The scouts stood silent for a while as they all internalized this.

"Did you know about this all along Tuxedo Kamen?" Asked Sailor Jupiter in an almost accusatory tone.

"Of course not! I was oblivious to the truth like everyone else!" He replied. "Look, let's not point fingers here. Sailor Venus's life is in danger. We need to find the real Princess."

"And then do what?" Sailor Mercury asked. "Just hand her over to the Negaverse? Surely, we can't put the real Princess in harm's way. That would be going against Sailor Venus's efforts which was to keep them away from the real Princess in the first place."

"Of course we're not going to hand her over to them." Sailor Mars replied for Tuxedo Kamen. "But we can't just leave Sailor Venus to die."

"No, but then we can't go in there without knowing what we're going up against and having no plan!" Sailor Jupiter said loudly.

Suddenly everyone was speaking all at once attempting to find answers to calm their own nerves. Everyone but Sailor Moon who stood still was joining in on the big commotion. Hands were being thrown up, faces were being covered with hands in exasperation, sighs and frustrated tones were heard.

"Everyone stop!" Sailor Moon yelled out. Immediately everyone stopped their arguing and turned to look at Sailor Moon. When she was serious, she was serious. She looked at the group with a determined expression that made everyone dare not ignore her words.

"This means one thing. The real Princess is out there somewhere. Maybe she'll know what to do when we find her. First thing's first though. We need to find her." Sailor Moon looked intensely at all the senshi. None of them objected. They knew that not all questions would be answered immediately and she was right. First they had to find the Moon Princess.

"Let's call it a day. We have a lot to think about. We'll meet again very soon." Sailor Moon concluded. She turned around to address Tuxedo Kamen and let him know about a meeting place for them to discuss their plans. She was disappointed, however, when she found that he was gone. She knew she shouldn't be surprised. Oh well. At least nowadays she a had better idea of where to find him.

Mamoru let out a sharp gasp as he sat upright in bed. The curtains hanging on the window billowed about as the wind blew in through the open window. Mamoru inhaled deeply to attempt to calm himself. It was that dream again.

But this time, it had gone a little differently than usual. The images were still vivid in his mind. That feeling of longing and wanting to be near to this unknown Princess overcame him. It seemed ludicrous. How could you feel so strongly toward someone you've never met? How could he want that when even in his dreams he couldn't see her face? There was always a heavy fog surrounding her and preventing him from being able to clearly see her.

This time, he had been able to get close. But her face was still covered by a dark shadow that didn't allow him to see even her eyes. "Princess," he had said. "You keep asking me to find you, to save you. Where do I find you?"

"I'm here. I've been here all along." She answered.

"Where? Where is here?" He asked in return.

"Right by your side." She answered. "Hurry! Time is passing."

"Wait! What does that mean?" He asked frantically.

Of course, he would always wake up before he could ever get any real answers. He let out a heavy sigh. What did it mean she was right by his side? If she was right by his side, wouldn't he have found her already? Or perhaps he just wasn't looking hard enough. Did she have a secret identity? Was it someone in one of his college classes? He shook his head as if to shake out all his confusion.

As if this wasn't the only thing on his mind. There was also the matter of Usagi. She was Sailor Moon. He shook his head again to berate himself. Sailor Moon was right in front of him all along. The girl he often teased and made fun of was the same girl that stood in the face of danger and fought for the world. It was the same girl Tuxedo Kamen had held in his arms many many times. He felt a slight blush in the form of heat rise into his cheeks. "Go back to sleep." He told himself. But with his last thought, he found it difficult that night to get much sleep.

Makoto and Ami sat out in the courtyard stirring their lunch around without eating much. Just the day before, the revelation that Sailor Venus was not the Princess was revealed to them all. It had been a silent lunch so far. It was chilly in December, but it was the only place where she could speak without being overheard since everyone was indoors.

"Where's Usagi?" Makoto asked breaking the silence.

"She had to spend lunch in detention hall. Haruna Sensei caught her not paying attention. She was probably just caught up in all this Princess stuff just as we are." Ami replied while stirring her food around some more.

"We only have one week. We don't have any leads let alone know where to even start looking for her. We don't even know what the Princess looks like." Makoto said before sighing. "It's not looking too good right now."

"Don't panic." Ami replied to reassure her friend. "We'll figure something out. Something might happen before the end of this week."

"Let's hope so." Makoto said trying to sound as hopeful as possible.

