Chapter 24- Epilogue- Life Goes on

"Black, Lupin and Snape stop this instant," the furious man approached the accused.

"Now, I want to know how you three managed to turn everyone's hair blue but your own."

The three first years looked at each other. One was wearing Gryffindor colors, one Slytherin and the other Ravenclaw.

"Did Harry give you the map and the cloak? That's the only way you could have gone out unnoticed at night"

"Uncle Padfoot! How can you accuse our brother of something like that?" asked the Gryffindor.

"A law abiding, upstanding member of our society. Father of three," said the Ravenclaw in a shocked tone.

"Next thing you know you'll be accusing Uncle Sev of giving us the potion that changed the hair color dad!" said the Slytherin.

Sirius Black narrowed his eyes at his daughter, "I know Severus would never do that Regina." Then he eyed the other two, "Now Teddy, Albus, have you anything else to say?"

Albus Snape, proud Gryffindor that he was spoke up, "I have no idea whatsoever about who may have put a coloring potion in the pumpkin juice, Uncle Padfoot."

"Yes," Teddy Lupin said innocently, "We just didn't drink the juice because we weren't thirsty,"

Sirius surveyed the three and crossed his arms. He huffed, "Fine. You may go."

The three hugged him.

"Love you," they said. Sirius smiled.

"Love you miscreants too," he hugged them back and they left.

"I can't believe. A Snape as a Marauder," came a voice from behind him.

"I can't believe you supplied the potion," Sirius eyed Severus who smirked. "We're doomed with those three," he shook his head as they both started walking.

"If you're worried with those three what will happen in six years when John and James start school?"

Sirius' head snapped to the side and he looked at Severus with wide eyes, "Can't we convince Remus and Harry to send them to Beauxbatons?"

"No, you cannot send your godson and grandson to Beauxbatons."



"But they are evil, they are worse than the Weasley twins," Sirius whined.

"They were trained by the Weasley twins," Severus said evenly.

"There's a good wizarding school in Australia."



Harry had married Ginny when he was twenty-two and a year later she had gotten pregnant with their son James. Being the brave Gryffindor he was, Harry had decided that the best way to break the news that Sirius was going to be a grandfather would be to let Reggie and Albus do it for him.

"Daddy, daddy," little five year old Regina Black had run inside the staff room at Hogwarts. Most of the staff, including Hestia and Severus, were there. Remus, Emmeline and a pregnant Tonks and Teddy were there too, all having received a note from Harry to meet them there.

Sirius picked Reggie up and asked, "What?"

"I'm an Aunt!"

"Me too!" Albus cried.

"I wanna be an Aunt!" Teddy whined and Harry said to him smiling and patting his head:

"You will! But I think the word for you and Albus is Uncle!"

"What are you two going on about?" Sirius asked bewildered. "No you're not an Aunt and Uncles."

"We so are!" Albus pouted crossing his arms, "Harry said so."

"Oh my God! Really?" Hestia squealed fanning herself enthusiastically, and Harry nodded excitedly.

"Really what?" Severus asked.

"Congratulations," Emmeline said hugging Harry.

"I don't get it," Remus said a little frightened of the women's behavior.

"They'll be going to Hogwarts together," Tonks grinned patting her still quite small bump.

"Who is going to Hogwarts?" Sirius asked and Hestia huffed:

"Your grandson or granddaughter."

Sirius gaped at her and blurted, "What?"

"Ginny's pregnant," Harry grinned widely. "Two months now, and we did the spell to know the gender and it's a boy. We have a name already; we're honoring my first dad. You're all going to be grandparents!"

"Grand-" Remus spluttered.

"I'm too young to be called grand anything! I'm only twenty-nine!" Sirius shrieked looking at Severus who had gone white.

"Oh no," Emmeline said. "Déjà vu."

"What?" Tonks asked, and not a second later Severus fainted right there in the middle of the staff room. A worried Minerva McGonagall went to see if he was breathing.

"He did the same when I told him I was pregnant," Emmeline snorted.


After little James was born, Harry and Ginny had another boy named Arthur and a girl named Lily. Ginny joked that Harry's family was very intent in honoring everyone they know. He worked as an Unspeakable, creating new spells and wards; Ginny on the other hand had gone and played professional Quidditch, stopping only for maternity leaves. Having a stay at home grandmother who was intent on mollycoddling her grandchildren a Floo call away was very useful, and Harry and Ginny left the children with Molly often.

To Sirius' happiness, Albus Dumbledore had assigned Dobby to help him and Hestia, Kreacher had gone to stay with Harry and Ginny in the house they bought in London, Twinky stayed with Remus and Tonks, and Winky was assigned to Severus and Emmeline.

Albus was still headmaster and when asked why he didn't want to retire, he said he hoped he could still see another generation of Marauders graduating. McGonagall on the other hand, who had seen those three grow up together as Teddy frequently visited Hogwarts before becoming a student, was having to take calming draughts quite often.

Neither Teddy nor John had lycanthropy, something Remus had been afraid of. Actually, they had discovered that none of the werewolves who had taken the Permanent Wolfsbane Potion had produced werewolf children. Emmeline and Severus, who had married the summer of Harry's graduation, studied exactly why that had happened and finally found their breakthrough and a cure. There were currently no more werewolves in Britain, and the PWA was working in protecting the former werewolves' rights. That was almost true for the rest of the world, especially since Auror Ron Weasley had captured Fernir Greyback a few years back, which largely diminished the number of people who were infected on purpose. Remus had gone to Greyback's trial and had had the pleasure of watching him be sentenced to life and sent to the same ward as Lucius Malfoy.

Remus had also managed to pass his two more important bills protecting house-elves and half-humans and included a clause that forbade discrimination against former werewolves too.

Hermione and Ron had also married, and they had two children, Hugo and Rose. She was a brilliant lawyer and was now a partner with the Tonks, Tonks & Granger. There was no way Andromeda was letting her go to the competition.

Neville had done his Herbology Masters and when Professor Sprout decided to retire he was invited by Dumbledore to teach in her place. However, he was the one teacher that did not live in the castle. He and Hannah, whom had married right out of school, lived close to his grandmother for years and Neville didn't want to have the children move, especially since his two twin girls, Lizzie and Julie, names he got from Harry, didn't seem to understand that Lily Potter-Snape-Lupin-Black would still be just a Floo away. Hannah, who had also become a Herbologist, worked at the Ministry's Botanic Garden.

All in all life went on, they laughed they cried, the only difference from Harry's Hogwarts years was the lack of life-threatening situations.

The End

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