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Soul Education

"You can see souls," Katara asked with obvious astonishment. "How are able to see anything if you're blind?"

"To be perfectly honest, I'm not really sure, but do I believe it has to do with my ability to earthbend," I shrugged. "I can see, but I do see differently from the rest of you. I'm not completely blind because if I were, the color of my eyes would have faded. My eyes are still brown or so I'm told," I said looking to Edward who had squeezed my hand lightly.

We had made it to the clearing and then we separated. The others, the wolf pack and the Cullens (minus Edward), had already heard my story, so they continued on with practicing strategy. As for Edward and I, we had joined our new friends off to the side, away from any potential harm caused by the death matches between Emmett and Jasper or Emmett and the wolves, pretty much Emmett versus anyone.

"You have beautiful brown eyes," Edward beamed at me. "You're my brown-eyed girl."

"So what does a soul look like," Aang asked.

I pulled my gazed away from Edward to look over at him. I took a moment to think about how I was going to respond, not that I don't know what it looks like, I just want to be able to give a clear definition.

"It looks like ... a ... colorful silhouette," I say. "Yea, that's the best way I can describe it."

"Like a rainbow," Zuko asks.

"No, that's Jasper," I said laughing, Edward laughing with as well.

"Oi, Edward," Emmett called over to him. "We need a little help here with ... communication," he said gesturing toward the wolves.

Edward nodded and asked, "Will you be alright for a bit?"

"Sure," I replied. "I'll be fine."

He kissed my forehead and headed to join the others. Aang, Katara and Zuko only looked from me to Edward and back.

"Is that why you trust them, because they have souls," Zuko asked.

"Yes," I nod.

"And the wolves too," he continues. I sense that he still harbors some aversion toward the wolves, but I suppose I can't blame him for it.

"Yes," I nod again.

"You said before that Jasper is the one with the rainbow soul. What did you mean by that," Katara so observant.

I laugh momentarily, "Every soul is different from the other. Every soul is a different color. It's only recently that I have become aware of this concept. It is how how I am able to tell people apart. It might be that my abilities are enhancing or that maybe I wasn't looking closely enough.

"Take Aang, for instance," they quickly glanced at him before looking back me, " I always thought that you and Carlisle, the head of the Cullen family, had the same color. I had only seen you briefly that one time, but I see now that I am wrong. While you both have that same overpowering white silhouette, Carlisle has a hint of light blue in his aura. You, on the other hand, have a small glimpse of peach."

Katara and Zuko both stared at Aang and like everyone else, they are trying to see what I see.

"What's my color then," Katara asks.

"Yours is an electric blue kinda color. Similar to Embry's color, which is more of a lavender blue," I say looking over toward the wolf pack. "He's the one, judging by his movements, scratching his ear with his back paw," I chuckle as I watch Embry scratching himself.

I immediately stop laughing when I here Zuko scowl, but then quickly smile at him.

"What," he asks, slightly weired out because I am smiling at him.

"You're pretty stubborn, aren't you? I guess that would explain your color," I say to him. "But unlike there other two, Rosalie and Paul, you are actually red."

"Who are Rosalie and Paul," Katara asks, looking over toward the group.

"Um ... Rosalie is the one with blond hair, the extremely attractive one or so I am told. And Paul, is the one slightly off to the side, crouching away from the vampires." I sigh, stubborn Paul.

"I am nothing like that mongrel," he says appallingly.

"Sure you're not," I say sarcastically. "You seem like the proud type too. Also, a quality both Paul and Rosalie share. But, you're right, you're not the same. As I mentioned earlier, although the colors are similar, they are different. Rosalie is more of a firebrick red. Paul has a sangria red. You ... you're just red."

He seemed to contemplate that for awhile, staring off in the packs direction. His eyes narrowed and the turned to look at me. "I'm sorry, I still can't believe that. How can they have souls?"

I rolled my eyes, "They are human, not at the moment of course, but they are. Each one of them has their own soul," I closed my mouth abruptly and they notice my hesitation.

"What ... what's the matter," Aang asks.

"Well ...," I say looking back at the pack, "that's not entirely true what I just said."

"Ha, they don't all have souls, do they," Zuko says in a smug tone.

"That's not what I meant," I said sternly. "I should rephrase the last thing I said about the wolves having their own soul. They do, but up until a certain point in their lives."

They stared at me, utterly confused.

"You see, take Paul, Embry and Jake. I told you Paul and Embry's colors. Jacob's a golden yellow color," I turned to look at him and smile, "that is why I call him my sun, my warmth. They each have their own soul." I turned back and stare aimlessly at the ground. "The others are different," I pause. "It's a bit complicated, but I will try to explain the best way I can."

I take a moment to think and look around.

"Take Edward, for example, he actually is very unique. He changes colors, consistently or some times sticks to one color, depending on my mood," I add before Katara interrupts.

"Huh? Your mood," she asks.

"Edward's soul changes color according to me and how I feel. He is one of a kind. I am only guessing that he was always able to, but it wasn't until he met me that I noticed that his color alterations started to reflect what I was feeling. Once I noticed this, I immediately knew ... I knew that he was my soul mate."

"Soul mate," Aang sounded astounded.

"Yes, but again, only Edward has the ability to change colors frequently. But the wolves, it's fascinating really, they are fascinating. The wolves can change color too, but they do it only once and from what I have observed, it's instantaneously and permanent."

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