Ami looked up from their table and scanned the courtyard. The new girl Minako had not come to class today. All the well she supposed because Makoto and her could discuss Sailor senshi business privately.

Just then, a beep emanated from Ami's school bag. "My Sailor communicator!" She quickly retracted it from the front pocket.

"Ami? It's me." Rei's face appeared on the screen.

"Rei! Hey, what's going on?"

Rei's facial expression looked concerned. "I consulted the fire today. I saw a man's face and then a house. It was clear enough for me to see the address. Let's meet at my place tomorrow and go over there."

Ami looked up from her communicator at Makoto. Makoto nodded slowly as if to tell Ami to agree.

"Ok. I'll let Usagi know." Ami replied before hanging up.

Although it was an uncertain lead, it was a lead and as far as they were concerned, that was better than nothing right now.

Usagi exhaled quickly as if to expel any nervous energy. The crown arcade was just as busy as any other day today with several people laughing and creating murmurs of conversation. But as usual, Usagi was only focusing on one particular person. Mamoru was sitting up at the front counter, his back facing her while he was engaged in a conversation with Motoki. He had left abruptly once again after the battle yesterday. She had tossed and turned in bed all night again the night before wondering why Tuxedo Kamen didn't trust the Sailor senshi enough to be a team with them. What was it about Sailor Venus that made him want to trust her? If he knew that she, Usagi was Sailor Moon, then would he trust the senshi?

If only she could tell him her identity. But she sighed knowing that things just weren't that simple. Things could turn out to be the worst. She might lose him in their civilian life too and she just couldn't bear that.

As she neared the front counter, Motoki looked up and gave a wave. "Usagi! Come on over."

She waited for Mamoru to turn around. He didn't. Instead, it seemed almost as if he stiffened.

"Here, take a seat." Motoki said while motioning to the empty seat beside Mamoru. Usagi nodded and slowly lowered herself onto the seat.


Why was it suddenly awkward? Mamoru wasn't saying anything. Usually by now, she would have been retaliating with an insult in response to one of his remarks about one of her flaws. But there was nothing.

She glanced over at him wondering what was going on only to find that he was already looking at her. The moment their eyes met it felt like a shock of electricity had traveled down her spine. Mamoru instantly looked down, his face starting to flush. Usagi tried so hard to hide the blush in her cheeks.

"What's with you two?" Motoki asked, unable to take the silence any longer. Usually you guys are either hurdling insults at each other or saying something, anything."

Now that Mamoru knew the truth, Usagi wasn't just Usagi to him anymore. He knew much more about her now. He not only knew all the words in the line she spoke to Negaverse monsters, but he knew how she felt in his arms and the light weight of her arms around his shoulders as he carried her...

Mamoru blinked hard to rid himself of this thought. It was clearly preventing him from being able to speak like a regular person.

Usagi swallowed hard and took a few breaths to calm her nerves. She was sitting next to Tuxedo Kamen who was Mamoru. Was it just her or was he becoming more and more handsome every time she saw him? Suddenly, the thought that he was sitting next to her made her heart beat ten times faster.

"Alright guys, I need to go take some orders. I'll be back." Motoki said as he eyed the duo suspiciously. This wasn't their usual type of greeting toward each other.

Mamoru wracked his brain for any topics to speak of. All that would surface in his mind was Sailor Moon and the way she touched his face and cared for him when he was hurt. He searched his brain some more and the image of Usagi in that white dress during the double date appeared. She was so beautiful that night. At that moment, he became aware of how hot his face felt. He hoped it wasn't obvious. He mentally kicked himself. Why couldn't he be normal right now?

Usagi wondered why Mamoru was being awfully quiet. Even an insult would be welcome right about now. "So..." Usagi started.

Mamoru looked up, his eyes momentarily resting on her but then falling back down to the counter. "So..." He answered.

Oh brother. Usagi shouldn't have started out with that word. It wasn't getting them anywhere. She frantically searched for words to bring out of her mouth. "So um...what'd you do yesterday?" The instant those words left her, she wanted to reach out and take them back as if it were possible. She already knew what he did yesterday. She was there. But it wasn't like she could ask, "So how was it fighting off Negaverse creatures yesterday? Great aim by the way."

Mamoru's mind went blank. What should he reply with? Should he lie? Should he say, "I found out that the Princess I was protecting was only pretending to be a Princess so now I'm looking for the real one, do you happen to know where she might be?" He really didn't know what to say, but now the moment of silence was becoming an awkward pause in the conversation. "Um...I uh...went out." He wanted to kick himself. Was that really the best he could do?

