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Chapter 5: Lovers in Japan

My demons prepared a banquet for me the day I said goodbye to her, eager to continue their nightly torment of my soul. Three weeks passed since that fateful day, and without skipping a beat the hellish ghouls of my past have fed me gluttonously day in and day out. My reason for living dissolved that day, and turned every mission I was assigned to into another suicide attempt on my behalf. I'd never go down without a fight, but deep down inside a river of hope flowed through my veins that my opponent's next strike won't miss my heart again. Alas my honed skills are no match for these goons, and I'm given yet another opportunity to return home to hell in one piece.

The sun kissed my cheeks to welcome in a new day, a sadistic reminder of the gruesome routine I must recite one more. I briefly reflected on last night's dream, and die a little more inside because it revolved around the love I once shared with her. You never appreciate the loneliness of your bed until your hand reaches out to touch that special someone supposedly lying by your side, their warmth shedding more light into your life than the sun ever could, and all your fingertips feel is the softness of the pillow's feathers rather than the silkiness of their hair. I've reached out, and felt feathers, and to say I appreciated every moment spent with her would be an understatement.

To have her body pressed gently against mine, to feel the gentle rise and fall of her chest as she sleeps so peacefully in my arms, to taste those delicate lips filled with passion and love, is all I ask the kamis to grant me. Just to have her by my side once more is all I ask…

I runaway with my fantasy a little longer than I should have, wanting to feel alive again if only for this morning. I can feel the soft wetness of her lips against mine in the most chaste of kisses, velvet tresses caressing my face as the moment is deepened igniting a fire inside I thought long extinguished. For some strange reason this mirage feels more real than it should, and so against my better judgement of lavishing in the wonders of this surreal fantasy I forced my eyes open just to make sure I'm still dreaming. Rather than seeing the accustomed shades of orange on my pillow belonging to my favourite novel, my eyes made out a blurred silhouette of pink lying at my side, gently calling out my name as delicate fingers traced the rough contours of a face full of stubble. This can't be real!

"Ohayo Kakashi," she softly sang as she reached out to kiss my cheek good morning.

"Sakura?" I gently called out, as though my voice was afraid if it were too loud the visage would disappear into nothingness. I passed my hand hard over my face, ensuring all traces of sleep were eradicated in that one motion. I looked again to my left wondering if Icha Icha would be on my pillow instead of Sakura, and I was so damn happy it wasn't. I wasn't given a chance to make another sound as her mouth engulfed mine with a slow, needy drive. Soon enough the kiss deepened as her tongue enveloped mine, dancing about in jubilation at being able to taste the wetness of mine again. It wasn't just my joviality I felt; the extent to which she longed for me, truly missed me, touched the empty crevices of my heart and filled them with her love once more.

Alas we are but mere mortals who thrive on oxygen for survival, and so the kiss so beautiful was broken to give our lungs a chance to expand. It also gave me an opportunity to ask what brought her here to the bed of person that brought her heart such pain and desolation.

"Forgive me for ruining the moment, but I must ask you Sakura. Why are you here?" My mind refused to let me end my questioning there, slipping in the last sentence as a means of keeping my promise to Sasuke. "Didn't we establish how I felt about you a while back?"

She smiled at the statement, and with an impish grin she replied "Kami-sama says it's wrong to tell a lie."

Thoughts screamed on the inside 'how could she have possibly known?', eager to make themselves verbally revealed, but I had to be sure this wasn't some sick game Sasuke was playing in an attempt to disclose the relationship I shared with Sakura, much less show how quick I would be to betray the promise I made to him.

"You should leave Sakura. I've done enough to you as it is, and having you in my bed as you are…"

As I arose from my bed and watched her after uttering those words I only then realize what she was adorned in, and saw the greater depth to which my words just meant. She wasn't naked, but the sheer black robe she wore begged to differ as it detailed the very essence underneath that made her woman. And she simply laid there, beryl orbs no longer innocent, and body sensually sprawled on my bed begging me to come join her. I gulped hard, and it took a while before I could recollect what I was trying to convey to her.

