The Populars

Chapter 1: Meet the Populars

The Populars

Rating: M

Dedication:Gabbie, I love you Hardcore.

Summary: Enter the realm of the populars. InuYasha Takahashi, Miroku Kazzanna, Koga Ookami, Sesshomaru Takahashi, Yura Yomata, Kikyo Hanara and Kanna Hamasuki run Shikon high. They are the masters and the students are their puppets. That is till a group of girls decide to crash their party. Kagome Higurashi, Sango Yomoto, Kagura Hamada and Ayame Itsunara decide they aren't going to take the populars crap anymore. Welcome to 'The populars' a world where the socially challenged and the socially acceptable collide.

A/N: Hey Peoples! Vixen here! This is just gonna be a short story about populars! Some of these things actually happened, sadly. Some people are just too crazy. Anyways this story will be about 12 chapters, though the 12th chapter will probably just be a thank you note. Anyways, get ready to enter the realm of the socially challenged, and the populars.

Kagome's Pov

Hey there! I'm Kagome Higurashi and this is my story of the Populars verses the Unpopular.

Enter the Populars

Darkness took over the skies as the clouds covered the suns dull rays. The crows flew through the air, their screeches piercing Kagome's ears as the smell of burning flesh entered her senses…

Actually, it was a cool September's day; the blue birds were singing the same, high pitch melody. The smell of burning flesh? The 'sweet' smell of the cafeteria's sloppy Joes.

Welcome to Shikon High, a school made by the populars and of course, for the populars. Kagome Higurashi, your average high school girl. She had long black hair and big brown eyes. She was never seen without a smile and was a B Student. This was her second year in high school, and she knew, even before she started high school, do not mess with the populars. The populars? InuYasha Takahashi, Miroku Kazzanna, Koga Ookami, Sesshomaru Takahashi, Yura Yomata, Kikyo Hanara and Kanna Hamasuki.

InuYasha Takahashi, first in command. He was the ruler of Shikon High, ever since he first stepped foot in the school. He had girls swooning over him, left and right. He was tall; he had a muscled build and silver hair down to his waist, rough un comb bangs. He had rough, wild, golden eyes and an attitude to match. He was one of the cockiest men to be born on earth. He was on the football team, basketball team and took a few years of hockey. Every girl loved InuYasha…well almost every girl.

Miroku Kazzanna, second in command, and InuYasha's best friend. He had jet black hair, always pulled into a very small pony tail at the nape of his neck. He was a charming and friendly guy, a bit too friendly. He was the player of the group, as good as a guy he was…he had more girls then he could count on one hand. He had deep blue eyes and was on the basket ball team with InuYasha.

Koga Ookami, the fastest kid in Shikon High. He was the head of the track team. With his long, jet black hair and dazzling blue eyes, it was no wonder why he was as popular as he was. He always had his hair pulled into a high pony tail and a smirk plastered on his face. He might have been the fastest kid in school, but he was also one of the cockiest, second to that of InuYasha.

Sesshomaru Takahashi, InuYasha's older brother. He had failed a year for poor attendance, and was currently in the same grade as us. He was substantially taller then most, He had his brothers long silver hair, neatly combed bangs, and gold eyes, though his were a lighter, more mature looking color. He was stern, quiet and never laughed. He was by far, the toughest of the group.

Kikyo Hanara, the most popular girl. She had beautiful raven locks, brown eyes and red lips. She looked like Kagome, only more mature, sterner and more beautiful. She was smart, but not as smart as Kagome. She always wore tight clothing and make-up. She made fun f those 'beneath' her and was what Kagome liked to call 'Shikon High's Grade A bitch.' She had dated InuYasha….4 times, Miroku once.

Yura Yomata and Kanna Hamasuki, Kikyo's lackeys. Yura had long beautiful black, brown hair and violet eyes. She always wore red lipstick and tight, revealing clothes. She had dated Miroku and Koga. Kanna was the odd one. She had white hair, not to be mistaken as silver and large black eyes. She always wore white clothing and hardly ever spoke. She was the void of all emotion.

Those were the populars. The most well known kids in the whole school. They had what seemed to be the 'perfect' life and 'perfect' grades. Kagome ran with the social opposites. The Unpopulars.

"Kagome, get a move on!" A girl to Kagome's right yelled. Kagome sighed and nodded her head as she grabbed her back pack and ran after her.

Her name was Sango Yomoto. She had black hair that was always tied into a neat, tight high pony tail. She was the sporty one of Kagome's group. She was on the volley ball team, the basket ball team, the swim team and the soccer team. Sango was also a very smart girl; she loved having fun and was Kagome's best friend since birth.

"Why are you in such a hurry?" Kagome asked as she opened the English room door. Sango shrugged her shoulders.

"We get our partners assigned to us today; I want to know who I'm with!" Sango laughed. Kagome rolled her eyes and sat down at the far right desk, Sango sitting next to her.

"Kagome! Sango!" two voices yelled. Kagome blinked and looked up to see her other two best friends.