Usagi nodded. "I see. Me too." Words weren't really coming in as smoothly as she had hoped.

Suddenly Usagi burst into a fit of laughter. All of this awkwardness was becoming funny. Why were they speaking like they didn't know each other? She knew that if they were being filmed right now, she would have laughed at the footage.

Mamoru slowly turned to look at Usagi and watched while a laugh lit up her face and her shoulders shook. Watching and hearing her laugh was enough to bring a huge smile to his face and erase all the awkward memories of the moments only minutes before. Pretty soon, he found that he was also joining in on the laughter.

"Really, Mamoru, how have you been?" Usagi asked, calming down from her laughing fit. The ice had now been broken. "I feel like I haven't seen you in a while."

Mamoru couldn't help it. What she said made him smile. He let out one more laugh and replied, "I've been hanging in there. Life's been much easier without Rei stalking me."

Usagi giggled. "You've succeeded in unattracting her. You are now free of her shackles."

Mamoru smiled. "Yeah. Thanks to you."

Usagi smiled back. "It was my pleasure."

Mamoru and Usagi looked at each other, eye contact locked.

Usagi pressed her lips together as her eyes wandered down to Mamoru's lips then wandered back up to his eyes. Something about the way he was looking at her was a little different today. Mamoru's eyes were Tuxedo Kamen's eyes. She was looking into the eyes of Tuxedo Kamen when they weren't being hidden behind a mask. She let her eyes wander down to his arm. Those were the same arms that carried her away from danger countless times. She was face to face with Tuxedo Kamen. Her heart swelled at seeing him smile at her. Then her heart sank. She wanted him to know she was Sailor Moon. She wanted him to know that she was the same girl he had rescued several times. The same girl he was looking at this very moment was the same one he had risked his own safety for many times. Just then a thought occurred to her. Had she ever thanked him? Did she ever express her gratitude? If she did, it wasn't enough. Her heart ached a little. Was it alright to tell him she was Sailor Moon? She knew that the Sailor senshi were forbidden to reveal their identities to anyone. But this was different! This was someone who was a hero himself. She sighed. She could only imagine the senshi's reactions if they ever found out she had told someone her identity.

Mamoru knew he was staring. But he couldn't help it. It wasn't enough that she was funny, lively, bubbly and wonderful Usagi. She also happened to be Sailor Moon defender of the Earth. He recalled all the times he spent with her both in and out of battle. All this time, they were the same person. How would things be different if she knew he was Tuxedo Kamen? Would she run to him? Or would she run away from him? He didn't want to risk the latter. She suddenly sighed and a look of sadness overcame her face. He wondered what it was that was making her upset. His heart crumbled a little. He knew right that instant that he wanted to be her hero who not only saved her from physical harm, but from any other hurt or sadness.



They both spoke at the same time.

"You go first." Usagi said.

Mamoru shook his head. "No, it's alright. You go first."

Usagi's mouth suddenly went dry. "I um...I--"

"Can you believe it?" Motoki cut in just as he neared the front counter. "That customer over there doesn't want to pay for his fries because they were too crunchy." Motoki shook his head in disbelief. "This is an arcade. Not a five star restaurant."

Motoki glanced at the pair he was speaking to. "Oh I'm sorry." He said when he realized they were in the middle of something. "Did I interrupt something?"

Usagi shook her head. "No. No, it's alright Motoki." She said softly. She scolded herself. Just what was she thinking wanting to tell Mamoru she was Sailor Moon? It was impulsive. She didn't even know how exactly she would reveal the information.

"By the way, are you guys coming to the winter ball? Tell all your girl friends Usagi. It's happening over at City Hall."

Usagi's eyes lit up. There would be a lot of food no doubt. "When is it?" She asked excitedly.

"On Wednesday." Motoki informed her. "Are you coming along Mamoru?" He knew that this wasn't his typical type of event.

Mamoru looked at Usagi's excited expression out of the corner of his eye. "Yeah, I guess I can come."

Motoki raised his eyebrows. "Really? This is coming from the guy who flat out refused to go to the Halloween party. If I recall correctly, you said you, 'don't have time to prepare for such childish antics.'"

Mamoru cleared his throat and gave his friend a look. "I meant costumes and the like."

"Ahh." Motoki nodded. "So dressing up in a fancy suit is fine with you?"

"What? It's a formal party?" Mamoru asked.