"…You shouldn't be here. I don't want trouble for either of us, so just—"

"I know why you're doing this, how Sasuke threatened you." Her calm demeanour continued to puzzle me as much as her presence on my bed, and when she motioned for me to sit next to her I simply comply knowing nothing else to do.

"It's over between Sasuke and me. Before you ask anything further, hear me out. I'm guaranteed to answer any question you might have after this."

In accordance with her request I shut my mouth, open my mind, and listen.

"I was completely distraught when you left my apartment that day. Breathing was such a chore the way my heart squeezed against my ribs, as though trying to inflict an outer pain of what I felt inside. But I had to be strong; alas I had a date in less than an hour's time, so I was forced to save my mourning for later and prepare myself once more for his arrival. The dinner setting was beautiful…then again nothing but the best for the Uchiha right? I tried to put on a smile for the sake of satiating the telltale stares of those around us, but I was hollow on the inside. I never felt more betrayed in my life…"

A deep pang hit my chest like a Rasengan aimed directly at my heart. I knew my words would've stung, but to hear the extent at which I traumatized my cherry blossom…it made me wonder how much was keeping such a promise worth if all it would've done was cause her more grief than joy.

"He could've read my despondency without using the Sharingan, and for some reason he understood without knowing why. It puzzled me that he would see the anguish hidden in my eyes and rather than query it, choose to comfort me with smiles of empathy. When he reached out to hold my hand, I noticed his arm hesitated for a brief second before wrapping its rugged fingers around my slender ones. He didn't have any missions that day, so naturally I asked what happened to his arm. He shrugged it off citing it as a meagre injury during training earlier, but I couldn't accept that answer. There were too many warning bells madly ringing in my head, telling me something was just wrong about this situation, but I just couldn't wrap my fingers around it."

She took a break from her story as pent up tears slowly release their saline goodness onto her cheeks. Before I could reach out to her she abruptly raised her hand, shooing me away from her as she gathered herself. This feat of emotional strength was important to her, and as much as I wanted to take away all her pain I knew this was a demon she had to face on her own.

"After dinner he drove me home and escorted me upstairs to my apartment door like the gentleman he is, or so I thought. The instant I opened my door and turned to bid him goodnight, he shoved me inside and captured my mouth in his. The kiss was fierce and aggressive, with little to no passion it in. The way his tongue tried to force entry, it reputed me to no end. I pushed him from me as hard as I could, afraid of what the beast before me would do next. I suppose he saw the terror in my eyes as I maintained a steady distance from him every time he tried to get closer to me, because a look of pure remorse enveloped his face soon after.

"Gomen-nasai Sakura, I don't know what came over me just now. It's just…you looked so forlorn at the restaurant, I just wanted to ease your pain any way I could," he told me, fingers harshly coiffing loose ends of raven hair adorning his newly stressed face.

"You think almost raping me counts as relieving my pain?"

"No, I didn't mean it like that!" he protested, desperate to show his innocence in the matter. "I hungered to kiss you since I came to pick you up today. You look incredibly sexy Haruno-chan; I guess I allowed my primal urges to take over just now. I swear I have more control now; please, all I want to do is hold the woman I love in my arms once more before I bid her well for the night."

"Against my better judgement I gave his rueful disposition the benefit of the doubt and allowed his arms to come crashing down onto my body. He held me so close to him I could feel every abdominal ripple pulsing against my stomach, and for a while I thought the hug would never end. I truly just wanted to be alone that night, but for the sake of maintaining a healthy relationship I compromised my feelings in favour of his. It had been a while since we were intimate, so as he began raining kisses along my neck I gave in to the sweet sin so long as it made him happy.

