A story of the ever-resilient, ever-annoying Two-am inspirationius species.

A really odd little thing that even I don't especially likeā€¦I don't expect rave reviews for this one. Be nice if I got them anyway, though, as always. For maximum effect, listen to Angel by Sarah McLachlan.

(Also, anyone who happens to be reading my other story Just A Little Family Drama, I have honestly not given up on it. It's just on hiatus right now, mostly because of my inspiration-well running dry since there aren't due to be any more new episodes until October.)

Disclaimer: I don't own House's brooding melancholy, or anything else pertaining to the House universe, because my name is not David Shore.


You should have been paying more attention.

Shut up.

If you had been paying more attention,

Shut up

You would have noticed something was wrong,

Shut up, be quiet.

that something wasn't right.

Shut up!

You probably would have noticed the bags under his eyes, the growing number of wrinkles on his face, the increasing amount of time he spend holed up in his office, the way he started to shut everyone out. Like you.

Shut up

There were so many things that the world-renowned diagnostician should have been able to figure out. And would have, if you could have pulled your head out of your own ass long enough to see.

Just shut up.

So many things that should have been obvious, and probably were. If anyone cared enough to look, like his best friend should have.

Shut up. This wasn't my-

This was your fault, and you know it.

He looked at the casket in front of him, the polished oak casket that was probably supposed to be beautiful but was really so ugly, and thought that maybe the voice was right. Thought that the voice was probably right, and that maybe he was going insane. He had been a doctor long enough to know that hearing voices

(arguing with voices)

inside your own head about who's fault it was wasn't usually a sign that your brain was functioning completely normally. He thought it didn't really matter if he were sane or not, not anymore.

You should have been holding him up. Instead, you helped him fall.