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Chapter 10

"Do you think there's any way we could...not tell Ron this?" Harry Potter asked his wife hopefully.

"I doubt it." Ginny replied, putting her daughter's letter down on the kitchen table. "Why?"

Harry shrugged. "You know...that bet..."

Ginny rolled her eyes in the same way her daughter often did. "You mean the one you made when Lily was about four? Where you bet that Rose would end up with Scorpius Malfoy, and he bet that Lily would?"

"Neither of us were serious, you know. Never expected this to happen." Harry murmured.

"I know. But it has, so you'll have to pay up." Ginny smirked. Then her expression softened. "You're OK with this, aren't you? Lily and Scorpius?"

"I guess." Harry replied. "He's an alright kid. Especially considering his father."

"Uh-huh. And she's your daughter." Ginny said, understanding.

"I know. And I really want to break his legs. But no, it's fine." Truth be told, he didn't really know how to feel. His daughter, his little girl, with a boyfriend?

"You can't tell James to break his legs either." Ginny told him, rising to refill her cup.

"I won't." Harry replied. "I wont tell him not to, either -"

"Yes you will. Lily's happy with the guy. James'll accept that."

"Ha. He's worse than me." Harry muttered. Ginny didn't reply; it was undeniable.


James sat in silence and stared at his mother in shock. "Scorpius?" He managed finally. "Like...Teddy's Scorpius? And Lily? But - she's just a kid, and he's Al's age, that's not right -"

"James, she's sixteen." Ginny replied gently, hiding her amusement. "There's only a couple of years between them."

"But...But she's not old enough for a boyfriend." James said indignantly.

"Uh-huh. Right. And, tell me James, how old were you when you got together with that girl? What was her name? Lizzie?"

"Thirteen, but -"

"And she was?" Ginny interrupted.

"Thirteen." James sighed. "But I was just a kid, Scorpius isn't -"

"James, you and Meredith have been together for nearly two years now." Harry pointed out. "You were only seventeen -"

James sat back on the sofa and scowled. Apparently, he wasn't going to win this one.


The Hogwarts grapevine was in overdrive. Lily Potter and Scorpius Malfoy? The son of a Death Eater and the daughter of Voldemort's defeater?

They knew, of course, that Scorpius was friends with Al, that he'd grown up in contact with Harry's godson, and therefore Harry and his own kids. But this...Well, this was something the whole school was caught up in.

"You'd think they'd be over it by now." Scorpius commented, as he and Lily sat by the lake, one rainy afternoon. Lily brushed her soaking hair from her face, and shrugged. "They were the same when my parents' got together, apparently. Some things never change."

"Yeah. I kinda like that." Scorpius shrugged. "Something to depend on."

"I guess...though why you'd ever need to depend on a shallow, obsessive group of teenagers is beyond me." Lily replied.

"One day, you'll have to depend on those very same shallow, obsessive group of teenagers, and then you'll see." Scorpius replied idly.

"Uh-huh. I'm sure."

"Well, you might."

"If I ever do, I promise I'll beg for your forgiveness." Lily replied flatly.

"The day you beg for forgiveness is the day dementors wonder around in bikinis." He replied dryly.

She laughed loudly at that. "Where did that come from? Did you make that up?"

He didn't answer; simply smiled at her.

Some would have said it was a strange place for a "date"; the rain was falling gradually heavier, the wind was bitter, and the grounds were freezing. But the rain was their thing.

It had brought them together, it was something they had in common, and it provided them with solitude, as few ventured out in this weather. Several years from now, they would name their first born daughter "Rain" and not care what anyone thought of it.

Some may have also said no girl in their right mind would want to meet their new boyfriend with soaking curls clinging to their face and neck, with robes weighed down by the water, and with droplets clinging to her skin, smudging her eyeliner.

But that had, after all, seen each other at their worst, and really, why not sit here candidly?

"I can't believe they still haven't figured out the plaque yet." Lily said, a few minutes later.

"Or found any trace of...well, any magic, on it." Scorpius nodded. "I'm surprised they even believe us."

"Are you kidding? We gave them details we'd only know if we'd been there. You described that - that guy, and his injures perfectly. That was something my dad hadn't even seen."

"Yeah. I still remember McGonagall's face when I described it. I kinda wish I hadn't mentioned it though; you could see all the memories come back to her." Both their tones had turned serious, and both were carefully not picuring the body they were talking of. The nightmares were enough.

"I know. But she's strong, she'll get through the memories. She got through the real thing. And she might not have believed us completely if you hadn't." Lily replied quietly.

"Yeah, right. You're Harry Potter's kid, remember? No one would dare doubt you..."

She was laughing as she splashed lake water at him.


The memorial plaque was, at that very moment, being examined by several teachers. They would find no trace of any spell, charm or curse upon it. They would find no trace of magic around the cool metal. For the magic of this memorial, of everything it stood for, was far beyond them. They would never understand just how it had happened; and the memorial would remain still until it found any more it deemed worthy of it's gift.

Some things we may never understand.