"Kagura! Ayame!" Kagome and Sango yelled at the same time.

Ayame Itsunara, the fiery red head. She was the nicest person you would ever meet. She had red wavy hair always pulled into two pig tails. She had bright expressive emerald green eyes. She was a bubbly character, and a grade A student.

Kagura Hamada, by far the most mature. She was a smart, athletic girl. She was the star on the girls track team. She had long black hair, but usually pulled it back into a tight bun with a feather clip on the side, her bangs almost covering her eyes. She had red eyes, a family trait. She was the tallest of the girls and the toughest. She was a strong willed girl but always had time for jokes.

"How was your summer in L.A?" Kagome asked, as Ayame and Kagura sat in front of them. Ayame smiled and clapped her hands.

"It was amazing! I saw my aunt there, and she said she'd come up here and visit sometime! She says to tell you all Hi!" Ayame smiled. Kagura crossed her arms over her chest and sat back, leaning on the counter as she faced us.

"Aw, tell her we say Hi back, the next time you talk to her." Kagome smiled. Kagura was leaning on the desk, wearing low rise blue jeans and a red baby t-shirt. Ayame was spinning on her hair; she was wearing a white sleeveless top with a black flowing skirt that came to her knees. She was smiling and talking to Kagura. Kagome looked to Sango who was wearing black cargo Capri's and a white wife beater.

"You guys match…" Kagome pointed out. Sango looked down at herself and then looked at Ayame, then back to Kagome.

"So?" Kagome rolled her yes as Ayame giggled. Kagome straitened out her Black tank top and pulled her dark low rise jeans up.

"Oh dear God…" Kagome whispered as she looked at the door. InuYasha, Miroku, Koga and Sesshomaru walked into the room, loudly. InuYasha smirked and said something as Koga and Miroku burst out laughing, Sesshomaru sighed.

"Uh…I think it's appropriate to say, FUCK." Kagura whispered as she leaned over. Kagome's group had always hated the Populars; they were worshipped by others, but hated by them. They got everything they wanted because they were popular and on the school teams.

"Oh damn it all to hell!" Sango growled as she saw Miroku. Miroku had been trying to get a date with Sango for the past year, but she had always shut him down, saying 'She wasn't just another girl.'

"Ok…I'm already starting to hate this class." Kagura rubbed her temples as she turned around. Ayame snickered and span in her chair, facing the front as the poplars made their way beside Kagome's crew. Sango sighed as Miroku walked by her and winked. Kagome laughed as she growled something along the lies of 'I hate that mother fucker…'

"Attention students…" The teacher began. Mrs. Yamata, the coolest teacher to touch Shikon High. She had short black hair and brown eyes. She walked to the front and smiled.

"Welcome to your second year with me, the greatest person alive, and now if you could all sit quiet as I name the assigned partners…" Mrs. Yamata started. She put on her black thin rimmed glasses and started reading off the names.

"Yuki Sohma and Tohru Honda…"

"Hey, Kagome, you think we'll be partners?" Sango nudged Kagome's rib and whispered. Kagome shrugged her shoulders as Mrs. Yamata continued.

"Hmmm Ayame Itsunara and…Koga Ookami!" Mrs. Yamata looked up to see Ayame's smile falter slightly. She blinked and turned to Kagome and Sango who had dropped their mouths. Kagura was beside her with her hand over her mouth to keep from laughing. She blinked again before turning to look at Koga. He smirked and nodded his head. She gave a small smiled and turned back to the front.

"Oh dear God! She's with...with…a Popular!" Kagura snickered as Sango tried to register that in her mind.

"Sango Yomoto…" Mrs. Yamata started. Sango crossed her fingers as well as Kagome as Mrs. Yamata read her partners name.

"and Miroku Kazzanna!" Sango's eyes popped open as she looked over to Miroku. He blinked as his friends patted him on the back and then he looked to Sango. He smirked and winked as she turned her head back to Mrs. Yamata and glared. Kagura was holding in a laugh as Kagome was shocked.

"Kagura, I wouldn't be laughing! With our luck, you'll end up with InuYasha!" Sango glared as she hit her head on the table. Kagura sighed and rolled her eyes.

"Kagura Hamada and Sesshomaru Takahashi." Mrs. Yamata looked around and nodded her head at Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru nodded back and kept his eyes on the board. Kagura chocked and looked to her friends. Sango was grinning as Kagome blinked in surprise. Ayame patter her on the shoulder.

"Oh god…I didn't get InuYasha…I got the next worst…" Kagura groaned and laid her head on the table.


"Whoa, we've basically got the unpopulars…" Koga noted. Miroku shrugged his shoulders.

"Whatever, I have Sango, that's all that matters." He grinned. Sesshomaru just scoffed. It was no secret that the great Sesshomaru Takahashi had a thing for the dark unpopular girl, Kagura. She had caught his eye in freshmen year, but he had never done anything about it.