"I love you Sakura-chan, and I swear on my clan's grave I would never do anything to hurt you." I gazed into eyes that held nothing but sincerity, yet those warning bells continued to chime within my head. He lowered his head to place a chaste kiss onto my lips, and I couldn't deny a spark flew from that one simple gesture."

As she paused briefly from her story to catch her breath, I tried to process what event could've possibly lead to the demise of the relationship if she still felt something for him, much less how she figured out his attempt in blackmailing me. In the end I decided to keep all hypotheses and conspiracy theories to myself as she continued with her story.

"It didn't take very long for that kiss to intensify, with some heavy petting in between…I'm sorry I shouldn't be divulging so much information," she said with a sheepish glow. Embarrassment was etched into the pores of her skin at the prospect of offending me with her lovelife details, but I shook my head and asked that she continue as normal, that I experience no ill-feeling towards her tale no matter how much of a lie it was.

"Okay. Well he began caressing my breasts and trying to feel other parts of my body he had yet to explore, but I slapped his hand away the minute it hiked my dress up but an inch. After what I went through with you, I dared not let any other man abuse his rights to physically love my body. I whispered in his ear, "Gomen Sasuke-kun, but I just can't, not now. If you truly love me, you'll respect my body and not urge this any further than it already has gone."

"He stepped away from me, disgust and ire engulfing his lust like a gluttonous entity. I'd never seen such anger boil over so quickly in someone, and for the briefest of seconds it almost took him over the edge to the point of slapping me straight across my face. It seemed as though Kami-sama himself held back his hand as he instead scoffed away with several swears under his breath."

"Sasuke, I thought you'd understand. We had this talk a while—"

"Don't fuck with me Sakura," he retorted with an intoxicating rage it instantly thickened the air. "Rather, you'd fuck him instead won't you?"

"What are you talking about? Where is all this coming from?" My mouth spoke words of bafflement, but my mind was abuzz with panic. I believed he had found us out, more so what we had done, and an explanation for my behaviour escaped me. I had no excuse other than I didn't love him, and that I had loved you, but I dared not tell him that lest he decided to strike with cloudy judgment."

"You haven't changed a bit have you? You're the same disgustingly pathetic girl that fawned over me all those years ago, this time you've whored yourself out."

"On instinct my hand came crashing down onto creamy white skin flushing it to a crimson red, reflecting the hurt and rage I felt inwardly onto his cheek. He grabbed my wrist in an instant and slammed me ferociously to the ground. His body weight crushed mine without trying, but before I could shove him away he had made charka shackles binding my hands to the floor whilst his legs pinned mine simultaneously. Menace glistened in his eyes and I thought him capable of anything at this point, even murder. Despite my efforts to conceal defeat my body betrayed me allowing a single tear to escape my ducts. He saw my weakness, and smirked defiantly at my feminine flaws."

"Hn. Apart of me wants to think you're meant for each other, you and Hatake-sensei. He gave me that same stubborn pitiable look when I confronted him about your infidelity."

"You knew?" I couldn't think straight in that instant. Like a VCR player my mind reeled the latest events of my life in rewind, trying to place that faulty moment when you and I consummated our love where he could've seen it happen for himself."

"You weren't the most discrete being when you tongue-fucked him outside your apartment."

"I saw that his comment stirred a series of flashbacks in his head as his smile shifted slightly from a faint contentment to an ominous crease. It was then how selfish I realised I'd been; I should have told him first I didn't love him, and that my heart belonged somewhere else. It wouldn't have matter how long after he found out it was you, but I should've lessened his agony and made the situation less troublesome if I'd only practiced more self control and not let things escalate the way it did."

"Sakura, you need to stop berating yourself for this. I'm equally to blame for imparting in your relationship the way I did. I was the selfish one, placing my needs and love for you above everyone else's feelings."

