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Unlikely Allies

Since Edward and the rest of the Cullens had returned to Forks, not much had changed since they left. There were a few differences of course, like my best friend being a werewolf and all. Aside from that everything was pretty much the same, Edward and I had gone back to normal and the fact that my life was still in jeopardy from the forces of evil and everything else the world threw at me, yes, everything was back to normal.

Victoria was still on her vengeful rampage and from what Alice had seen it was picking up steam. Just recently we had discovered that the newborns that were wreaking havoc in Seattle, were the same newborns created by Victoria; assembled into an army of twenty or so to kill me. Imagine that, an entire army of newborns for a mere human, well not so mere.

I felt a little honored really, but at the same time I as terrified, not for me but for those who were taking part in the fight to protect me. I felt scared for Edward and Jake, my future family and the other wolves. They shouldn't have to bare my burden. Who am I kidding, though; I wouldn't stand a chance against an army of newborns. I could barely handle one on my own.

Since the recent revelation of the planned attack on us by Victoria and her army, I (with constant objections from both Edward and Jacob) have been training with Emmett and Jasper. I don't want to brag, but I've gotten pretty good, even learning to bend metal.

Unfortunately, I was still no where near being able to defeat a vampire. I had gotten as far as being able to just defend myself, keeping them from coming near me for a good while. Jasper had said that it was good enough and that there was no reason for me not to be in the clearing, again to Edward's and Jacob's protest.

I had made up my mind though and decided that the only place for me was right in the center. Jasper was right; they would all be distracted by my presence that it would be easy for the rest of them to take them down. And with our current additions to the defense force we should be evenly matched.

Much to my surprise, Jacob and the rest of the pack were all too eager to 'join in on the fun' as they so enthusiastically put it. At first, the pack (and Charlie) was not all to keen on the Cullens being back in Forks. Jacob had stopped talking to me, but wasn't able to keep up with that charade after my constant nagging. It took him a little while, as did the rest of them, to 'warm up' to the rest of the Cullens.(A/N: In this story for the purposes of making it less complicated, Jacob never had a romantic interest in Bella. They are just really good friends.) But when push came to shove (mostly myself doing the pushing) and the fact that Victoria wanted to kill me, they became fast allies.

So the plan stood as followed, I was going to be in the clearing as a 'distraction' with Edward being close by if anything were to go wrong. Neither Jake, nor Edward were too eager on the idea, but it seemed fool proof and I wasn't backing out of this. It was my fight really, why shouldn't I be there? In less than a week from now, we were going to meet the newborn army, to meet my fate. It was do or die.

Jasper had also had the idea of laying a false trail with my scent and their scents into the clearing to separate the army. I would go one way alone with the pack and the rest of the way together with the Cullens as if to form a giant circle path; half with my scent and half with theirs. They would come in from the north and pick up the Cullens scent and split up in opposite directions at which point they will pick up my scent follow it to the middle where I would be. According to Jasper's theory they will be complete surrounded by the Cullens and the Quileute pack and be so distracted by my presence that picking them off will be all too easy.

So we headed out for the field today to survey the fighting ground and discuss strategy and practice some more. I set out with Edward, Alice, Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie. We met up with Jake, Sam, Embry, Paul, Jared and Quil half way to the field; they were in their wolf form. Once we met up, Edward swung me onto his back and they all began to run.

We were almost there when all of a sudden we were knocked over by a colossal burst of what felt like a tornado. Edward had grabbed onto me and held me tightly in his arms as we went hurtling across the woods. Once we hit the ground, he placed me gently on my feet and stood protectively in front of me. They had all gotten to their feet and were circling me now. They were all facing out; searching for what had attacked us.

"Victoria?" I asked in a whisper.

"No, this is someone else," Edward said "not a vampire either, they move at incredible speed though. Alice?"

"I can't see them," she said very annoyed and tad bit worried.

"Werewolf," Emmett asked.

"The pack says no," Edward answered.

"They're human," Jasper said astounded.

"They?" I asked desperately trying to see over their shoulders.

"Two of them are up in the trees," as he answered another blast of wind hit us directly in the center of where we were standing.