"Ooh! Formal party!" Usagi said, thrilled with the idea. Excuses to wear a dress and look pretty was always something to look forward to.

"Yes, it's a formal party at City Hall on Wednesday. It's a winter ball. I'll see you guys there then!" Motoki said as he turned around to deliver a tray of drinks to some customers.

"So, what was it that you were saying before Motoki came along?" Mamoru said to return to their previous conversation. He eyed her inquisitively.

"Oh...I forogt." Usagi replied quickly. She wanted to tell him, but what were the consequences? "Well, what was it that you wanted to tell me?" She turned the conversation back to him.

A surprised look came upon Mamoru's face. "Oh right. It was...nothing. Nothing important." Could he really tell her the truth?

Usagi looked at him as if to analyze if he was telling the truth. He seemed a little hesitant. "Alright then. I'm gonna get going. I'll see you on Wednesday?" She asked as she got up from her seat.

Mamoru nodded. "Yeah, I'll see you on Wednesday."

As Usagi headed out of the arcade, she looked back one last time. Logic and emotions were battling each other. Tell him and risk everything? Don't tell him and go on as they always had? It was nearly impossible to do that now. How could she treat him the same as before when she knew such an important piece of information?

"Seriously Usagi?" Rei asked. "A Christmas party? We've got other things to be concerned about. Specifically finding the Moon Princess."

Usagi hung her head a litte. "Of course, I know that. We're working on it aren't we? It'd be nice to you know, have a little fun before we risk our lives and possibly face death yet again."

The four girls had met this chilly December evening and were currently on their way by foot to a house that Rei had seen in one of her visions. For now, it was the only lead they had.

"I have to say that Usagi's right. It'd be nice to go to a nice event and just put away our worries for the night." Makoto said. She stuffed her hands in her pockets to protect them from the cold air.

"I wouldn't forbid it. We can go, but finding the Princess is our priority. If something else comes up, we have to leave that party." Ami said while tightening her scarf around her neck.

"But of course Ami. Yay!" Usagi said triumphantly. "We're going to the Winter Ball!"

"Fine." Rei said. But she really didn't mind. A Winter Ball sounded like it could be a lot of fun. Plus it was an opportunity to meet some cute guys. "Alright guys, we're here." Rei said as she stopped in front of an old looking house. The shutters and the roof was in bad shape. It also looked like it could use a paint job telling by the cracked and faded color. If not for the lovely garden outside, the house might have looked a little haunted.

"So what do we do?" Makoto asked. "We up on their doorstep? What if nobody's home? I guess calling beforehand is out of the question."

"Of course it's out of the question Makoto." Rei replied. "I don't have their phone number. I just saw the address in my vision."

"Well what do we tell them when they open the door?" Usagi added to the list of questions. "I mean come on, we don't even know what they have to do with all of this."

Rei gritted her teeth. "Look guys, we came all the way here. Do you want to go back home and start at square one with nothing? We have to at least try. Are you guys with me or not?"

"We're with you." Makoto replied.

"Me too." Ami said.

"Of course. We're all here." Usagi added.

The girls moved closer to the door with Rei leading them. She didn't know what they were stepping into. All she knew was that her visions had led them here. She exhaled slowly as if to expel all her fears before lifting up her hand to knock on the door.

Suddenly, the door burst open with a loud creak. The girls all looked on in surprise.

"Well what are you all standing there for? Come in!" The middle aged man with greying hair and wrinkles around his eyes opened the door wider for all to come in.

"Um...we're--" Rei began.

"I know."

The girls were absolutely dumbfounded.

"Well hurry, the night's not getting any younger." The man said as he ushered the girls into his home.

Makoto and Ami exchanged looks. This wasn't weird. It was very weird.

The man led them into his living room that consisted of five arm chairs in a circle which faced inward. The fireplace burned brightly in the corner casting an orange light which glowed throughout room. "Have a seat everyone." The man offered as he lowered himself onto one of the arm chairs. "Tea? Coffee? Water? He asked the girls.

"I'm alright, thank you." Ami replied as she sat down just as the other girls did. Her heart was beating in anticipation for what was to come. Who was this odd man?

It was silence in the room for a while. The only sound heard was the crackling of the firewood in the fireplace. None of the girls knew where to start the conversation.

Finally, Rei spoke. "How did you know we were coming?" She asked tentatively.

The man looked at each girl. "I know many things before they even come to be. Most information comes to me without warning. I cannot control what I know and what I do not know. I saw two days ago that four girls would come and visit me in my home. But a question that you are all probably wondering about even more is who I am."