"Doesn't matter who's to blame Kakashi, for what's done is done." Her physical innocence may have been lost, but she was still a child at heart, harbouring the blame for both of us despite her claim of regretting not the unchanging past. She knew that no matter what proclamations I made, it was her choice ultimately to either refuse me until she was single again or entertain the feelings behind Sasuke's back, and for that she repents knowing no salvation will come of it. With another breath expired, she continued her story.

"How dare you woman…" he sickeningly remarked, spitting to the side of us to express how revolted he felt. "How dare you refuse me, ME, the man who chose you above all others and loved you like no other, and sleep with that sick son of a bitch! You won't even let me touch you there, yet you allowed him to shove his lustful dick right in your cu—"

"Stop it Sasuke! It was never like that!" Body playing Judas once more, I had burst uncontrollably into tears of guilt and sorrow. He continued to hover over me, face twisted to show utter displeasure at my composure."

"Did he rape you?" was his eager question, as though a positive reply would magically restore the love lost between us and he could wake up refreshed knowing that this was a horrible nightmare he could place behind him."

"No," I hoarsely replied. Fists came crashing down onto the hardwood floor beneath us, a new rage enveloping his system. He had been deceived by two people he supposedly cared about, both involved in the conspiracy to ruin his reputation and shatter his fragile heart."

"Then why? Why would you do such a foolish thing you stupid girl?! He's nothing but an old pervert looking to get his dick wet in some hot young thing! You have more common sense that this Sakura, why would you put your reputation, everything you have, on the line for a man like him?"

"I love him." Those three fated words froze him instantly. I waited with bated breath wondering when he would strike me down and punish my sinful emotions, but he never did. Carrying whatever dignity he had left, he released me from my charka prison and arose from atop me, proceeding to leave my apartment."

"Sasuke, matte!" I cried out as I fumbled to my feet, rushing to beat him to the door. Halting his steps abruptly, he only turned his head to face me as he left me with his final parting words."

"Stay the hell away from me whore. I tried to protect you, keep him away from you, prepared to wipe this slate clean so we could move on from this tragedy. All I wanted in return was your love Sakura. Is it wrong for a man to want to express his love by giving you the greatest gift he can, his body and soul? I let myself become vulnerable to your smiles and sweetness, hoping that when the time came you'd return this same affection by sharing such a moment with me. But no, everything I did wasn't good enough for you. You want that old fuck, you can have him. Just remember you'll reap the rewards of whatever sin you choose to sow in your garden of filth and deception. When the village slaughters your actions, I will not defend you. You will rot in hell with your lover, and regret the day you ever betrayed Uchiha Sasuke."

"In a puff of smoke he was gone, leaving me behind to simmer in his words and the events that took place previously. Every ounce of water my body contained was shed through my eyes that night, tears of guilt and remorse, sorrow and a hurt deeper than any physical wound I've received or inflicted. I called in sick the next day, greatly needing some time to myself to gather my thoughts and process my next mode of action. When I was through throwing my pity parties I sat down and truly reflected on everything that has happened to me, from my days as a genin to my present status as 'the village whore'—"

"Sakura stop! Don't let his bitter words corrupt your dignity. You followed your heart, and no one can condemn you for such a feat." The anger creeping into my system caused me to hold her arm tighter than I wanted to, but as I released my grip she merely gave me a smile of understanding and cupped my face in her hand.

"During my meditative state I noticed the one constant that brought me a joy I longed for as a child, a comfort I needed as an adult, a constant that was you Kakashi. You didn't focus much training attention to me during those old Team 7 days, but you nonetheless never stopped caring for me. You knew I was different to them, allowing my emotions to play a role during battle, the most dangerous thing a ninja can do. Yet you never condemned me, knowing that the mercy and care I gave to both ally and foe would build a certain character in me, a quality I'm most admired for.

