Author: Sarah Miyar
Rating: R (for future chapters)
Summary: Something is wrong with Max's body. Will Logan be able to help her this time?
Author's note: Ok, my spelling and grammar sucks big time but English is not my first language so just ignore that. Also please ignore the fact that I know nothing about medicine so if anything is off just... forget about it and try to enjoy the rest of the story.
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Chapter one: Breath in

Max laid down on the couch and groaned. She covered her face with her hands and tried to get comfortable.

"Feeling better?" Logan asked. He raised her head and sat down, she rested her head on his thigh and shook her head.

"Not really, I still feel like I've been hit by a truck."
Logan took one of her hands and placed a mug on it.

"Maybe this will make you feel better." Max sniffed the cup.
"Chicken soup? It might work!" She sat up a little and took a big gulp. The warm liquid ran down her throat, some of it spilled over the edge of her mouth, leaving a salty trail of soup from the corner of her lips to the valley between her breasts. Logan swallowed and leaned down, running his tongue down the same path.

Max moaned and held his head to her neck. Suddenly her moan turned into a groan. She sat up and ran to the bathroom.

Logan sat on the couch and listened for a second before following her. She was on her knees in front of the bowl.

"I thought this was supposed to go away after the first trimester" Max said weakly.
"Yeah, so did I" Logan sat next to her. She turned back towards the bowl and threw up again. He held her hair away from her face and handed her a towel.

"Be strong Max, only three more months left" He tried to lift her mood but it wasn't really working.

"I don't wanna feel like crap for the next tree months, if we ever decide to have another kid you are gonna have to carry it mister." She got up and groaned again.

Logan tried to laugh but the truth was he was really getting worried. Max could barely keep anything down, she had only gained a few pounds and her body still looked perfect and thin except for the small belly.
She had told him that her genes wouldn't allow her to gain too much weight but this was getting ridiculous. She was weaker every day and complained of back pain often. That was supposed to be normal but with such a small belly he just wasn't so shure.

'I'll talk to the doctor about this later' He told himself and followed her wife into the kitchen.


Max was resting on her bed. She was bored out of her mind! She wanted to go back to work or hang out at the crash but Logan had said no. She knew she could always ignore him and continue to go to work but the truth was... she really wasn't feeling well. She knew she was weak and that doing any work could put their baby at risk so she decided to listen to Logan and stay home.

'Uh, that pain on my back is back'

She shifted her body and rolled to her side. She could hear Logan on the computer room. The clicking of his keyboard told her that he was hard at work.

'Well, if I'm not gonna rest I might as well help him out' She thought and stood up.
She felt something wet on her tight and looked down.
Her scream echoed all over the apartment.

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