Usagi nodded. "Yes. It sort of seems like you know who we are. What's your name?"

The man's eyes met with Usagi's and he held a steady, intense gaze that made her feel a little uncomfortable. Usagi looked down to break the eye contact.

"I am Liam. Liam who belonged to the court of Queen Serenity of the Moon." The girl's eyes widened upon hearing this. "I was one of her advisors. The reason being of course was because I had this uncanny ability to see some of the future." He seemed rather proud of the information he had disclosed. However, his face shortly fell seconds later. "Unfortunately, I was not able to foresee the destruction of the Kingdom." He spent a few moments in solemn silence after that.

The girls wrapped their mind around this piece of information.

"You're from...the moon?" Usagi asked. It came out more quietly than she intended it to.

Liam returned his intense gaze to Usagi. She shifted in her seat uncomfortably. "I am. So are you." He replied.

Usagi furrowed her eyebrows. What was this man talking about? She had never stepped foot on the moon. What could he possibly mean?

"Let me tell you all a story." Liam said as he stood up from his seat. He motioned to the fire place in the corner which suddenly burst into a more bigger and brighter fire.

The girls looked at him in alarm, ready to bolt out of their seats.

"Please," Liam said calmly. "Don't be afraid. Watch the fire. I'll tell you a story."

The girls reluctantly complied and turned around to look at the bright burning fire. The flames looked as if they would spread beyond the fireplace.

"A very long time ago the Moon was a gallant place of splendor." Liam began.

Usagi gasped delightedly as the fire displayed images of majestic and magnificent tall buildings that were beautifully constructed. Liam told them of the wonderful life on the moon, of the peace and joy in the Kingdom. "Those were joyous days indeed." He said while reminiscing. He told them that Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mercury and Sailor Venus were all princesses of their respective planets and were also warriors that served the Moon Kingdom.

"Who was I?" Usagi asked.

Liam only replied, "I'll get to that in a moment." Usagi raised her eyebrows, but decided to wait until he mentioned it to ask more questions.

He then watched the girls' faces fall into a look of contempt and sadness as he told them of the destruction of the Moon Kingdom and how the girls were sent to Earth to be protected. "Queen Serenity used her last ounce of strength to use the Imperial Silver Crystal to save us all."

Silence engulfed the room for a long time. Each girl took time to come to terms with the fact that they all had former lives and were sent here, on earth to continue to carry out the mission of destroying the Negaverse. Each girl was saddened by the loss of Queen Serenity, but grateful for her sacrifice.

"Now you all know." Liam said softly, interrupting the girls' thoughts. "But, I'm afraid," Liam continued. "That wasn't what you came here to find out was it?"

Suddenly, they returned to the reason they had come in the first place, putting aside all other thoughts for now.

"Yes, that's right. We need to find the Moon Princess. You must know who she is." Rei said anticipating the answer.

Liam nodded without looking at any one of them. "I do."

Usagi gulped. Finding this girl would help solve a lot of their problems. Finally meeting this girl would end their search once and for all.

The room became so silent, not even an inhale or an exhale could be heard. The girls were holding their breath and sitting on the edge of their seat anticipating Liam's answer regarding the whereabouts of the Moon Princess. This was it. The Moon Princess would be their weapon.

Makoto swallowed to moisten her dry throat. "Where...can we find her?" She asked, her hands fidgeting with her watch.

Liam looked at the girls one by one until his eyes rested on Usagi. "She's here."

Collective gasps were heard around the room.

"In this house?" Ami asked. Her eyes wandered to the staircase. Perhaps she was upstairs in one of the rooms.

Liam nodded. "She's in this very room."

The girls all looked at each other and exchanged looks. What was this man saying?

"I beg your pardon?" Usagi asked.

Liam slowly moved to Usagi and when he stood in front of her, he lowered himself to one knee.

"What are you--" She began, but Liam said, "It's you. You are the Princess of the Moon." He bowed his head in reverence. "Your majesty."

Usagi's hand went up to cover her mouth. Suddenly the fireplace burned even brighter than it had before and the fire displayed an image of the Moon Princess in all her glory, clothed in white and shining as if she carried her own light. Usagi saw that indeed, it was her in that image. She was the one who was adorned with jewels and standing in the regal throne room.

The girls were dumstruck. What to say? The Moon Princess they had been searching for had been with them the entire time.

Usagi looked up at the girls with wide eyes. Unbelievable.

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