Authors Note: I know that Camryn and Alex are over twenty and you start going to school at Hogwarts when you are eleven. But, that is why it has to be awkward so they don't belong…Please Enjoy!

Chapter 2

"Aaah!" Screamed Camryn.

"What!" said Alex.

"I broke a heel" Camryn took off her shoe, "Now I can't walk! Wait a minute…" Camryn took out a pair of flip-flops from her tote bag.

"There we go! All better." Said Camryn as she smiled.

"Does your sister always carry extra shoes in her bag." Asked Ron.

"Better believe it, It is really crazy. I just carry books." Said Alex as she took out a book from her bag.

"Oh, right" said Ron when he look at Alex awkwardly.

"So when do we get to try on that crazy hat you were talking about" said Camryn.

"Hey! It's not crazy!" said Hermione.

"Calm down Hermione…They are sill new at this" said Ron while he rolled his eyes.

"Well, I'll have you know that it is way, smarter that the both of you!" said Hermione as she flipped her hair.

"Hey Guys!" said Harry as he let go from Gwen's hand.

"Hey Harry!" They all said.

Gwen came and cleared her throat. "Harrykins! Let's go! I'm hungry."

"Bye guys!" said Harry as he smiled.

Harry knew that his friends hated Gwen. But, Harry also knew that Gwen did not love him.