"Yeah well as long as I get a hottie, whatever." InuYasha smirked. He looked over to see the unpopulars groaning and hitting their heads. All but one. Kagome Higurashi. She was busy teasing Sango who growled and slapped her arm gently. Kagome had always gotten on his nerves, ever since he first came here; she had disliked him right away.


"Ow! Sango that hurt!" Kagome rubbed her arm. Sango growled.

"Kagome Higurashi…and InuYasha Takahashi." Kagome was leaning on her chair when she heard Mrs. Yamata's words. Her eyes opened wide and she fell back on her chair. She groaned as she rubbed her butt. The populars looked over to see Kagome take a deep breath and close her eyes, falling back. Sango, Kagura and even Ayame burst out laughing when they heard Kagome's Partner. Kagome lay on the ground looking up at the ceiling as she cursed every God she knew. InuYasha crossed his arms and smirked.

"Kagome! Are you alright?!" Mrs. Yamata called from the front. Kagome stuck her had from behind the counter and did a small wave.

"Yeah…I'm fine…I just…lost my balance…" Kagome sighed. A few girls snickered in the back. Kagura looked to them, glared and fingered them. They shut up. Kagome slowly got up from the fall, smiling nervously she stood her stool upright and sat back down.

"Told you, with our luck, we're gonna Fail at life…" Sango sighed. Ayame raised an eyebrow.

"You didn't say that…"

"Same difference." Sango shrugged her shoulders. Mrs. Yamata continued calling out the names until everyone was partnered up. She smiled and wrote the assignment on the board.

'Today's assignment: Write about the feudal Japan

Due: Tomorrow, bitches.'

Kagome's eyes lit up as she read the words.

"Kagome! You'll get an A for sure! You're grandfather knows all the stories!" Sango winked as she picked up her books. Kagome gave her a sad face as she hesitantly mad her way to Miroku's table. She sat down as he said something. She ignored him

"See ya Kagome…" Ayame gave her a small sad pout and smiled. She picked up her books and made her way to Koga's table. He smiled at her and Ayame bowed her head gently. Kagome rolled her eyes at Ayame's politeness. She looked in front of her as Kagura said something before shutting up as Sesshomaru sat down. She looked to Kagome and mouthed the words 'Help' before spinning her chair to face the front again.

Kagome rolled her eyes and pulled out a sheet of paper starting to write as she felt someone sit down next to her. She sighed and closed her eyes. 'Oh dear God help me…'

Miroku and Sango

"Sango, you're lookin' good." Miroku leaned on one elbow, his other playing with a pen. Sango rolled her eyes as she continued writing.

"That's great."

"You're really pretty." Miroku commented Sango slowly drew her hand up and put it into the finger. She then went back to writing as Miroku sighed and started writing his own paper.

Koga and Ayame

"Wow, you know a lot about the feudal era?" Ayame asked as she glanced over, watching Koga write quickly. He looked up and smirked slightly at her.

"Yeah, my great grandfather owned a museum." He shrugged his shoulders. Ayame smiled and nodded her head as they both went back to their writing, commenting every now and then.

Kagura and Sesshomaru

Kagura was flipping her pen in her fingers as she watched Sesshomaru through the corner of her eye. He was intently writing down on the paper as his pencil scratched neatly placed words on the black page. Kagura smiled slightly. She always thought Sesshomaru was the best looking of the Populars, but he looked too distant for her liking.

"Is there something you want?" Sesshomaru asked in a strong, male voice. Kagura blinked, realizing she was staring, she rolled her eyes.

"Just wondering if you're really as perfect as you seem." She shrugged her shoulders and looked back at her page. Sesshomaru raised an eyebrow.

"You think I'm perfect." He teased. Kagura blinked, seeing him tease before glaring.

"No, I do think you're cocky though." She brushed her bangs from her view and turned her body away from him slightly. Sesshomaru smirked and went back to his paper, trying to ignore the beautiful woman beside him.

InuYasha and Kagome

'Ignore him, ignore him, ignore him!' Kagome repeated in her mind as InuYasha tapped his fingers on the counter. She bit her tongue and took a deep breath before looking over at him. He was leaning on the counter with one hand, resting his chin on his palm. His other hand was tapping on the counter, his eyes were closed. Kagome bit her tongue again before she slammed her fist on his hand. He cried out in pain as he pulled his hand out from under her fist.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?!" InuYasha cursed as he held his hand. Kagome sucked in a breath.

"Stop tapping your damn fingers." Kagome hissed. Kagura looked back to see Kagome and laughed as she turned back around, shaking her head.

"You're fucking crazy, did you know that?" InuYasha spat back. Kagome glared and looked into his eyes.

"You're fucking retarded, did you know that?" Kagome growled. InuYasha snarled before rolling his eyes and turning back to the front, tapping his fingers on the desk again.

Kagome hit her head on the counter as she whined out.

"Why me?"

A/N: There you have it, Chapter one of 'The Populars'! Okay, I've restarted this stupid fanfic like 80472746827364 times and I think I'm going to cry! I need honest to God feedback, you either like it, or don't, I just need to know if I should even bother with this!