Best Friends

The first year of highschool seemed to drag on forever. For all of the Seigaku tennis team it seemed like there was just an eternity between the beginning and end of the year. He wondered how his sempai must have felt waiting for the two of them to show up. Just one more year and they'd be all together again.

Only one more member and their team would be as complete as it would ever get with Taka being a sushi chef.

Their team was for the most part the same. The captain had let them try out for the team and they had made it. So for the most part their team consisted of all but two of the original Seigaku team.

Just one more year and we'll be best friends again

They went to all of the tournaments to cheer for him. He'd pretend he was annoyed but after so many years of being his best friends we all knew he was happy to see us. The team is filled with a bunch of weird ones now. Then again we were pretty weird too.

One of the second years seems to be the new Eiji. Jumping on the poor Echizen and refusing to let go. It's amazing how many people on Seigaku look up to him, considering the fact he's still so short.

He was a great captain. He knew how to treat everyone around him. His words may have seemed like mean and heartless but upon closer inspection you could see that he was only trying to help and that he never told a lie.

Just half a year and we'll be together again

The team was doing fine without him of course but everyone would stop sometimes and talk about times past. Fuji still goes on about how he was beaten in pool.

Inui made terrifying drinks that were classified as lethal. Eiji and Oishi were still the best doubles players on the team. Kaidoh still did a ridiculous amount of training. Tezuka still lectured everyone. Fuji's eyes are still , thankfully, closed.

Very little had changed with the people in the team.

One more month and we'll be a team again.

The brat had gone and won yet another championship for Seigaku. The old team , of course, was there cheering him on the whole team. We were so proud all of the original champions had led their team to victory each year. It was a great feeling for them all.

Echizen smiled brightly upon winning. Using his famous phrase he left his opponent smiling warmly they shook hands in a show of good sportsmanship and then he was attacked by his joyful team.

One more day and we'll be unbeatable again

When all of the freshman came we of course waited outside of the orientation room eagerly for the him. When he came out he was, of course surrounded by his mob of fangirls who seemed to worship the ground he walked on.

One glare from Kaidoh and they were gone. Echizen was left looking a little ruffled but all together still pretty fine. He put his hat back on and smirked.

And they were a family again.


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