"Even as the years toiled on we always kept close, and I thought to myself 'why is it that you were always present during my most challenging times? That even as I got older you were never more than two feet away?' And then my heart sang the answer for me, an answer I always knew before I was deceived. You stuck around because you truly loved me, and you went so far as to deny yourself those feelings to protect me from village scum like Sasuke who wouldn't understand what the word meant to us. Kakashi…I came back because in my heart I still love you and only you, and I don't want you to protect me anymore. I know what I've done, and what I want to do, and if the world chooses not to care then let them because the only opinion that matters to me is yours."

Tears slowly formed beneath my lids as I watched her angelic face glisten with water-works of her own. I knew she was stronger than that teme made her out to be, and I knew exactly where her heart was; lying right beside mine. Two people in love shouldn't have to deny themselves such a wonderful feeling because others believe such a thing could never exist, especially a taboo love like mine. But she rightfully declared it, the only opinions that matter is our own. And so with that avowal I captured her mouth in mine and showed her that what we have is real, and will withstand all the evil the world is ready to smite us with.

Fingers tracing the outline of her satin silhouette, I gently laid her on the bed for a more comfortable feel, not once breaking the kiss in that motion. Her delicate hands rummaged through my silver locks urging me to intensify the moment, and I complied by hotly deepening the kiss.

And it was a kiss full of hunger, passion and need. A need for her that I've denied and let pass, pretending I could exist without her. The touch and taste of her set fire to my skin, burning through my veins like liquid fire. My mind spinning in spirals, my thoughts delusional, all I could do was feel. I felt her as if we were one.

I can feel the magic floating in the air
Being with you gets me that way
I watch the sunlight dance across your face
And I've never been this swept away

The memories of her body, her skin and the effect that her body has on me, her cries and moan of passion that sets my soul afire. And it was this feeling that I desired, my fingers capturing her jaw, tilting her head upwards, so that my eyes captured her in a hypnotizing manner. My tongue continued to explore the soft shape of her lips that I've memorized, the ones that I've fantasized and reminisced on over and over again. Now was my reality.

Her fingers tangling in my hair forcing my head deeper into hers, while her mouth closed swiftly over mine, our tongues tangoed and I began to probe more into the inner sweetness, sending emotions spiralling through both of us that made her feel faint with bewilderment and shock.

Perhaps she didn't realize the intensity in which I've loved her, missed her, needed her.


With one powerful arm, I kept her clamped to the moist warmth of my body, my lean fingers on the other hand, sliding aside the sheer robe she had on, and began to stroke the rounded curve of her breasts, my tongue tracing the parted softness of her lips while my thumb moved sensuously over the hardening peaks of her breast, unleashing the passion suppressed inside of her. She moaned with an intensity of a thousand electric shocks, and I continued to leisurely explore her soft skin. I watched as her lashes fluttered frantically at the tormenting caresses, my hand continuing their lazy enticement of her body.

My mouth moved on its own across her lips, her cheeks, down her jawline, drawing out cries of ecstasy in her. And when it moved moistly over the tender vulnerability of her throat, her eyes were forced open, incoherent pleas and moans escaped her throat. Her arms began moving, fingers clasping around my hair as she began to direct me to the parts of her body that was aching for my touch. I refused to let go of my command, grabbing her arms and pinioning them so that she was powerless to help herself any further. Her body began to shudder in excitement when my tongue delicately moved over the first nipple, tracing the harden peaks with the tip of it, then suckling just that into my mouth, coaxing out a wanton cry from her lips.

I continue to torment her body, tracing over to the next nipple, before I heed her pleas and took one into my mouth, suckling like a babe, gently massaging it with my tongue while my hand kneaded the other nipple that was crying out for the same satisfaction. I rose up to look at her, my veins coursing with desire I could feel my phallus tingling. I was beginning to burn up just looking at her figure. Kami, it was a fine, fine body.

I slid my body over her leg, the heat of my arousal evident through the pair of trousers I wore to bed. The instant she felt the heat of my passion, she took a deep intake of breath. I lifted my eyelids to see her biting down on her bottom lip, sending twinges of excitement through me, and making my not-so-little friend swell even more. So much more that it began to ache, between a plea and a command to slide into her where I knew she was hot and wet. Her breathing came out in short little pants as if she was having a hard time drawing air into her lungs. I was vain enough to steal a smile of victory of still having such an effect on her. The only one with that effect on her, as I knew she had been with none but myself.

