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Rock 'N' Roll Singer: The Uncensored Confessions



The Voice: Jude Harrison

The Body: Tommy Quincy


Jude Harrison is the Diva; the girl every girl wants to be friends with, the girl every boy wants to date and/or bang (usually both). Tommy Quincy is the Bad Boy; the guy every girl wants to take back home, not just to meet their mother, the guy every guy wants to hang with so they could be introduced to his groupies. Individually, they are the two hottest movers and shakers of the entertainment industry; they'd make Brangelina look like a kindergarten assignment, if they became a couple. Together, they are a bomb waiting to explode; not an A-bomb, a Jommy bomb. They have been given a project proposal; to work together. Now all anyone has to do is sit and wait and see what happens.


Every chapter (most likely) will be a confession. You will know if it is by the title; it will say "The (something): (name of chapter)" or something to that effect. If it doesn't have something like that, then it will be in the third person and you'll see the "behind-the-scenes" stuff. The first person POV will depend on who the confession is from; Jude's confession will either be The Diva or The Voice and Tommy's confession will either be The Bad Boy or The Body. Characters that I haven't mentioned will be introduced throughout the story and I'm not writing them in this because their role in the story is pretty much the same as on the show; I know I will make up some characters, but only when the time comes for them in the story will you know about them.

Oh, I almost forgot, this story will be in two parts (the first one is Introducing and the second one is still untitled…sorry!)


I don't own anything Instant Star related. If I own something, I'll let you know; if I don't say it, then you know it's someone else's. The way the story is written is taken from the book "6X: The Uncensored Confessions"; it will be very similar in style and slightly in plot.