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Rating: T or (PG-13)

Timeline: After X3: The Last Stand

Author's Note: Sorry if the characters are a little OOC. This is my first x-men fic and I'm still trying to figure out their voices. This is a short chapter, but it's more of a setup for the rest of this story.

Now We Spinning, Now we spinning, Now we


By Liz Wyatt

Chapter One: Can't Behave

One day I'm walking away
The tide is gonna turn I'm gonna find my place
Give me a reason to stay
I want to be your lover
Baby but you can't behave

-"Can't Behave" by Courtney Jayne

Two weeks. The war that Magneto had raged had ended two weeks ago. The school was under Storm's watchful eye and while Logan still grieved for Jean he had managed to come out and help Storm in her weaker moments. Rogue had to admire Storm's ability to step up and take charge in the past months since Jean died (the first time) and Scott had cut himself off completely from the school. In the end they had lost 3 of the major leaders of the school. Including the professor himself.

So it soon became the duty for Storm to take over. A duty that she put upon herself. Rogue had avoided Logan through all the chaos, but it seemed that her old friend was starting to come out of his room more often. There was always the fear in the back of Rogue's mind that Logan would shut down and leave the school. It's not that she didn't trust Storm, but it was more that Logan was the only person that Rogue felt grounded with. He gave her the ability to be herself through and through.

So where was her boyfriend in all this craziness? Bobby "the iceman" as he was called now was still in Rogue's life, but increasingly their relationship was becoming harder. She knew that they had feelings for each other that some could call "love", but to some their "relationship" seemed more of a "friendship" because of Rogue's inability to touch people.

So she took the cure.

She took it to be able to have a "normal" life. She only regretted that being "normal" seemed to be a problem in her current situation. She lived in the center of what was considered "not normal" people. Mutants.

Bobby loved her. She knew he would continue to love her through anything. But she also knew that he was getting closer and closer to Kitty Pride. Kitty once was a good friend of Rogue's circle, but their friendship had changed in the past year.

Jubilee says it was because Kitty always liked to hang out with Bobby and John. She always liked being the one person of the opposite sex who happened to get all the attention. That's just the way that dynamics go when you have two boys and one girl. Whether Kitty liked Bobby or John at the time is unclear, but what was clear was the fact that when Rogue entered their lives she took the boys attention away from Kitty and on to herself.

So was Kitty jealous or was she just mad?

Rogue didn't want to worry about the past. Especially with her new future of humanity and normalness. The reality was that Bobby was good friends with Kitty and through all the tragedy and fighting that had taken place Bobby couldn't help but be the good guy that he is and watch out for Kitty.

Rogue wished that she could know exactly what Bobby was thinking, but she didn't exactly have Jean's telepathy. Not that she needed it necessarily to see the way that Bobby looked at Kitty. She could tell that he was attracted to her. Rogue was sure that when John and Bobby hung out with Kitty before they both were probably attracted to her. Theirs was a choice group. When Bobby chose to date Rogue, John kind of came along with him. Not that Rogue minded at the time.

Things were different now. Bobby hated John. John was presumed dead. Kitty was again the center of two guy's attention (Bobby and Peter) and Rogue was again left to wonder where her life was going.

So amongst all this confusion and pain it was strange that Rogue should find herself at the school's gates with a bag in hand contemplating taking that step across the school's threshold.

Frozen in place, as if the professor had used a mind trick to stop her dead in her tracks she stood facing the gates. Her bag lay next to her feet.

I'll only be gone a day. Two days. A week…just enough to see what the world has become out there. Only a week. No longer. Right?

Thoughts clouded Rogue's mind. Her voice ringing clear through. (a new development since the other voices in her head had left with her powers).

"Planning on going somewhere?"


Rogue didn't move from her spot. She didn't need any special powers to know that Logan was behind her on the driveway.

"Maybe. Why you gonna stop me THIS time?" She was referring to the time not long ago when Logan had let her go off to get the cure.

"no. I told you, I'm not your father kid. Although…being that I am your friend I would have hoped that you woulda said goodbye."

She turned around to face him now. Her eyes staring straight into his.

"I just…need to figure some things out. I mean…what am I now? A human living with mutants…not exactly a happy go lucky story," she said never breaking away from his eyes.

He sighed and kept her eye contact. "They giving you trouble in there?"

She shook her head. Not to say no, but more this dismiss Logan's train of thought.

"I can't be Rogue in there Logan. I want to be. I want to be accepted just like anybody else, but I can't. I'm not one of them anymore. They know it. I know it. God….even the world knows it on some level. Whatever is left of my friends in there look at me the same way that my parents did. Except it's the reverse. Like wanting to touch people and have a normal relationship is such a damn sin!"

Logan closed his eyes for a second and took a deep breath.

"Kid. You made a choice. I know it's hard and yes, there will ALWAYS be people out there trying to break you down, but sometimes you just need to accept that and live your life. Trust me it's hard out there on your own. So if you're leaving to try and find some better life or whatever then I can't stop you. Just know that this place is always here for you Rogue." She smiled at that. "Yeah…you'll always be Rogue, Marie, whatever you want to be. Mutant or human. You'll always have me and the school."

She laughed slightly, "you aligning yourself with the school?"

He smirked at her, "never said that, but if I'm here when you get back…maybe then."

"yeah…" She let her eyes drop down. "I'm going to go."

He nodded slightly as if to say goodbye.

She turned and scooped up her bag into her hand. The next thing Rogue knew she was sitting in a New York park watching people, normal people.