All my thoughts just seem to settle on the breeze
When I'm lying wrapped up in your arms
The whole world just fades away
The only thing I hear
Is the beating of your heart

It was a primal instinct that surged through me because I was so thrilled with that fact. I was rock hard. Coiled, alive, and throbbing, my cock was scratching, banging against my hakamas to get out. With every ounce of power I had, I willed myself down. She'd been away from me longer than time should've allowed; I'd miss the silky feel of her skin for much too long to just take her then and there.

No, I was going to be patient. I was going to take my time, make love to her. Her – The love of my life, the queen of my heart, the conqueror of my soul. She deserved all that I had to give...and more. I would do anything for her. I vowed to myself that I would never let her go, never abandon her for her sake or whatever lies seemed to be reasonable at the time. For her, love will always live within my heart and soul and today, I was going to show her just that. Show her that she had not made a mistake coming back, show her that when two hearts intertwine, there was no separating it.

We would breathe for each other as if our breaths were one. One. Through my eyes, I let my feeling flow into hers. She sensed just how much I missed her and the way she crooked her neck slightly, caressing my cheek with the back of her hand, told me she felt the same.

Cause I can feel you breathe
It's washing over me
And suddenly I'm melting into you
There's nothing left to prove
Baby, all we need is just to be
Caught up in the touch
Slow and steady rush
Baby, isn't that the way that love's suppose to be
I can feel you breathe
Just breathe

I lean into her and kiss her lips, my hands parting the robe further away so that they could roam every single inch of her body. I wanted more than just a kiss of her lips and tongue, I wanted to give us a full body experience. My hands were everywhere, caressing, and pressing, moulding her soft curves around my hard steely body, forcing her to feel every single inch of my already formidable erection. She touched me, caressing me in the same frantic manner and with each of her touch, my skin burned as if her fingers were made of fire, hot flames scorching me in their wake.

My tongue slid inside of hers, moving it about then pushing it around in her mouth. For a few blinding blistering seconds, she allowed in my ardour, moaning under my deeply darting tongue and revelling in the feeling of being so wanted by me. But then that smouldering fire burning inside of hers ignited in full, and being a submissive partner was simply not enough for her. And I love the way she responded to me, telling me that she loved what was happening - raucously- because she was kissing me feverishly. Her hands stroking, gripping, scraping along my skin, and when she lifted her arms to wind them around my neck, pressing herself closer to me, if that was possible, I groaned from the heat of her body.

We were both heaving; I can hear her murmuring as we kissed zealously, and we were equal participants with sounds of pleasure vibrating off our souls filling the air with its magic. I pressed my body against her more firmly as her legs moved frantically to surround mine. She was rupturing with lust in her soul as her hands swallowed me up and down my back, arching her back, offering herself to me. All of her. Her arousal was feverish because I could feel the wetness on my bed as our body slipped and slid, fumbling for control of this insatiable desire.

In a way I know my heart is waking up
As all the walls come tumbling down
Closer than I've ever felt before
And I know, and you know
There's no need for words right now

I moved from her mouth, making my way down her throat, slowly working my way down her body, my hands raking along her skin gently. Gradually I was covering more bared skin and my lips loved to tease and torment her whilst I made my way toward my ultimate goal. I took over her breast, sucking, licking, flicking, teasing, tasting her and I refused to move on, no matter how much her hands and body were urging me to, until her nipples were like glistening bullets, burning after being tugged so roughly by my teeth, which I then sucked sweetly to ease the pain.

"Please Kakashi..." She pleaded, feeling the heat of her arousal between her legs. Her thighs were already quivering and it was a long distance I still have to go through before I reached them.

