Desiree detested thieves.

Despicable, sneaky and heartless. That's what she thought of them. All they did was take away something precious from an innocent person, causing such unnecessary distress.

Thieves were among the lowest of scum.

Or so that's what she thought. Until she met him.

Him. The biggest thief of them all.

Desiree was an attractive lady, and sadly, that was what landed her into trouble in the first place. Hey, being beautiful was not a crime, but it could get you some unwanted attention. Those thugs were trying to take advantage of her just because she was a woman; and worse still, they were trying to rob her.

Like hell was she going to let them steal her valuables without a fight.

But no, she didn't have to put up any struggle of the sort. For an unexpected kind of help arrived.

A very unexpected one.

He looked so meek, and those thugs towered over him like wild dogs cornering a frail kitten. Yet, he rushed head-on into the scene and screamed his lungs out, yelling timidly at them to leave her alone.

This young man was trying to protect her. Heroic, isn't it?

But he was not just a hero. He was a thief.

Because at that very moment, when the man named Ron DeLite stood up against those horrible thugs for her, he took Desiree's breath away with his charming features and innocent courage.

That's not all.

He stole something precious from her. Something she thought could never be stolen. Something worth as much as Life itself.

Ron DeLite stole her heart.

Oh, he was such a thief.

The author speaks: My first Phoenix Wright fic, on a request for quid pro quo. My favourite pairing in Ace Attorney, by the way. ;D

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