I trailed my way across her stomach, her muscles tightened from anticipation; I believe she felt as though she was stretched out on a rack. For a split second, I thought I wanted to kiss the inside of her thighs, continuing my delayed torture on her body, but I chose to surprised her instead and honed straight in on her sweet mound when she least expected it. Sakura let out the most shocked passion-filled gasped a man like me could ever have the privilege to hear.

My tongue started flicking over that exquisitely sensitive mass of concentrated nerve-endings and she was screaming out loud with such need. I wrapped my lips around it, and sucked, she came with a rush and a strangled cry, her mind torn between delight and dismay. She hadn't realized I was so close to her peak.

"Oh Kakashi..." her lips managed to murmur while her hips bucked up against my face. I held the sides of her firm in place as I sucked her sweet nectar, drinking like a thirsty man. Kami, she tasted like the sweetest forbidden honey.

I stood over her and dropped my trousers. In doing so I noticed a tear had trailed its way down her face when I bent my lips to her face once more. I knew it was not a tear of sadness, but of happiness and completion. She closed her eyes and her body relaxed, coming down from her euphoria, as I lowered myself down between her legs. I used my knees to part her legs wider and positioned myself at her entrance.

Sakura raised her knees above my hips to allow me the easiest angle for penetration. She inhaled sharply waiting with desired anticipation, her nervous breath reminded me of the first time we were together, making it seemed like this was yet again our first time where she was afraid that my manhood would split her wide open, but I felt her teasing soft wetness eagerly waiting to accept my width and length. She moaned when she finally felt my flesh pushing into her, then again when I began pumping into her, my hands gripping her hip like twin vices.

I moved slowly, deeply, pausing to allow her warmness to envelop me in completely before pulling out almost completely and repeated. My mad passion of taking her took me to another world as the flesh of my rod felt the hot heat of her sheath. Our bodies were close and I could feel the hard poking of her nipples against my chest with each thrust made.

With each of my thrusts, I coaxed a gasp from her as if she was under water and coming for air each time as I buried myself to her hilt. She wrapped her legs around me to pull me in even closer to her. I stared at her face but she was far off into her happy place, eyes closed, oblivious to my admirable stare.

The sweat was glistening across both our bodies, and I was moving in the perfect angle to hers, and she was still very sensitive from her first orgasm. Soon, her gasps became little yelps as I pump into her and her second orgasms hit, much more ferocious and stronger than her first. She was digging her nails into my back as if holding onto this world, and I began to pound her harder and deeper.

"Come, for me...Ka..." she whispered softly into my ear. Her orgasm flexed her inner muscles, tightening it fiercely around my shaft so that I could not hold myself at bay any longer. I dug my fingers under her soft cheeks, bringing her hips up into mine as she pulled me deep inside her, squeezing me with the last of her orgasm.

Cause I can feel you breathe
It's washing over me
And suddenly I'm melting into you
There's nothing left to prove
Baby, all we need is just to be
Caught up in the touch
Slow and steady rush
Baby, isn't that the way that love's suppose to be
I can feel you breathe

Her insides contracted wildly and I felt my ecstasy reached its peak. I couldn't recognize my voice as I cried out, grimacing as my head fell back and I came. My cock pulsated, pumping like a mad fire hose as my seeds slowly made their way into her womb. It felt like a never-ending task. My breath came out in short pants, sweat falling off my body like droplets of rain, as the last of my essence was drained inside of her.


Against the pressure, the mixture of our juices bursting out, erupting like a volcano against my body, sliding down her inner thighs, "I love you..." escapes my mouth.

It made her melt inside, sending quivers running up and down her spine. By the time I was done, my head finally coming back to Earth, I looked down at her, and she was glowing all over, incandescent from our love making. Love. It was love that made her body beam. Love.

We reeked of love all over, falling into each other's embrace as we breathe.

I can feel the magic floating in the air
Being with you gets me that way...

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